Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guidance to Win The One

Recently, I came across many storybooks - teen books that mentioned how should girls get guys...blah, blah and get into this whole dramatic situation, lose best friends, gain enemies...Seriously, it's not that pathetic and hard for girls to get guys and guys to get girls. Well. Yeah. Seriously. I think. HAHAHAHAH.

I'm not exactly an experienced person to ask for advices but I do observe people closely who are mainly my close friends. I collected some points that are actually right there in the face!

DO for both Genders-

1. Know the basic information. Meaning name, age, favourite hobby, class, favourite football team, favourite colour, favourite food, etc. That way you guys won't run out of things to talk.

2. Be Brave. Take a deep breath and say hello to that person. If that person give you a weird stare like 'why are you talking to me?', put on your fancy smile and speak the truth: I think you're cute - or whatever you prefer. (Note: Girls & Boys don't like being call cute. Try 'pretty' or 'handsome')

3. Eye contact. It's to show that person 'hey, I'm looking at you'. Trust me, guys ALWAYS do that and sometimes it can be flattering. LOL. Once you make an eye contact, break away after a few seconds. You don't want to let that person freak out!

4. Be Na-tu-ral. Everyone hates fakers. If your laugh is LOUD and hideous, be that way. Or you love wearing superman underwear, wear it til it rots. You will better if you know people love the natural you(:

5. Flirt. I don't know. It always works. Especially if both have the chemistry.

Do for Girls-

1. Be Modest. Some girls try too hard to get the male's attention that they end up making themselves looking like sluts. Walk normally and don't add edgy hip swings...people need to pass through, okay!

2. Shave Those Hairs!- If you're wearing sleeveless, make sure you armpits are shaved. Girls ain't supposed to be hairy.

3. Always Be Happy & Smile. Nobody wants to be close to an emo and sad person. They want to laugh & play with someone happy. So always be positive. Laugh when you can and cry when you must.

4. Friendly. Talk to anyone and everyone. Regardless whether they are fat, skinny, nerds or cheers. Be down to earth and people would like you.

Do for Guys-

1. Stop the Kissing Sounds. Those sounds are really disgusting and ewwwww. If you want to call somebody, call by their names. If you want to compliment a lady, say, 'Hey, gorgeous'. Don't go kissing in air. Ugh.

2. Be Talkative. Be talkative, I say but please don't go blabbling into topics that girls can't talk about. Be if you only can talk about football and cars, find girls who are interested in those or else they would label you as boring.

3. Keep Cool. Put on a simple shirt and a simple pants with a simple look. Girls prefer guys who are simple cause indirectly to them, it shows it's easier to get a simple, good looking guy than a creature from outer space.

4. Know Them. Always remember their names, what they said yesterday and little things that they told you. It shows you appreciate them and weren't just nodding your head when they were talking to you.


Anonymous said...

Great advice, QM - now if I were only 16 again I'd know how to score me a girlfriend! LOL

As-Salāmu `Alaykum :)

AnnaNicoleMadeline said...

Awesome dude! But have you ever met a girl who hasn't shaved her armpits while wearing sleeveless? Eee. Hahah, oh and the air kissing thing, i hate it. So rempit-ish,it annoys me like mad!>:(

QM said...

I have! And it was soooo disgusting! like EWWWWW!! HAHAHAHA

QM said...

OMG. Marvin, you spoke in arabian! HAHAH! Great Job(:

A. K. said...

Love the advice.. Girls should shave their armpit for God sake... Love this post... I could have used this points but too bad i already have a girl in my life!

Morgan Mandel said...

I would add - If you're wearing perfume, don't put too much on. Not everyone likes particular brands. Also, don't use perfume to cover up not keeping clean. It doesn't work.

This could go for guys and girls.

Morgan Mandel

Girl Next Door said...

Great Tips , I liked this one: 4. Be Na-tu-ral.

Hope it would help teenagers looking out for love.

mohd aizat ibrahim bin jamil said...

great post.. first time enjoying your blog.

and and, i cn help with relationships problem. i have experienced a lot in my short life.
i helpded out this girl in my class..

QM said...

omg, Aizat..,you a healer?
God, please save us:0

Shanya said...

Hahahahha aizat a healer someone call GOD puhlease!!!
And totally agree those smooching sounds are EWWW soooo EWWW!
and agreein superbly if rory's like football come to sharanya hahahah lol!

lalloya said...

haha. qm i love dis post.
remember we were gnna do d no.2 for both genders but didnt?
we should try it on ur bday :D