Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was studying since morning today. Well. My mum forced all of us. We sat down on the same chair from morning til 6pm when she called it off so we can watch American Idol:D My head was spinning with numbers and algebra in my head.

NOO!! Alexis Grace is out. From my point of view, Michael should have been out, not her -- well my view. But I'm sooo glad that Adam Lambert stayed. He's just awesome(:

So then, I was just sitting down, thinking of nothing when suddenly, I just laughed.


I laughed for no reason.

Nah, I'm not crazy. Don't worry. Hhahaha

But honestly, I didn't know why was I actually laughing but I do have some idiotic memories which are gonna remain in me and never forgotten.

I remember the day I first learned past tense in English. When the teacher asked me what's the past tense for 'bring', I said 'brang'. (you could imagine how must I felt standing in class)

I used to think guys who wear pink are girls.

"Are you from Down Under?"
"Oh no...what? I come from my mother's stomach."

I used to pronounce island as "is" - "land" (how creative I was)

My sister was given the word 'Turban' to be made into a sentence. She wrote: My friend is a Turban.

I called my uncle's female dog a bitch in front of my relatives.

Hahahha. Those times when I felt that the world was staring at me like via satellite. Those were the times I thought how stupid can I be. Those were times I felt I'm the only person with such brain. But after a while, when I look back, I thought: hey, I did a pretty henious job back there. And I'll just laugh.

You can't erase your past - it's impossible
You can't cry over your past - it'll make you look bad

So, the best way is you LAUGH;D


A. K. said...

That was Hilarious.. I loved the Turban and the brang thing.... You really have a good sense of humor

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it when laughter happens "for no reason." It's spiritual - good for the soul.

Abra said...

That's great! I'm sure if you could have heard me in french class... it would have been horrific :)

QM said...

You should have listen to me when I first spoke BM, it was horrible!

even now, I still quite suck at it(;

Shanya said...

Hahhaha yeah QM remember u were trying to copy my "lawak" and sze yan was in awe. Hahahah and god stupid memories are so funny at times u just cant help getting crazy!

dayana said...