Friday, April 17, 2009

It All Started with A Plain White Shirt

I was passing by some shops that day and happened to enter BritishIndia. As usual there aren't any people in there except for myself, my mum and 3 people in there. Then, my eyes dropped to a plain white cotton shirt. I looked at the price and nearly died! It cost - RM99.

What. The. Hell.

That top was just a plain shirt with a simple, colourless logo platted on it. I could use the money to buy 3 tops at Factory Outlet. I just don't understand why must they put the price so high for a shirt that could be get anywhere. But my mum it's because it's branded, that's all.

Sigh. The world is sometimes such a weirdly wonderful place to be, don't ya think?

Okay. So they may have better material but RM99???? C'mon, my branded jeans that has all sort of patterns at least stands out than this plain white shirt. The best part was the highest price was nearly hitting RM700! Who the hell can afford such amout of money for just one?

Sometimes Roxy, Zara, TOPSHOP and Jaspal can be expensive too...but not like, Forever 21. Those clothes are CRAZY! They have clothes that normal people would neevr wear on daily basis. The design is just too crazy and weird. Yet, their prices are shooting sky high.

Have you guys watch Confession of a Shopaholic? My friend said she has a wardrobe which holds an everyday outifit. One outifit per day. No repeating. It's awesome really but do you really need that much of clothes?

I think you can update you wardrobe once in a while and not bringing home 10 bags every week giving your father or husband a heart attack! And I really think they should stop over charging clothes just because they are branded.

Tell me, honestly, what do you think?


A. K. said...

Sounds like you had a tough day. I like to be hip but i don't believe in spending huge amount of my hard earned cash buying designer wears... Am a simple dude who get satisfied with a levis jean, black T-shirts with pictures of my favorite rock band....

Najihah Hakim said...

agree!some are just not worth it.they aren't cheap for what they are.especially those Rm189 tees with ugly rempit-ish printings on it.

Anonymous said...

As long as there are foolish people who will pay through the nose exhorbitant prices for trendy brand name clothes, businesses will keep producing them and getting whatever they ask for in price. Way of the world. It's up to you, me, anybody to use common sense.

Good post.

dayana said...

i agree! i knw smtimes i want those things too but gosh its just not worth it. dah la its intimidating when you see tonneeessss of other people wearing it and making it the "trend" you knw -.- its almost as if, if you dnt wear tht you're not cool. damntheworld

Shanya said...

High 5 like seriously soemtimes you can find the EXACT same thing at a flee market or pasar malam and yet some ppl just dont wanna admit it and continue to buy this overpriced stuff though they are guilty pleasures at times :D

diana said...

haha, senang en
you beli aje baju kat F.O.S, haha
konon ekonomi dunia meleset, now kiri kanan tngk price tags all expensive lah
sometimes, to jejak my kaki in the kedai also i tak mau, because i know how expensive their clothes are.