Friday, February 20, 2009

Knowledge Is Power

I am on random thoughts today. But firstly, let me write what happened on Physics tution today. I just hope you guys can understand what I'm saying.

Teacher: Inertia means you have to force an object to move (bla bla bla)

Students: (thinking) what the hell...

Teacher: (with an unbelievable expression) Example, I say, move, eraser! Move!!!

Students: Whahahaha! Bahahahaha!!!

I mean, honestly, you should have been there and see the way our teacher did it. It was so unexpected and hilarious that Divya actually cried of laughter. LOL ;D

Next drama.

Students: bla bla bla bla...(something about you can stay in one direction in space cause it's vacuum)

Teacher: Wouldn't it be great if you can just kick yourself from the wall and fly to tution? (with his leg hanging halfway on the wall)

Students: (nearly fell off the chairs) HAHAHAHAHA!! OMG!!! Waahahahaha!

This Pyshics tution teacher is simply awesome. Even though it wasn't entirely funny but the way he did it was hilarious!

Anyway, I was just thinking randomnly in class when a group of guys passed by my class. Well I noticed because I like a guy in there...hahahaa. The thing is they always skip classes and skip school. They are in school but their minds are not there. They are there because their friends are there and when their friends are there, they tend just to walk, hang out and do naughty things when everyone is being educated.

Teachers have advised them many times and even discipline teachers scolded them. Once, a few of them were caught smoking, skipping school and were handed over to their parents. But withing days, they were back again like nothing ever happened.

My question is: Aren't they afraid of their futures?

If they don't push and study from now, where are they gonna stand in the society next time? What is going to happen to them?

Popularity is nothing. It would only lead your name to fame when you decided to drop everything and join the clans by flunking your grades. Eventually, you are the one who is going to lose.

Knowledge/Education is everything. Your beauty and popularity one day would die away but what you learned, will always stay within you. It's something a true gift that nothing can take it away from you, even in your grave. Knowledge is power, gold & priceless.

So to those youngsters out there, who think being smart is nerd and silly - please think twice. Cause without knowledge, you are nowhere on earth. Being smart is having the urge to have the best for you.

Algebra is easy...when compared to add maths!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Qamarina. I hope your peers (the ones paying no heed to the hopeless future they are NOT preparing themselves for) read your writing and pay attention. Education is of paramount importance. Keep on keepin' on, GF. (smile)

rory said...

oh damn got beaten again. seriously im scared for u*scof* u knw wht i mean??

Najihah Hakim said...

i agree!
don't get shocked when you see the super hot and popular guys in school being drivers, etc.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. That's why I'm fine with being a nerd.

Shanya said...

Hahahha rory i feel you're pain of getting BEATEN! Alaaa as i was saying they are so gonna regret their decision anyways!

Jajakins said...

QM, i so envy your post on this one. It's totally true, even when you think you're so cool, education is still the top thing you have to have.