Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is Not Right

My mum asked me to write this on my blog. I'm kinda hesitated about it but before I start writing, I would want to apologize if this too sensitive to some of the readers.

But then again, it's MY BLOG. So if you have nothing nice to say, save your face but I would still want some feedback(;

Recently, my school has inserted a new rule in the school board. As far as everyone knows, Malaysia's official religion is Islam but not everyone is a Muslim. The schools in Malaysia do not practice the Islamic ways except if the school is an Islamic school.

My school is not an Islamic school. It's a co-ed school with Malay, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and others attending here.

Early this year, on the first day or second day of school during the assembly, boys and girls were told to be separated. Meaning - the right hand side are the males; the left hand side are the females. Everyone was puzzled but no one said a word.

Then, a teacher took over a mike. He announced that from now on, even the 4 staircases in the school would be separated according to the genders and forms. Everyone was like, WHAT THE HELL. And if a girl or a boy is caught using a stairs that doesn't direct his/her gender, he/she would receive punishment.

Wait, there's more.

When going to the canteen for recess, boys and girls must use different routes. The boys use this side and the girls that side. I mean, seriously, what's wrong with walking at the same route? It's not like a girl would file a report against a boy bumping into her.

To make matter worse, even in the canteen, the seating for boys and girls are also separated. When we want to buy foods and drinks, we must use different counters according to our genders.

With all do respect, yes, I'm a Muslim. But the school board has got to understand that this is NOT an Islamic school - it's a national government school meaning all the government schools must follow the same policies. This is not right.

I have non-Muslims friends asking me 'why'. Truth is, I don't really know. And I can't say. But I hope this would stop...who knows maybe the next thing they would separate girls and boys in classes.

Some prefects said that the school board wants to stop students from dating...having boyfriends and girlfriends. But seriously, c'mon. This is not gonna work. After school, they still can meet up and go dating elsewhere.

By doing this, many non-Muslims are feeling uneasy. I think it's utterly ridiculous. Before this there was a school which did it and was slammed by a newspaper following complaints from parents and the government itself had said, "For as long as it's not an Islamic school, all schools must follow the government's schools policies."

So I really hope what I'm trying to say make sense to whoever is reading. People can't do whatever they feel like doing, that's why there's such thing call RULES.

Til then(;


* I miss you, Idzham & Khairul);
Take care, you guys. Hopefully, we'll meet again


Najihah Hakim said...

we have been practising those rules for years in section 9

but not all of them

we have been seperated during assembly, boys in front and girls behind

but we can still sit wherever we want in the canteen

we do have rules when using the staircases, some are for males, some for females

Abra said...

I think you're right. If it is supposed to be government run then the same rules should apply.
I can understand segregation, I used to work at the Jewish Centre where I live and they had some pretty strict practices but since I was in their facility I too followed them out of respect. However outside of the building I did what I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this kind of "religious" imposition of "morals" on a government-run school, or ANY institution, is that human nature is to want what we cannot have. It becomes "forbidden fruit" which is always the most desirous. Separating boys from girls all day long just increases their desire to be together after school. It's stupid. And wrong. Better to have coed everything with classes for understanding sex and dating and the importance of marriage and the responsibility of parenting.

My opinion.

Good post, QM - you're not afraid to voice your opinion and I respect that.

QM said...

I agree with you, Marvin & Abra.
Government schools should all be the same. And by doing "this thing", it only increases desires of them after school which is utterly wrong.

But thanks again for all of your opinions(:

Shanya said...

Its stupid and only gawd knows whats going on in the teachers mind! And QM nice voicing out unfotunately ur fren here hasnt become a lawyer yet!

diana said...

okay, thats weird. because my schl is like trying to BASMI coupling. but so far, they have not separated kitorng. if they actually do, separate us, God knows, the kids are gonna seriously memberontak. God, i thought just my schl that's tryong to stop kids dating. your schl pun same.

Melanee said...

I think this is utterly ridiculous. Even as teenagers, we should have the rights to mix with other races, and genders. After all, we're still classified as HUMAN.

MrPain said...

It's definitely ridiculous to set such trashy rules in school. In my school, teachers are so open-minded and don't mind students coupling. The only thing my school differs male and female is only the toilet. I hope your school will scrap off this rule.

Oh ya, forgot about the intro. I'm CK, yr x-primary classmate.

Fong Ee Lynn said...

This is seriously not right.
The rules are so WTF.

& i definitely agree with what mel's said. we should make friends & mix with others.

chill qamarina.
Oh btw im Lynn.
ask mel who m i yaw :)


Anonymous said...

That's pretty extreme, ecspecially for a non-Islamic school. Even STAIRCASES and CANTEEN counter lines?!? That's crazy! That's just going to make boys and girls want to get together and spend time doing things after school, and not just as friends since they are treated as basically different species! Doing things like this is what creates the segregation between genders and doesn't encourage friendships but creates barriers that has one gender looking at another only as spouses/boy or girlfriends only! That's not going to help the dating problem much!

I hope your school goes back to normal soon enough.