Sunday, March 29, 2009

When The Earth Stopped

Malaysia - Earth Hour Pictures, Images and Photos

Yesterday was Earth hour. It was a blast! From 8.30pm to 9.30 pm - all lights were out or so I think. My family and I went to KLCC for dinner as we witnessed the Earth hour. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there.

The moment it reached 8.30 pm, those 'unimportant lights' went off. My mum said they off all the lights because of security, mainly snatch thieves. Well, I thought it would be so cool if all the lights went off. But there were a few restaurants off all the lights - DOME did. It was pretty awesome since they lighted up candles only and opened up all the doors & windows for fresh air.

Outside near the huge fountain, people got out at 9.30 pm to see the towers being lighted up again. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO COOOOOL!!! It was like starting from the bottom like a countdown. All heads were looking at the more than 200 meters towers as they were being lighted up. Everyone went 'whoooaaa' and some clapped and cheered.

This Earth Hour actually made me think back about those people in the old days. When there were no electric, no lights, no heater, no laptops...I wonder how they actually survived and enjoyed?

I truly salute their hardship and determined in life but phew! Thank God I'm living in the 21st Century where eveyrthing is there. No need to make my own fire to cook my food, no need to sleep on rocks when there's my comfy bed.

But I guess Earth Hour taught us to appreciate things while we can. Because nothing last forever(:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Hidden Teenage Love

Many youngsters, like me, have boyfriends and girlfriends. Hold your horses, I'm not doing the-all-girl's-talking-bout-topic, it's just some random thought of mine for this instance .

What we call this love is - teenage love(formal); monkey love(informal). I think I would use the formal word, sounds more polite. Hahha:D

Here's a "definition" of teenage love:

It's kinda sweet, don't you think? Cheesy but still nice.

I remember the time I had my first real boyfriend. Well, it was an awkward situation for both of us and him being shy(the boyfriend is shy:|), I knew it wasn't going to last long but I still went ahead. Why? some people asked me. Well, it's simple. I liked him.

I've seen some of my friends go with this boyfriend then with that boyfriend. Today with a dude with glasses, maybe next week or month, a dude who wears eye liner. And I'll be standing at the side, my eyes wide opened as I try to remember who is she going out with now.

I ask: Why do you keep changing boyfriends?

She said: I like him but then, I like any guy more.

Whoa. That was simple.

But there are some who have been in a relationship for 2 years, 3 years and 4 years. They said that they don't want anyone else but him. Only him. As far as I can see, they are very happy with each other. Sometimes I think they would end up together.

Some parents will get angry if they find out their kids having a girlfriend or boyfriend. But it all comes to one question: Why do they need boyfriend/girlfriend?

Actually, the main reason is they just want have one is to feel what is like to be loved, to loved and simply to experience it! It is not because it's an IT thing or peer's pressure. It's just human, why do some people marry? Same fact, different subjects.

So, teenage love may not last long but it does stay in our memories whether it be happy or sad, fill with joy or tears, I'm sure none of us can forget anything about it. Because in the end, that's the way we learn how to heal the broken hearts and find the strength to find a new love again. It is never too pain to love or too shy to love.

Okay so this person is not the right one for you. So what? Dump that person and find your Mr./Mrs. Right. It sounds blunt but duhhh, that's how it's done.

It's okay to have a broken heart. There's always a way to mend it(:

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was studying since morning today. Well. My mum forced all of us. We sat down on the same chair from morning til 6pm when she called it off so we can watch American Idol:D My head was spinning with numbers and algebra in my head.

NOO!! Alexis Grace is out. From my point of view, Michael should have been out, not her -- well my view. But I'm sooo glad that Adam Lambert stayed. He's just awesome(:

So then, I was just sitting down, thinking of nothing when suddenly, I just laughed.


I laughed for no reason.

Nah, I'm not crazy. Don't worry. Hhahaha

But honestly, I didn't know why was I actually laughing but I do have some idiotic memories which are gonna remain in me and never forgotten.

I remember the day I first learned past tense in English. When the teacher asked me what's the past tense for 'bring', I said 'brang'. (you could imagine how must I felt standing in class)

I used to think guys who wear pink are girls.

"Are you from Down Under?"
"Oh no...what? I come from my mother's stomach."

I used to pronounce island as "is" - "land" (how creative I was)

My sister was given the word 'Turban' to be made into a sentence. She wrote: My friend is a Turban.

I called my uncle's female dog a bitch in front of my relatives.

Hahahha. Those times when I felt that the world was staring at me like via satellite. Those were the times I thought how stupid can I be. Those were times I felt I'm the only person with such brain. But after a while, when I look back, I thought: hey, I did a pretty henious job back there. And I'll just laugh.

You can't erase your past - it's impossible
You can't cry over your past - it'll make you look bad

So, the best way is you LAUGH;D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did You Just Say 'Unfair'?

Today's post is inspired by Marvin D. Wilson who recently posted about a mother and her son who has a disorder. No, I'm not going talk about any of these but in that post, it reminded me of how foolish I was when I was younger.

As a young girl, I always wanted Barbie dolls of all collections - though, they look all the same. I will always beg my dad to buy for me since my mum was no supporter at all. My dad often would give in as my sister and I were/are his little girls. But even when I got what I wanted, I felt a part of me was empty.

I saw a cute outfit at a shop. I tried it on and let my mum see. She could see how much I wanted the outfit so she bought it for me. Still, I felt empty.

We went to have dinner at Denise with my grandparents. The food was delicious, drinks were sparkling and the atmosphere was jazzy...I've eaten like I never eaten before. But still something was empty.

One day, I spotted my favourite food on the table. I told them not to eat it and I went upstairs to have a quick shower. Upon my return, the food was gone. I was so mad and I demanded who ate it.

"I ate it." my sister said.

I was so furious. "Why did you have to eat it? I told you it was mine, right?"

"You can eat something else." my mum pointed out.

"This is so unfair." I muttered.

My mum heard what I just said but kept quiet throughout dinner. When everyone left the dining room, she asked me to sit down. Obediently, I sat down, not knowing what is to come.

She said:

'You keep on saying your life is unfair. Do you know how your gred-grandparents suffered during the World War Two? They had to hide and run in the forest. The only food they got were raw potatoes and gingers from underground. They were risked being killed by the Communists anytime.

And have you read the paper today? A 13 year old who wakes up 3 am in the wee hours to go to the rubber estate and help her mum who later on has to get ready for school by 6 am? Her father passed away a long time ago and she never had a father's love. She does not know what trendy clothes are nor what home sweet home is.

Do you see my point here, Qamarina?

You have a father while some never met theirs; you get to sleep in you warm, cozy bed while some sleep by the sidewalk; you get to see daylight and the moon while others only see darkness; you get to run in the field with your friends while some don't even have legs; you get to eat 3 meals per day while some only get 2% of what you are eating. Now...tell me, what is so unfair about your life?'

At that point, she made me reazlied how foolish and blinded I was. It changed me. But sometimes, when I slipped that words - 'life's so unfair' out, I quickly slapped my mouth and make a silent prayer how lucky I am to be here - to have what others don't.

Life is not based on what you have but what you did. If you do good things, you have lead a good life with many people remmebring you after you are gone.

And to those children who has the same condition as Zack, God has given you a gift as Marvin said. You have eyes to see, voice to speak out and mind to think -- when some can't even move their lips.

Maybe your life is not as perfect as others but God did send you down for a reason. Find that reason and live your life to the fullest.

starving children Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Music that The World Speaks

When I woke up this morning, the first thing in my mind was: Michael Jackson. I don't know why but yes, it was. So I straight away turned on my laptop and watch his videos on YouTube.

Dang. Michael Jackson, I love you man.

Michael Jackson was my 1st obsession. When I was young as a kid, I would watch his videos and concerts on the television and just copy his dance movements. Even then I knew, nobody could ever copy his dance like nobody could copy Elvis Presley's voice. They are simply LEGENDS -- even when they are gone, their musics would still remain playing over and over again.

I love his glittering costumes, his voice, his hair, his legs, his dance, his moonwalk, his hat, his gloves...The music industry would suck without him.

He came to Malaysia in 1996 but sadly, I couldn't go because I was too young - age 3. My parents went and my mum recalled back saying that the crowd was sooo mad! People were crying, shouting and begging for MJ.

One lucky girl got up to the stage and MJ grabbed her hand as he sang into the mic. But as soon it was her time to leave, she couldn't and didn't want to and started running back to MJ. Two big bodyguards came and carried her away.

Hah. Even I would do that.

But of course, a girl is a girl. After MJ was of course, no other than, Britney Spears herself. To be honest, her songs are really nice and her vocal is not great but it isn't bad either. I love her fresh, cute and sweet American girl next door looks. She was so beautiful back then and now, I think.

My first favourite song of hers was 'Oops, I did it again'. That was when she became my obsession. Everybody loved Britney. Even my mum loved her. We were dying hoping that she would come and perform in Malaysia. She still hasn't but I hope she would.

But now, the saddest part is that both - MJ & Britney have collasped. My meaning is they aren't like how they used to be like before.

Britney is back on track now but everyone could see the difference...that spark is gone but I still love her, everyone still love her. I really felt pity for her when the media and those no good people kept harassing her when she was in an unstable state. But I'm glad she's back again. It has been soo looong since I heard her songs on the radio.

Same goes to Michael Jackson. He hasn't released any new sing or concert since he was brought to trial and now, he's a bankrupt. But report said he has written many songs but doesn't intend to release them but to his children after his death to let them know what their father was. This is really touching.

But whatever it is, they are still my obsessions and I still love them. They are the musics that the world speaks(:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Painful but Efficient

My cousin has been studying in an international school since well, he started 1st grade and now he's in the 4th grade if I'm not mistaken. His school has a much, much higher standard compared to us studying at a government school.

He said when the teacher enter their class, they would say 'hello!'
I said when the teacher enter our class, we would rise and say 'good morning, teacher' and sit down back when the teacher says so.

He said sometimes there will be yelling between us and the teacher when there is an disagreement.
I said honey, we will be blacklisted and be sent to the principal office straight away.

He said we can't eat in class.
I said finally, something in common.

One day we were at an open house, we started talking as usual when I heard my brother said, "I got canned in school today."

Mum & Dad: For what?

Brother: I forgot to bring my school book.

Mum: Serve you right.

Dad & I(muttering): Finally that moment has arrived.

Most of the relatives who were there just smiled -- cause majority had been canned in school before but my cousin was rather confused.

Cousin: I thought teachers can't can students.

Me: According to the government schools in Malaysia, teachers can do that.

Cousin: Isn't that abusing?

Someone(I can't remember who): We call it discipline.

Some people say that canning is an abusive method and some say it is the best disciplinary method. On this case, I agree that canning is good -- not that I like being cane. Here, teachers use 'rotan' to cane their students on the palms of the hand or buttocks. Seriously, it HURTS!

When I was in primary school, caning was like almost a daily routine. I got cane for not completing my work, forgot to bring my book, got C for spelling, etc. Some students cried when they get cane but soon, everyone got used to it. I still remember how panic everyone was when test and spelling were drawing near because they don't want t get cane but few couldn't careless and would just put their palms out to teacher as though to say 'let's get this over quick'. Funny people:D

But my cousin said in his school if anyone does not complete their homework, they would get detention. Whoa, that sounds easy.

Canning in schools has been banned in some countries like Australia and New Zealand. I'm not sure which countries still practice canning students beside Malaysia. To tell you the truth, I don't like it either but seriously, it works. Because students will feel the pain and they won't repeat their offence again.

Usually they only cane boys but girls would get cane too if they hit the extreme. You'll get cane if you are untidy, you bully other students, you steal, you lie, you disrespect the teacher, vandalism, curse publicly...*whistle*

Everytime anyone sees the discipline teacher walking by with the 'rotan'/ canning stick, they would scramble and quickly enter their classes. It's so funny that sometimes I would laugh, leaving some people staring at me weirdly.

I hate canning. Like hell.

But honestly, it works.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lefties and Righties

I am bored. Well, a while ago. I was studying Biology in tution that day and just so happened a question popped up : Why are some people left handed?

So I decided to google it up and this is what I got.

Only 4% to 30% of the world's population is left handed -- which is kinda tricky for these people since most of the tools are mostly right handed.

The predominant left half of the brain, which graciously supplies the right half of the body, theoretically renders it more skillful in reading, writing, speaking, and working, and makes most people right-handed. "Lefties," however, are the product of an inversion, whereas the right half of the brain predominates, and they work best with the left side of their bodies.

So it's kind of easy to know what skills do people hold based on their left handed or right handed.

Left handed people are more skillful in music instruments, arts and anything that requires high creativity -- mathematics too. Some of the great scientists and mathematicians are left handed like: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and The Useless-Infomaster.

Some quotes from the left handed people:

- I feel unique in class

- I became my teacher's fav student because she is left handed too

- It comes in handy in art class

- It's cool. Like so cool

Right handed people think more logically when it comes to writing and do things. That is why when it comes to drawing, left handed people tend to be the best. Right handed people are good with dealing tools and anything that requires logic.

So it doesn't matter actually what hand you use most. But honestly, to those who can write, draw and anything with BOTH hands -- you guys are sooo cool!

p/s. same goes for the left handed people(:

OMG. I've been tagged

Helloooo(: I never done this before -- I think but I've been tagged by Rory and Dayana. Here are the rules:

1. Announce you've been tagged.

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Alright then, I'm gonna think and list down my 6 real no importance stuff...Hmmm...

- I hate Jonas Brothers (they can't even sing!)

- I love lasagna! yumm...

- I think guys who are bald are not sexy (no offence)

- I can't see the teacher's handwriting on the white board if she uses red or green marker pen

- People think I'm laid back but the truth is, I cause troubles!

- Westlife is the best band alive (BSB, N'SYNC, BOYZONE are goners!)

I now nominate...HAHAHH. Dang. I sound like I'm about to knight someone. Here are these people - Annie, Melanee, Mimxy, Michelle, Lesley and Rory.

I know I'm lacking of one person but I just can't seem to find one! ARGH. I tagged Rory back because I just love her blog(:

Now, tag, tag, tag!! HAHAH;D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dream and Go Get It

I am watching 'The Pursuit of Happyness' at the moment on Star Movies. This movie is absolutely brilliant. It shows a lot of values that we often forget. And it tells the true story of a man who had a rough life but now he is one of the most successful man on earth.

My Favourite Quote is:

"Don't ever let somebody tell you...You can't do something. Not even me. All right. You got a gotta protect it. People can't do something by themselves...they wanna tell you, you can't do it. If you want something, go get it. Period."

A young man once dream of becoming the next president. But everytime he tells someone his dream, they would laugh it off and tell him that he can't do it. As years went by, he find himself still sitting on the desk, signing papers.

One day, a customer came by to have his paper sign and realized the young man looking rather dull. So the customer asked, "Don't you want to do something else?"

The young man said, "I want to be the next president."

The customer said, "So what's the problem?"

The young man said, "People kept saying I can't. That I'm being silly."

"If I were to say I'm a manager who was once a begger, would you believe me?" The customer said. "Don't let these people let your dream vanish. Don't let these people just because they can't dream their own and push you down. A dream is something you have just got to get it. And not sit back, receiving comments."

* * *

Study have showed that people who dream about what they want to get often ending up getting what they want to get. But the biggest contributer in this is the person himself. He has to believe that he is not only an ambitioner but also a dreamer.

No matter what people say about you, whether you are too poor; too dumb or just anything -- it's just because THEY themselves can't believe in their own dreams. So when other people around them dream, they'll be like, "Stop dreaming. It'll never work."

The truth is you never know what could work if you stop dreaming, if you stop without even puting your heart in it. It's like you are driving on a road and you stopped halfway, then you go back. So when people ask you, what was in the end? How can you answer that since you let it go before you even start dreaming.

I have seen some teenagers who dream of becoming singers, fashion designers or just about anything, ending up becoming what their parent's dreams are: doctors, engineer, etc. No offence to these parents but they are actually living their dreams either because their dreams never came true or they assume every dreams they have their kids should have.

This shouldn't be happening. Dreams are what we, each and single person made.

Everyone's hair is black but every heart is different

So dream on and live it. Live it and love it(: