Monday, March 16, 2009

Painful but Efficient

My cousin has been studying in an international school since well, he started 1st grade and now he's in the 4th grade if I'm not mistaken. His school has a much, much higher standard compared to us studying at a government school.

He said when the teacher enter their class, they would say 'hello!'
I said when the teacher enter our class, we would rise and say 'good morning, teacher' and sit down back when the teacher says so.

He said sometimes there will be yelling between us and the teacher when there is an disagreement.
I said honey, we will be blacklisted and be sent to the principal office straight away.

He said we can't eat in class.
I said finally, something in common.

One day we were at an open house, we started talking as usual when I heard my brother said, "I got canned in school today."

Mum & Dad: For what?

Brother: I forgot to bring my school book.

Mum: Serve you right.

Dad & I(muttering): Finally that moment has arrived.

Most of the relatives who were there just smiled -- cause majority had been canned in school before but my cousin was rather confused.

Cousin: I thought teachers can't can students.

Me: According to the government schools in Malaysia, teachers can do that.

Cousin: Isn't that abusing?

Someone(I can't remember who): We call it discipline.

Some people say that canning is an abusive method and some say it is the best disciplinary method. On this case, I agree that canning is good -- not that I like being cane. Here, teachers use 'rotan' to cane their students on the palms of the hand or buttocks. Seriously, it HURTS!

When I was in primary school, caning was like almost a daily routine. I got cane for not completing my work, forgot to bring my book, got C for spelling, etc. Some students cried when they get cane but soon, everyone got used to it. I still remember how panic everyone was when test and spelling were drawing near because they don't want t get cane but few couldn't careless and would just put their palms out to teacher as though to say 'let's get this over quick'. Funny people:D

But my cousin said in his school if anyone does not complete their homework, they would get detention. Whoa, that sounds easy.

Canning in schools has been banned in some countries like Australia and New Zealand. I'm not sure which countries still practice canning students beside Malaysia. To tell you the truth, I don't like it either but seriously, it works. Because students will feel the pain and they won't repeat their offence again.

Usually they only cane boys but girls would get cane too if they hit the extreme. You'll get cane if you are untidy, you bully other students, you steal, you lie, you disrespect the teacher, vandalism, curse publicly...*whistle*

Everytime anyone sees the discipline teacher walking by with the 'rotan'/ canning stick, they would scramble and quickly enter their classes. It's so funny that sometimes I would laugh, leaving some people staring at me weirdly.

I hate canning. Like hell.

But honestly, it works.


rory said...

I think tht it works. but some teachers take it to the extreme

A. K. said...

Whenever you write about school, it takes me back to my school days. Happy Monday!

AQ said...

Its spelled caning. With a single 'n'. Canning is like putting something in a can... You have no idea how hard I laughed when I read that post. BTW, did u do this before or after the Debate?

Anonymous said...

Wow, QM - did this post take me back. When I was YOUR age, back in 1960's Middle School in Michigan, USA, we got "paddled" for misbehaving. A wide flat stick with perforations in it to allow swift wind movement through and a quicker, smarter, more painful delivery of the blow from the HS Principal.

And the spanking usually solved the problem. Kid didn't act up again in school.

Nowadays in our country, if a teacher dares to even TOUCH a student they are subject to a lawsuit and criminal investigation, dismissal, possibly incarceration.

And our younger generation knows not the benefits of discipline, or the consequences of misbehavior.

I wish we still had "caning" in our country. I got caned more than once and I grew up all right.

"Spare the rod and spoil the child" - ever heard that expression? It's true.

QM said...


Sorry about the spelling,AQ. My bad.
Hah! After lah...

Shanya said...

I totally agree it works and then again im a goody two shoes prefetc supposedly so i've never been caned in skool.

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