Sunday, April 5, 2009

When You Put Yesterday into Today

Previously my post was full of hatred so I thought about doing some loving post(hmmm...). Last night, there was a reunion party with my grandfather's ex-staffs and current staffs. There was actually around 800 of them but they could only located 120 of them. Still, it was a blast.

My parents were so delighted and excited that they got to meet their friends who they went to college together at South Dakota University in the US. They haven't met each other for more than 20 years. So it was a lot of catch up talking to do...they still remember what nicknames they gave each other and who was the bad boy and who just can't stop thinking of food. Little did I realized, I would go through the same situation soon.

OMG. I can't believe I will be graduating end of next year. Back then, I was just a little girl who still had trouble tying her shoelace, now I'm on the road of becoming a woman and I'm not sure if I will like it.

But the saddest thing is I have to part ways with my friends. Well, technically we are "married" to each other. I'm not sure if boys do this but we have talked and planned for the future. E.g. we are going to sing at each of our weddings, we are going to Zouk after graduation and we will have a gathering just the 5 of us...and laugh and cry and talk about those good, golden days that seemed just to be yesterday.

Sigh. Time pass so quickly. There's no way to slow it down even for a second. It just keep on going and going til our time stop. Let me recall back my passed times.

Remembering the time....I had my first tooth fell off(I didn't stop crying for days). I fell of my bicycle at the first try. I sat for my first test. I managed to tie my own shoes. I wrote my first alphabet. I got canned for not completing my work. My first dance concert. My first friend. My frist enemy. My first ex-best friend. My first crush. My first boyfriend. My first day in high school. My first REAL friends. I remembered how old my parents are getting -- the difference in them when I was 5 and now 16. I remembered sitting on my dad's lap as he told me a bed time stroy. I remembered the first time my mum talked to me about becoming a 'woman'.

And all of these combined is the road for me to become a woman.

But one thing is for sure, a reunion is forever a must!


rory said...

wohooo go female :D

can't we just stop time?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Qamarina. Remember to keep a journal as you go through life. And not just an e-file, a hard copy - never know when the internet might crash - crazy things can happen in life :( - Like print out all your posts and keep them. I guarantee you, when you re-read these teenage musings at say, age 30, you will smile and have such rich and fond memories :)

QM said...

great idea, Marvin(:
will keep that in mind and will laugh as loud as I can when I'm 30 years old later. LOL

Abby(: said...

one of the nice post ever :D

Shanya said...

That paragraph on wat we have plan and how we are practically "married" to each other almost made me cry and you know wat when u write like dat QM you really touch ppl :)
Love you girl!