Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whyyyyy Thiraaaaa

Thira, Syarul, Ina

When I first entered my school last year, I met Ina. Then, I met Alliya, Sze Yan & Sharanya. We clicked on the spot for our minds think alike. Hahaha!

Ina & I were seated behind Thira(above pic). At first, she was snappy at us and we thought, "Wookay, this girl hate us." But we tried our best to show her we are 'angels' which I doubted ever worked. Hahaha.

Eventually, Thira clicked off with Ina first because well, Ina can talk about anything on everything. Which is true, Ina(: LOL. I wasn't much of it at first but soon I got the hang of it. Then, one day...

Friends: If you were a guy, who would you choose as your girlfriend?

Thira: QM!


QM: What?! (then, laugh)

The next few days, wait, ok maybe not few days cause she still does it til now. She would sometimes just say, "QM, you are hot!" or "QM, you are mine" or "Back off, she's mine!" and dots dots dots. HAHAHA. It was creepy at first but soon, it was a laughing matter but still, she's serious. AHHAHAA;D

Now, she's leaving);

She had gotten into a boarding school in Seremban which is quite far.

I am so gonna miss you like hell!!

DON'T GO! ));

Whose gonna greet me the crazy way like you do?
Whose gonna be my #1 lesbo & bi person?
Whose gonna shout-scream-jump whenever a bomb drops?
Whose gonna laugh the most natural way & sometimes, hilarious way like you?
Whose gonna fall for any guy that walk past her?

Her last day in school would be on Monday and I'm 100% positive gonna cry til my eyes will dry up.

Thira, don't ever forget us back here.

You totally rock my world! ((:

Those good old days(;

* Take care, Thira. Do all your best!(:*


athirah said...

awwww qm....
i nak nangis arh :'(

Anonymous said...

You got a great circle of friends sounds like, QM - that's a real life blessing - ENJOY and be grateful.

Anonymous said...

It seems like you have a solid group of awesome friends. You can stay friends with Thiraa even though you'll be in different schools. Blogging available at this boarding school??!

Shanya said...

Oh god who's gonna be our miss sarcasm???
Oh god who's gonna get jealous for no reasons???
Oh god who's gonna tell me who wrote my name in the toilet???
Oh god i'm gonna miss this girl!!!
Thira darling miss you lots!

xxx (muahaha now i can have QM for myself ) Hahaha just kidding! :P

- x . m o n g . x - said...


I tagged yahh! ;D

All the best in life, gurl!