Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Music that The World Speaks

When I woke up this morning, the first thing in my mind was: Michael Jackson. I don't know why but yes, it was. So I straight away turned on my laptop and watch his videos on YouTube.

Dang. Michael Jackson, I love you man.

Michael Jackson was my 1st obsession. When I was young as a kid, I would watch his videos and concerts on the television and just copy his dance movements. Even then I knew, nobody could ever copy his dance like nobody could copy Elvis Presley's voice. They are simply LEGENDS -- even when they are gone, their musics would still remain playing over and over again.

I love his glittering costumes, his voice, his hair, his legs, his dance, his moonwalk, his hat, his gloves...The music industry would suck without him.

He came to Malaysia in 1996 but sadly, I couldn't go because I was too young - age 3. My parents went and my mum recalled back saying that the crowd was sooo mad! People were crying, shouting and begging for MJ.

One lucky girl got up to the stage and MJ grabbed her hand as he sang into the mic. But as soon it was her time to leave, she couldn't and didn't want to and started running back to MJ. Two big bodyguards came and carried her away.

Hah. Even I would do that.

But of course, a girl is a girl. After MJ was of course, no other than, Britney Spears herself. To be honest, her songs are really nice and her vocal is not great but it isn't bad either. I love her fresh, cute and sweet American girl next door looks. She was so beautiful back then and now, I think.

My first favourite song of hers was 'Oops, I did it again'. That was when she became my obsession. Everybody loved Britney. Even my mum loved her. We were dying hoping that she would come and perform in Malaysia. She still hasn't but I hope she would.

But now, the saddest part is that both - MJ & Britney have collasped. My meaning is they aren't like how they used to be like before.

Britney is back on track now but everyone could see the difference...that spark is gone but I still love her, everyone still love her. I really felt pity for her when the media and those no good people kept harassing her when she was in an unstable state. But I'm glad she's back again. It has been soo looong since I heard her songs on the radio.

Same goes to Michael Jackson. He hasn't released any new sing or concert since he was brought to trial and now, he's a bankrupt. But report said he has written many songs but doesn't intend to release them but to his children after his death to let them know what their father was. This is really touching.

But whatever it is, they are still my obsessions and I still love them. They are the musics that the world speaks(:


A. K. said...

MJ or BS were never my favorite. Nothing personal, but i just don't like pop... Sorry if i hurt you... I too feel pity for both of them because the media has done so much damage to their personal life..
Sweety why don't you try rock. Am sure you will like it.

Try listening to these song.
1. I remember you by Skid Row.
2. Coming home by Cinderella
3. Number One by Halloween
4. Love song by Telsa.

These songs are very soft. Am sure you will like it...

A. K. said...

Purple Haze and Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix are also awesome...

QM said...


Well, I really like MJ cause he really can dance & he's sexy! hahahahaa

But thanks for d song list, I will try and listen to them(;

CutePriya said...

Hi QM...You share the same taste of music ad I do...Don't listen to A.K. He insists me too to listen to rock (though not bad)...but I love POP...Britney...Backstreet boyz...Kylie...etc.

...I have tagged you. If you are interested, follow this link

Mims, as if. said...

yeah, I also love MJ and Britney back then.

And my cousins went to MJ concert, that's what my dad says & I felt jealous bcuz I'm too young to go.

rory said...

LOL haha,nothing wrong with a dose of pop. You know how we sing boybands in class. HAHA ok next time we sing some screamos in class.

Girl Next Door said...

Hey Even I like Britney Spears. She is a great singer and blessed with a beautiful face.

Girl Next Door said...

Hey ! one more thing, I have tagged you on my Blog. To know more, check the link:

QM said...

Thnks for the tagging ladies(:

QM said...

hey ina! Let's sing some songs that A.K. recommended in class

&& shake our heads n' let our hairs fly in circles!

HAHAHAHA;D so cool!

CutePriya said...

Mention Not Sweety :P

Anonymous said...

Fame and fortune can turn people upside down spiritually, and does so with alarming regularity. Incredible talents, amazing - MJ & Brittney. I wish them well.

Shanya said...

Hahahah Qm i'll join yah guys after all we already have our haters so why not go full force ryte :))) Hahahhaa