Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Pissed Of Rude People

Currently my sister who is studying at the same school as me has been complaining of rude students. And I don't mean they don't realize they are rude...they KNOW that they are rude but they still go ahead because they think it's cool.

I call these people: @!$#5^& be more polite in my blog, I'll just call them Rude People(they deserve worse than this though). Usually these Rude People are in the 'popular gang' but I have no idea what's so popular about them. All I know is that they have a lot of friends, dumb(last classes) & snobbish! They always think they are the most beautiful creatures to ever exist on earth and they only talk to certain people.

There was once I was lining up to buy food when they just cut and bump into me and the other students HARD. I turned around and was like WTF? Like hello ---- LINE UP, B*TCHES. Who wouldn't be pissed? You lined up and some arseholes bumped into you and cut the line because they think they deserve it.

Fine, you might say I'm just being over-the-top because they are 'popular' but there are some other genre. Prefects. (Sharanya, it's not you. It's this prefect, I'm sure you know who.)

The prefect with the mic ordered our form to enter our class but it was SO NOISY. Trust me, it is so noisy that you can't hear what's going around you. Slowly the front row students started to get up -- I was siting on the back row with my friends so it was harder for us to hear. We were getting up finally after we knew were being ordered to when suddenly...

Chinese Prefect( screaming rudely): Wooi!! Get up lah!!! They ordered already, right?!! GET UP QUICKLY!!!!

Me( pissed off): Well, we DIDN'T hear.

Chinese Prefect(sarcastic yet rudely): That's your bad.

I was about to really slap her hard for being so rude to me when my friends were like 'it's pointless'. We were GETTING UP yet she was yelling at us so rudely that everyone, I mean everyone was so angry. It doesn't mean you have a post that is higher than the average students means that you must be rude.

To those Rude People, I really want to ask them...have your parents every taught you manners? Because I'm pretty sure that they have. And please bear in mind that being rude doesn't make you any only make people hate you more and more. Even if you have to be rude, just be sarcastic. It works more effectivley if you irritate the person than making that person mad.

Huh. Seems like I've given a tip.

The moral of this post is: Be Polite ( duhh...)


Anonymous said...

Sigh, seems like simple basic politeness is often lost to the "popular" crowd. There's always been RUDE people and always will be. You have the RUDE bully types, the idiots who think it's cool to be tough and bully their way in life, then the "popular" cat who think they are so cool they are above and better than everybody else.

Both types are equally jerks and you just can't let them get under your skin. It's their bad karma and it's people who are considerate and polite who will wind up with the TRUE friendships of value in life.

Abra said...

I don't like rude people either

QM said...

Really true, Marvin. Sometimes I just can't understand these people and what's their problem. It's as though their brains are malfunctioning.

Yerp. "Bad Karma" - what goes around, comes around.

Shanya said...

Couldnt have gotten a clearer message across lol :)