Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I Regretted

Have you ever regretted some things in your past? Maybe when you sit down and doing nothing, you suddenly think back about your past and often regret things you didn't do or could have done but it wasn't good enough?

There are things that I regretted not doing/didn't really do:

  1. Study Hard Enough - If I just had studied a little bit more harder, I might have score with flying colours for PMR.
  2. Be a Decent Girl - Then I wouldn't have broken my bones 4 times!
  3. More Time & Caring - Maybe I was too young that time when my gred- grandparents passed away but I still wish it was all different.
  4. Been More Independent & Strong - Now I'm a total different person but the last few years, I was this quiet girl who always got used by her ex-BFF. But thanks to my other true friends, I finally stepped out from her shadow.
  5. Finish My Ballet, Tap & Jazz dances - But I had to stop because I was moving away...still I wish I had finished all my greds );
  6. Finish My Piano lessons - ah, dang it! no time);
  7. Take Up Guitar - I still got time but my parents are not letting...sigh

Well, all I can do is just learn from it and hope not repeating it again. But sometimes I do repeat without realizing it and only do after I've done it.

But we are humans. Humans make mistakes, right? Even to those who we love most.


Shanya said...

Yeay im the first QM if you know what i mean *wink *wink!
Hahahah! Anyways so agreeing like about the regreting stuff if only i studied KH i wouldnt have a frigging B!

QM said...

hahaha!!! let's try our best to score straight A's in SPM, kay? (;

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - actually most of those things on your list are not such terrible "mistakes" - just life lessons that you learn from. Even when we make real BAD mistakes, it's all about how do we pick up the pieces, move forward and do better next time. I'd say you doing just fine, QM.

Oh and if you ever move to the states, Great Lakes area, look me up - I'll teach you how to play guitar (smile)

nanie , said...

yeahh , i sll mnyesal jugak atas tndakan i duhh
but , humans do mistakes a lot aite , huhh '

<3 ,
naniesuffianlim :)

nikkicrumpet said...

As long as your learn from your mistakes then they were really mistakes at all. Besides, doing things we regret later is all just part of growing up ♥

Minxy Mimi said...

We all make mistakes and have regrets... you just take it as a life lesson!

mysarah said...

WOW i really love what you did to your blog :) its sooo pretty :)

pap said...

chill out QM.
mistakes made are lessons to be learned.

Anonymous said...

Not having studied hard enough is a really bad one, ecspecially if it's for your Year 12 exams which determine what you can do in uni, but thankfully IT'S NOT! Yay for you.

Yes, I wish I could do ballet as well as Jazz and contemp in dance now, but my mum (who loves ballet) won't let me do more than two dance classes because it's 'too much dance'. Pfftsheez. So I can empathize with you on the 'parents not letting' one.

Improving is the main thing, and it's great that you are more independent and strong now.