Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lasagna, Babies, Things...

Today is pretty relaxing. Got to go to my grandmother's house. We went to Delifrance and ate beef lasagnas. Yumm yummm...

My addiction right now is beef lasagna. I don't know why but it seems to get me everytime I see anything cheesy. I can't resist's like I GOTTA HAVE IT. Hhahaha:D

Not to mention, I'm eating lasagna for dinner! ;)

Speaking of food, I read recently about a mother in the US who gave birth to octuplets. It was so shocking to see the picture of her belly carrying 8 children in her belly. Worse still, she had children before this already. So now, she is struggling to cope financially.

Recent reports said that she was receiving death threats and people saying that she is stupid and so on for having so many kids.

Well, I heard that the pregnancy wasn't natural cause there was a help from the doctor. But no matter what, you can't blame the mother for having that many kids. I believe that it is God who gave her the gift of any mother who wants children. It's not like mothers can planned on how many children they want and it's not like a sin to bring babies into this world.

So maybe she has financial problems at the moment. She can't cope with everything at once. It's a baby who is trying to learn to walk. At first, he has to crawl then he falls, only then he could walk. She may need help right now but soon with the help she needs, she can stand on her own sooner.

All the best for the mother & the children(:

Okayy, I'm starving now. Gotta go eat!

Tan Sze Yan
( commercial lady)

P.S. she might kill me for this


Anonymous said...

QM! Now you went and did it - that picture has ME craving some lasagna! LOL

I honestly have mixed feelings about the women with the train load of kids. If it's true she was "doctored" to have multiple babies and she can't afford all of them it is to me kind of irresponsible. If it was all natural then it is a thing of God I suppose. Hard for me to really judge - not like I have the right anyway, and I haven't done the proper research to KNOW what really went down.

MIN said...


{Diamond} said...

Yes, she is getting a lot of negative attention here in the U.S., but we have to remember she's a human being and we all do things that are questionable, from time to time.

By the way, I LOVE lasagna!

MrPain said...

Well, I find it irresponsible to have loads of kids, especially when she's having financial problem. But still, I sympathize her a lot as she's gonna suffer a lot in order to raise them up. If I were her, I would start looking for people who will volunteer to look after them.

Anyways, I'm cheong chen keong, cck. U were in the same class as me during s2, s5 and s6

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... lasagna...