Saturday, April 25, 2009

Change the People - Then Only the World

What makes a good person and a bad person?

Does it means that if a person has the highest IQ in the world, graduated from Oxford and hold a CEO post makes him a good person? Does it means that if a person can't afford to care for himself, steal an apple from a market makes him a bad person?

I've been observing a lot lately. Not just family and friends but people who walk past me everyday. Whether she's the cleaner who washes the toilet everyday at 2 pm or a lady standing at the same bus stop every morning. Even dogs who sleep at their owner's front porch or dogs that guard factories.

Have you ever thought what if you could read their minds - what are they thinking? where are they going? what problems are they having? are they happy?

But most of us who just close one eye and lead on with our daily, boring routine lives. Some people say: 'Don't approach that garbage collector, he's a bad person.' or 'Don't talk to her. Look at her worn out clothes. She must be a bad person.'

Stop. Right. There. Keep reading until I say...Don't tell me you NEVER encounter this before. Don't lie. Because I've experienced it myself and yes, it still happens. Usually I would just keep my mouth shut because I knew if I answer back, it would turn really ugly.

These people who make these comment are usually not aware what they are actually saying. It's kind of that 'opps, it slipped out' thingy. Sometimes the listeners would just nod - well, most. Everytime someone says something like that, I would just say: 'How would you feel if you were that person and I made a comment like that?' At least, it would shut the person up.

Unfortunately, I believe that most of us are still shallow minded despite living in the technology world. We believe in money; not wisdom. We believe in luxury; not happiness. So when it comes to this thing, we are easily judge people by their looks.

Not everyone in black suits with smart ties, carrying their cases to a hight rise building everyday are good. They might be stealing money from their company; abusing their wives or getting drunk. Some came out worse - their nostrils would flare everytime they arrived in their sproty car and look at the average people as though saying - 'Look at me and look at you. I'm just so great that I can't talk to someone like you.' Ohh...believe me. Just be more obeservant.

Cleaners and sweepers are humans too. They may not have the same education levels as us but does that make them bad people? At least they are trying to earn a living. Who knows? They actually might be better than those 'good people'. If you happen to see them or walk past them, say 'Hello' & 'Thank You'. If it weren't for them, our roads and dustbins would be overloaded with maggets and univinting 'friends'.

So let's, once in for all - Make A Change. Before we change the world, let's change ourselves first.


dayana said...

qamarina you are brilliant. this is the exact thing i've been thinking about all week :)

QM said...

Thanks, dayana(:

Anonymous said...

Appearances are not truthful indicators of what's within. This is an important subject and you have expressed yourself very well, QM. Lotta truth here. Some of the biggest evil crooks on the planet wear suits and ties as they manipulate and rip off the less fortunate. Some of the kindest most inwardly beautiful people are social castaways because they "appear" ugly and/or unkempt.

And yes, no one can change the world by looking outwardly and trying to change "IT." By changing yourself, inwardly, the world you live in changes because your world is a reflection of your own spiritual state.

There is only ONE. Snatch joy!

Abby(: said...

brilliant (:

QM said...

Yeah, it's pretty sad how the world wroks these days. Nothing has really change:/

Thousif Raza M.B said...

1st time reader of ur blog and i loooooooooooooved it really

seriously qm, i felt what u felt and i am not lying, i agree with marvin, the guys who wear ties and suits are the evil crooks of this world

u said change. yes i will, for the better things, and as the band simple plan's song,'me against the world', thats what xactly u are and thats what i will be, i promise u that

damn i fell better already ;)

nice one yaar, its brutally honest and a grt blog name too ;)

take care and plzzz plzzz keep writing.........

QM said...

Thanks Thousif(:
I'm glad you like my blog. I just speak the truth and what's on my mind.

I'll keep writing(;
but I'm still a student so I only blog when I'm free

A. K. said...

THat is so true.. We cannot judge someone by his looks, the clothes he wear or the house he lives...

We have a very wrong conception about judging people. I to have come across many people who consider suited ties with black shiny shoes as respectable...

Love this post. Thanks for the tip that you have left at my blog. I'll give it a shot very soon.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hey qm, i read ur earlier posts and they all are gr8 yaar,

i loved ur book review post, yeah i agree humans are getting worser than animals,lets just hope its gets better...

and thx for dropping in a comment,

i just updated my blog, read and comment ok,

and guess what, next month i got a suprise for you, if you read this month's blog , u will get to know whats the suprise abt!!

take care and keep writing, desperately waiting for ur next post, c ya ;)