Saturday, April 25, 2009

Change the People - Then Only the World

What makes a good person and a bad person?

Does it means that if a person has the highest IQ in the world, graduated from Oxford and hold a CEO post makes him a good person? Does it means that if a person can't afford to care for himself, steal an apple from a market makes him a bad person?

I've been observing a lot lately. Not just family and friends but people who walk past me everyday. Whether she's the cleaner who washes the toilet everyday at 2 pm or a lady standing at the same bus stop every morning. Even dogs who sleep at their owner's front porch or dogs that guard factories.

Have you ever thought what if you could read their minds - what are they thinking? where are they going? what problems are they having? are they happy?

But most of us who just close one eye and lead on with our daily, boring routine lives. Some people say: 'Don't approach that garbage collector, he's a bad person.' or 'Don't talk to her. Look at her worn out clothes. She must be a bad person.'

Stop. Right. There. Keep reading until I say...Don't tell me you NEVER encounter this before. Don't lie. Because I've experienced it myself and yes, it still happens. Usually I would just keep my mouth shut because I knew if I answer back, it would turn really ugly.

These people who make these comment are usually not aware what they are actually saying. It's kind of that 'opps, it slipped out' thingy. Sometimes the listeners would just nod - well, most. Everytime someone says something like that, I would just say: 'How would you feel if you were that person and I made a comment like that?' At least, it would shut the person up.

Unfortunately, I believe that most of us are still shallow minded despite living in the technology world. We believe in money; not wisdom. We believe in luxury; not happiness. So when it comes to this thing, we are easily judge people by their looks.

Not everyone in black suits with smart ties, carrying their cases to a hight rise building everyday are good. They might be stealing money from their company; abusing their wives or getting drunk. Some came out worse - their nostrils would flare everytime they arrived in their sproty car and look at the average people as though saying - 'Look at me and look at you. I'm just so great that I can't talk to someone like you.' Ohh...believe me. Just be more obeservant.

Cleaners and sweepers are humans too. They may not have the same education levels as us but does that make them bad people? At least they are trying to earn a living. Who knows? They actually might be better than those 'good people'. If you happen to see them or walk past them, say 'Hello' & 'Thank You'. If it weren't for them, our roads and dustbins would be overloaded with maggets and univinting 'friends'.

So let's, once in for all - Make A Change. Before we change the world, let's change ourselves first.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are They Called Humans?

Just to inform everyone, I'm only allowed to blog on weekends. Yeahh...pretty sad. What can I say? My current job is a student.

Today I'm going into a much more serious topic than my previous posts. I bought a book at Kinokuniya at KLCC. It is entitled - SOLD by Zana Muhsen. I have to admit it is the cover that attracted me to pick the book out. It is an Arabian woman claded with a headcover, only her eyes could be seen. Then, I turned to see the back for the synopisis. It wrote:

For fifteen year old Zana Muhsen and her younger sister Nadia, born and raised in Birmingham, a six week holiday with relatives in North Yemen sounded like the trip of a lifetime.

It turned into a living nightmare. On their arrival Zana and her sister discovered that their father had literally sold them into marriage and that they were helpless prisoners. The girls had to adapt to a completely alien way of life, living in primitive stone houses with dung-plastered walls and no running water. They suffered rape, frequent beatings and terrifying ordeal of childbirth on bare mud floors with only old women in attendance.

After eight years of misery and humiliation, Zana escaped - and her story, now fully updated for this new edition, is as shocking as it is heart-rending.

Honestly, this book made me tearful. I never thought I was going to shed a tear for a person I do not know and never met but by her story, she moved me. When I was reading it, my mind was telling me, - 'This can't be happening. This can't be a true story.' But sadly, it is and what more the way she suffered.

I hated her father for selling her and her sister off because I believed father should be there to protect their children. I hated when her 'in laws' forced her to bed in with her 'supposed to be husband' when she doesn't want to. These all seemed so terribly wrong.

In the end, she did eventually escaped but her sister, Nadia was left behind. I nearly cried some more. I'm not sure if they are already reunited. It is really a tragic thing to happened to these two girls who were once in England living the perfect lives, then robbed out of it by their father. Can you imagine your own father doing that? But I am truly grateful that their mother tried hard and fight for her daugthers to be brought back to England.

It is so hard to believe that the people in them are humans! They are more closely to animals! I'm sorry but if you have read the book, you would agree with me. I strictly believe that the man who raised them up have no right to be called as their 'Father'.

I won't spill the beans too much, rent it or buy the book. Seriously, it's worth it. You have to read it if you haven't.

The next issue.

Today in The Straits Time(if I'm not mistaken), a 60 year old woman was forced to perform oral sex by kissing a robber's arse when she failed to give him money.

Kiss. The. Robber's Arse.

I am just completly disgusted by that robber. Pity for the old lady who did nothing wrong. Sometimes I feel like reaching thorugh the newspaper and strangled that f**king, arsehole people who have nothing else better to do.

Kidnap cases are rising high these days. Until they reach a point where they would call the parents up and informed that their kids have been kidnapped. Then after the parents banked in the money in the requested account, they find their kids in school - safe and sound.

I know economic crisis are not good today. That people are depressed and easily influenced to do bad things. But you have brains and minds to THINK to do the RIGHT things. Start by quiting smoking - it can save you a lot of money. Start by walking to work or taking the bus - saves petrol & money as you get a daily work out.

There are better things in life to do and think. Cause once you start the wrong path, it is really hard reverse back to the right path. Not that you don't have a choice, you do but it can cost you greatly.

To those 'mentally problems people': If you are a HUMAN, act like ONE.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It All Started with A Plain White Shirt

I was passing by some shops that day and happened to enter BritishIndia. As usual there aren't any people in there except for myself, my mum and 3 people in there. Then, my eyes dropped to a plain white cotton shirt. I looked at the price and nearly died! It cost - RM99.

What. The. Hell.

That top was just a plain shirt with a simple, colourless logo platted on it. I could use the money to buy 3 tops at Factory Outlet. I just don't understand why must they put the price so high for a shirt that could be get anywhere. But my mum it's because it's branded, that's all.

Sigh. The world is sometimes such a weirdly wonderful place to be, don't ya think?

Okay. So they may have better material but RM99???? C'mon, my branded jeans that has all sort of patterns at least stands out than this plain white shirt. The best part was the highest price was nearly hitting RM700! Who the hell can afford such amout of money for just one?

Sometimes Roxy, Zara, TOPSHOP and Jaspal can be expensive too...but not like, Forever 21. Those clothes are CRAZY! They have clothes that normal people would neevr wear on daily basis. The design is just too crazy and weird. Yet, their prices are shooting sky high.

Have you guys watch Confession of a Shopaholic? My friend said she has a wardrobe which holds an everyday outifit. One outifit per day. No repeating. It's awesome really but do you really need that much of clothes?

I think you can update you wardrobe once in a while and not bringing home 10 bags every week giving your father or husband a heart attack! And I really think they should stop over charging clothes just because they are branded.

Tell me, honestly, what do you think?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guidance to Win The One

Recently, I came across many storybooks - teen books that mentioned how should girls get guys...blah, blah and get into this whole dramatic situation, lose best friends, gain enemies...Seriously, it's not that pathetic and hard for girls to get guys and guys to get girls. Well. Yeah. Seriously. I think. HAHAHAHAH.

I'm not exactly an experienced person to ask for advices but I do observe people closely who are mainly my close friends. I collected some points that are actually right there in the face!

DO for both Genders-

1. Know the basic information. Meaning name, age, favourite hobby, class, favourite football team, favourite colour, favourite food, etc. That way you guys won't run out of things to talk.

2. Be Brave. Take a deep breath and say hello to that person. If that person give you a weird stare like 'why are you talking to me?', put on your fancy smile and speak the truth: I think you're cute - or whatever you prefer. (Note: Girls & Boys don't like being call cute. Try 'pretty' or 'handsome')

3. Eye contact. It's to show that person 'hey, I'm looking at you'. Trust me, guys ALWAYS do that and sometimes it can be flattering. LOL. Once you make an eye contact, break away after a few seconds. You don't want to let that person freak out!

4. Be Na-tu-ral. Everyone hates fakers. If your laugh is LOUD and hideous, be that way. Or you love wearing superman underwear, wear it til it rots. You will better if you know people love the natural you(:

5. Flirt. I don't know. It always works. Especially if both have the chemistry.

Do for Girls-

1. Be Modest. Some girls try too hard to get the male's attention that they end up making themselves looking like sluts. Walk normally and don't add edgy hip swings...people need to pass through, okay!

2. Shave Those Hairs!- If you're wearing sleeveless, make sure you armpits are shaved. Girls ain't supposed to be hairy.

3. Always Be Happy & Smile. Nobody wants to be close to an emo and sad person. They want to laugh & play with someone happy. So always be positive. Laugh when you can and cry when you must.

4. Friendly. Talk to anyone and everyone. Regardless whether they are fat, skinny, nerds or cheers. Be down to earth and people would like you.

Do for Guys-

1. Stop the Kissing Sounds. Those sounds are really disgusting and ewwwww. If you want to call somebody, call by their names. If you want to compliment a lady, say, 'Hey, gorgeous'. Don't go kissing in air. Ugh.

2. Be Talkative. Be talkative, I say but please don't go blabbling into topics that girls can't talk about. Be if you only can talk about football and cars, find girls who are interested in those or else they would label you as boring.

3. Keep Cool. Put on a simple shirt and a simple pants with a simple look. Girls prefer guys who are simple cause indirectly to them, it shows it's easier to get a simple, good looking guy than a creature from outer space.

4. Know Them. Always remember their names, what they said yesterday and little things that they told you. It shows you appreciate them and weren't just nodding your head when they were talking to you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

When You Put Yesterday into Today

Previously my post was full of hatred so I thought about doing some loving post(hmmm...). Last night, there was a reunion party with my grandfather's ex-staffs and current staffs. There was actually around 800 of them but they could only located 120 of them. Still, it was a blast.

My parents were so delighted and excited that they got to meet their friends who they went to college together at South Dakota University in the US. They haven't met each other for more than 20 years. So it was a lot of catch up talking to do...they still remember what nicknames they gave each other and who was the bad boy and who just can't stop thinking of food. Little did I realized, I would go through the same situation soon.

OMG. I can't believe I will be graduating end of next year. Back then, I was just a little girl who still had trouble tying her shoelace, now I'm on the road of becoming a woman and I'm not sure if I will like it.

But the saddest thing is I have to part ways with my friends. Well, technically we are "married" to each other. I'm not sure if boys do this but we have talked and planned for the future. E.g. we are going to sing at each of our weddings, we are going to Zouk after graduation and we will have a gathering just the 5 of us...and laugh and cry and talk about those good, golden days that seemed just to be yesterday.

Sigh. Time pass so quickly. There's no way to slow it down even for a second. It just keep on going and going til our time stop. Let me recall back my passed times.

Remembering the time....I had my first tooth fell off(I didn't stop crying for days). I fell of my bicycle at the first try. I sat for my first test. I managed to tie my own shoes. I wrote my first alphabet. I got canned for not completing my work. My first dance concert. My first friend. My frist enemy. My first ex-best friend. My first crush. My first boyfriend. My first day in high school. My first REAL friends. I remembered how old my parents are getting -- the difference in them when I was 5 and now 16. I remembered sitting on my dad's lap as he told me a bed time stroy. I remembered the first time my mum talked to me about becoming a 'woman'.

And all of these combined is the road for me to become a woman.

But one thing is for sure, a reunion is forever a must!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Pissed Of Rude People

Currently my sister who is studying at the same school as me has been complaining of rude students. And I don't mean they don't realize they are rude...they KNOW that they are rude but they still go ahead because they think it's cool.

I call these people: @!$#5^& be more polite in my blog, I'll just call them Rude People(they deserve worse than this though). Usually these Rude People are in the 'popular gang' but I have no idea what's so popular about them. All I know is that they have a lot of friends, dumb(last classes) & snobbish! They always think they are the most beautiful creatures to ever exist on earth and they only talk to certain people.

There was once I was lining up to buy food when they just cut and bump into me and the other students HARD. I turned around and was like WTF? Like hello ---- LINE UP, B*TCHES. Who wouldn't be pissed? You lined up and some arseholes bumped into you and cut the line because they think they deserve it.

Fine, you might say I'm just being over-the-top because they are 'popular' but there are some other genre. Prefects. (Sharanya, it's not you. It's this prefect, I'm sure you know who.)

The prefect with the mic ordered our form to enter our class but it was SO NOISY. Trust me, it is so noisy that you can't hear what's going around you. Slowly the front row students started to get up -- I was siting on the back row with my friends so it was harder for us to hear. We were getting up finally after we knew were being ordered to when suddenly...

Chinese Prefect( screaming rudely): Wooi!! Get up lah!!! They ordered already, right?!! GET UP QUICKLY!!!!

Me( pissed off): Well, we DIDN'T hear.

Chinese Prefect(sarcastic yet rudely): That's your bad.

I was about to really slap her hard for being so rude to me when my friends were like 'it's pointless'. We were GETTING UP yet she was yelling at us so rudely that everyone, I mean everyone was so angry. It doesn't mean you have a post that is higher than the average students means that you must be rude.

To those Rude People, I really want to ask them...have your parents every taught you manners? Because I'm pretty sure that they have. And please bear in mind that being rude doesn't make you any only make people hate you more and more. Even if you have to be rude, just be sarcastic. It works more effectivley if you irritate the person than making that person mad.

Huh. Seems like I've given a tip.

The moral of this post is: Be Polite ( duhh...)