Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lefties and Righties

I am bored. Well, a while ago. I was studying Biology in tution that day and just so happened a question popped up : Why are some people left handed?

So I decided to google it up and this is what I got.

Only 4% to 30% of the world's population is left handed -- which is kinda tricky for these people since most of the tools are mostly right handed.

The predominant left half of the brain, which graciously supplies the right half of the body, theoretically renders it more skillful in reading, writing, speaking, and working, and makes most people right-handed. "Lefties," however, are the product of an inversion, whereas the right half of the brain predominates, and they work best with the left side of their bodies.

So it's kind of easy to know what skills do people hold based on their left handed or right handed.

Left handed people are more skillful in music instruments, arts and anything that requires high creativity -- mathematics too. Some of the great scientists and mathematicians are left handed like: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and The Useless-Infomaster.

Some quotes from the left handed people:

- I feel unique in class

- I became my teacher's fav student because she is left handed too

- It comes in handy in art class

- It's cool. Like so cool

Right handed people think more logically when it comes to writing and do things. That is why when it comes to drawing, left handed people tend to be the best. Right handed people are good with dealing tools and anything that requires logic.

So it doesn't matter actually what hand you use most. But honestly, to those who can write, draw and anything with BOTH hands -- you guys are sooo cool!

p/s. same goes for the left handed people(:


Anonymous said...

So you're a southpaw, eh, Qamarina! (smile) - There's lots of left-handers in my family - my dad was, my wife is, two of my brothers, and one of my daughters all use the "wrong" hand (LOL)

Interesting post, I didn't know all those facts about LH'ers. I know one of my all time favorite guitarists was Jimi Hendrix - he played a right handed guitar upside down with his left hand!

QM said...

LOL! that's cool;D

well, nobody in my family are left handed -- all are on the "right" hands(;

rory said...

qm ur right handed rite?

Aqilah said...

I am! Haha :DD

dayana said...

its cool. like so cool :D
i'm a lefty :)

QM said...

I'm a right handed(;

Shanya said...

Righty hahahahha!