Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teen Pregnancy

When I watched this video, I was just so bloody shocked. Like, wth. My friend sent me the link to this video and I just thought I have to share it with you guys.

Actually, there are more related videos of these. Just type 'Maury' and wait to get the shock of your lifetime. But the main point is - People Are Not Having Safe Sex. I know some people would feel disgusted by that word, but look around us. Do you even realize what is happening? Teen pregnancies are rising especially in the UK, Sweden followed by the US and other places.

Teens especially girls are fooled by what they say 'sex is love'. Sweetie, you got it all wrong. Love is when no matter how imperfect you are, or how easy and hard your life is, that person will stick by your side like a roller coaster - that is love. So don't get mixed up that if you have sex with someone, means that someone loves you. Who knows? The next day, you'll find your bed side empty and all that's left is nothing but lost of dignity and pride.

I have to be honest here. You can't have sex unless you are married! Get that into your head! All religions say that because it is the right way to do it. It doesn't matter whether if you're religious or not, don't tell me you can't tell what's right and wrong. But humans are curious and impatient. Whatever that is told not to do, we will somehow rather do it.

Some teens who are lucky - in some places, teen pregnancies can be accepted by helping them, send them to some centers to recover. Families are there to support them.

Some teens aren't so lucky - places especially in Asia. Eg. My country, Malaysia, teen pregnancies are considered the worst shame that any child can do to the family. The child can get disowned. Recently, in the news, many newborn babies are dumped into the toilet and trash.

My advice to all teens, mainly to girls: Don't Have Sex. Not even with condom cause anything could go wrong. Wait until you find the right guy and marry him. There's no rush for love and there's no need for sex when you have people who loves you around you. Don't do it. It's stupid, crazy and in the end, brings nothing but stress and shame.

Look, I'm not trying to talk bad about teen moms. But I just feel that you girls have so much more ahead of you...studies, college, falling in love. No matter how much your girls try to say 'Well, I'm better than some 30 year old mums' but look at yourself in the mirror and say - 'I never regretted doing that. I'm much more happier.' Is it so? A child growing up without his father? I know you are strong enough to stand alone - but when it comes to the end, family is what everyone wants.

And to those girls who are having thoughts about throwing your babies, DON'T DO IT. I know you don't want the baby cause with all the problems that you got. Try talking with your parents but if you just can't do it, send the baby to an orphanage, hospital...places where people can take care of the baby.

Think wisely before you do anything. It may turn your life upside down.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happiness - Not What I Thought

I'm highly addicted to True Blood now. Argh...Bill is effin' hot. LOL. Hahahha:D

Anyway, today I thought of talking about 'Happiness'. I thought that everybody's happiness were the same. You know, good job, good family, good income...but I realized I was blinded by the cover. It's pretty funny when you realized all this time what you thought are illusions, not because you know it's right but - you want to think it's right.

Happiness is something that makes you happy not just from the outside but inside too. I thought that as long as you have a good job and a great family doesn't bring happiness to everybody. Well, some people are very happy with their jobs not because they enjoy it but because of the good income. I often wonder how do these people could find happiness in it when they don't even enjoy their jobs?

There even some of my friends who are in Science Stream not because they want to but they think they'll feel happier if they are in the Science Stream. I couldn't grasp it at first, I was so confused. But later on, I took time to figure out the puzzles and based on observations, I realized that they are not happy at all. They felt that by making their parents happy, they would be happy too. But I think they don't know what they are doing actually. They are trying to cover up whatever confusion they are having by replacing it other people's happiness.

There are also ladies I noticed who buy stuff A LOT to fill in their happiness because they are being ill treated by their husbands. Abuse and beaten, so on. It pains to know the truth while on the outside, people assume women like to shop til they drop. Some of them do but some may not. The saddest thing is knowing you can't do anything because it's out of your reach.

What really bothers me is that people's own happiness are not theirs. Marry the person the parents want in order to keep them happy. Taking a course that you force yourself to be happy because everyone is doing it. What happened to 'do the thing you're happy with?' and 'as long as you're happy with it, don't let anyone stand in your way?'

If you were in love with someone yet your parents disapprove greatly and ask you to marry some stranger, who will you choose? Your happiness or theirs? Surprisingly, study has proved that most people will choose to make other people happy. It's a nature in humans to please someone.

Not that you can't make other people happy but there has to be a limit. You have to be happy too to balance out to please other people. Otherwise, you are not living your life.

Life is complicated as everyone says but hey, be happy with you do. It may not be the best of the choice but do it if it lives up your life. Although you can't have both ways, at least you know you made a choice based on yourself.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Semester Ahead

Hey people, I'm finally back! Exams are over - just ended today. Phew. I thought it was never going to end. But I felt like I did quite badly. What's done is done - just keep moving forward.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - to those people who wished me Happy Birthday(: Thank you!!!

p/s. Thank you, Thousif for the b'day gift. It is simply wonderful!! :D

Today I feel like going into the future. I know people say that you must live in the present, not the past or the future - but when you come to think of it, you do think about the past and the future once in a while.

So in the future...I want to be a writer! Yes, I'm serious. It's the only thing I love to do which is writing and I love words, I have to admit. I enjoy dreaming in my own pace because that's the only thing people can't know what I'm making out and disturb it. When I look up to the clouds, I would imagine them forming into all sort of patterns. Well, some people would think I'm childish but hey! sorry but I just like imagining things.

But of course, first, I have to get 10 A1 in SPM and apply for scholarship. It's really tough to get a scholarship since many people are doing the same thing. Although I'm in the Science Stream class, I want to English Literature as my field. But I know most of my classmates would be taking medicine and engineering fields but I just can't think scientifically. I can't even stand simple maths...grr

I would want to study in UK because I think Eng Lit there is great and I like the weather there. Not sunny...rainy and damp which is totally opposite here. Here is like 34 Celsius almost everyday - max: 37 Celsius ; min: 26 Celsius. It's always hot and sunny here - no 4 seasons at all but it's good thing that we don't have to spend much on clothing to keep us warm. LOL

Then, after I complete my degree in Literature, I might want to do something with writing first like journalist before I put myself as a full time writer. But at the same time, I would write.

My mum told me once I get to go overseas, don't come back. Live there. I was like "wookay....not what I expected." She told me you would find a whole new different culture there and you'll be missing it when you return home. You see, she studied at South Dakota in US for her university, then she came back. She realized how much she misses that place and always wanted to go back. Don't tell her this but...I would bring her and daddy over to live with me next time and let them go to the States - the place they first met. Sweet, I know (HAHAHAHHA).

Ohhh! And I really want to travel around the world especially to Ireland because Westlife is there! AHhahahaha. I really so badly want to meet them. They may sound too old for me but they have such meaningful songs and great voices that their age don't bother me although all are taken. Hahha:)

Okay. I think that's about it for today. Btw, I'm going to an island - Pulau Perhentian for my 2 week school holidays. Yesss!!! Holidays has started! Woo hoo!!! Will keep you all updated.

See ya! xoxo

Although MANU lost to Barcelona, I still love them(;

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam Lambert - My Birthday Cake

Yeay! 5 more days til my 16th birthday! Just can't wait(;

Although I pretty much suffer today with Biology. All 3 papers sucked. Ah well, focusing on chemistry right now. But after 2 weeks of exam, I'm going out with my friends for my birthday. Oohhh, and watch 17 again.

Anyway, gotta go and study now. If not, I can't watch American Idol. ARGH! Adam Lambert rocks my world! Hahahha. I really hope he wins. No offence but...I find Kris Allen kinda boring. And, he's NOT cute. I'm being honest.

There are reoprts sqaying that he's gay but hey! I don't care what they are or what they did - they are talented and whoa - boy, can he sing. Rock on, Lambert! Don't let this narrow minded people bring you down! 

If he wins, it'll be the best birthday of my life - for this year :D

Bring the roof down on Idol!

p/s. stay low Kris Allen (HAHAHHA)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Studying vs. Enjoyment - is Everything?

I've been such a bad blogger. I feel that my blog is so dead right now. Sigh.

Do you miss me? HAHAHA. I've always wanted to do that. 

So I've been studying for the past week. I started my exam on Friday - Islamic papers were first. God, my eyes were popping out from their sockets. It was hard - but not until I can't answer. There were a few questions I couldn't think of any that I just write some nonsense answers on the sheet. 

My mother keeps on telling me that studying is everything. Well, not that I'm saying it's false but I'm just not sure if it is everything. Some people say enjoyment is everything. So which is? Studying or Enjoyment is everything?

Studying - is the key to success. To change your world into a whole new different thing. With the amount of knowledge you have, you have no problem of finding jobs. In fact, they might come and look for you. As a student, studying is everything right now I suppose. Everyday we wake up, go to school to - study. Then, there will be 2 tests and 2 exams to see where you stand. In other ways, push you to study and score good grades.

Then, when you reach form 5 - there will be SPM. If you fail SPM, you have to re-sit. But I think most of us can deal with it since we've took UPSR and PMR before - the 2 big exams in the country and soon to be SPM candidates :|

But then, are we all really doing everything for studying? You laugh with your friends; you get scolded by your teachers; skipping classes(not often, hahaha); do something stupid...although most of them sounds bitter but when you look back, you'll be like - 'Hey! I actually did that!' And you'll bring them up sometimes and just laugh about it over and over again without getting bored.

Enjoyment is everything - hmmm...They say people should enjoy every little bit that happens in their lives. Let it be sweet, pain, sad or happy; just enjoy life. This is life, deal with it - one man once said. You live only once - everyone knows that. 

Most parents think studying is everything for their kids but how about enjoyment? Not that studying is bad far can a person go without a laugh in his life? I know a person who only study and study - bury his head in the book everytime in school. He barely makes a sound, never talks only to a few students with few words and then, his head is back in the book. He is one of the top students but he never laughs. Sometimes, I pity him. I talked to him, he just nod - that's it. I even feel dull siting next to him.

But I think no matter what you are, how old you are; you still must enjoy everything. You are never too old to play, you are only old when you stop playing. I truly believe that. I don't care if I act childish at times for my age, it's just the fact I'm having fun!

I never disobey my mum but at this time - I believe Enjoyment is Everything while Studying is just a Priority. Study Smart, Not Hard. When you're having fun, live in it, don't dream in it. Life is too short to focus on one thing only.

Once again, I bow away. I'll be away for quite sometime. 
Take care, you guys! (:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To The One I First Loved

This may seem awkward since I said I won't be blogging til my 2 weeks exam is over. But I've been studying, going to tuition classes til 10pm...I'm so exhausted until I'm having eye bags(ARGH). So today is Saturday - Wesak Day for the Buddhist people and tomorrow is Mother's Day -- and I'm free! Well, for a few hours then I have to do revision again.

So yeah! I'm back for a while then gone again for a while:/

Today I'll be talking about mothers(: did Mother's Day come about? Not many people know whether if this is true or false but it doesn't hurt to know something beautiful.

Anna Jarvis, daughter of Anna Reeves Jarvis, who had moved from Grafton, West Virginia, to Philadelphia, in 1890, was the power behind the official establishment of Mother's Day.
  • swore at her mother's grave site in 1905 to dedicate her life to her mother's project, and establish a Mother's Day to honor mothers, living and dead

  • a persistent rumor is that Anna's grief was intensified because she and her mother had quarreled and her mother died before they could reconcile

  • in 1907 she passed out 500 white carnations at her mother's church, St. Andrew's Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia -- one for each mother in the congregation

  • May 10, 1908: the first church -- St. Andrew's in Grafton, West Virginia -- responded to her request for a Sunday service honoring mothers

  • 1908: John Wanamaker, a Philadelphia merchant, joined the campaign for Mother's Day

That's just a short history of how Mother's Day came about. It's really saddening at the beginning. But I'm not here for a sad about we just talk about our mothers.

My mum's name is Wendy. Although she has converted to Islam, people still call her by her birth name which is Wendy. She's a Chinese who can speak 3 dialects - Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien. She's fair which I'm not, organized and beautiful which I don't have either. Sigh. Such luck.

My mother gave birth to me on the night of 25 May 1993 and named me Qamarina Almas which means - Golden Moon. I know, kinda weird but who says I'm normal? She enrolled into a Chinese school when I'm 5 until 12. She told me,"I want you to grow up and remember who you are. You are not a pure Malay; you came from a Chinese mother." Because of that, she earned my 1st person to respect.

My mother always scolded(she still does) and beat me on my shoulders, hands or pull my ears when I was younger - always because I didn't like studying. I hated her so much for that. But I was scared of her so I studied and studied. Eventually from the 2nd bottom class, I got into the 2nd class surrounded by smart students. I told myself before, once I get the good results, I'll flunk back into my old-self and waste my time.

Haha. I was so naive. I realized how great it felt to see a gred A report card and topping the people you thought were smart. I wanted to be a good student then, I wanted to study and be a bright student. My mum told me,"When I was your age, I never studied. I passed with B's and C's but my friend got all A's. I felt so bad, so mad at myself." Then, I understood she didn't want me to end up like her. Because of that, my hate for her turned into love.

My mum hated when I use my handphone too much that she snatched it away. Then, she would scold me for the whole night. My mum never let me to go out with my friends when I was younger. She wanted to know everything I did, do - where I was, what I'm doing. I felt so trapped like a mini camera was installed everywhere I go. I hated it so much. My close friends grew scared of my mum and I grew further away from my mum.

Soon, we stopped talking. It became robotic days. Just "Eat you breakfast","Here's some money", "Do your work", "Go to sleep". I became depressed because I'm not close to my dad but I think it's because I can't talk the things I want to with him.

But like they say, mother knows best. I think she started to realize that although she had been a teen once, we are still teens from different times. Her father never let her use the phone and there was no mall last time. But now, things have changed - people grow. She understood that and I was given the freedom that I was banned from it. For that, I call her my friend.

I never understood most of the times what was she doing. I could not accept at times when she said it was the best for me yet I hated it. I used to think that why did she have me if she hated me so much? But then, I was naive. I could not see the truth underneath her skin.

We never say 'I love you' to each other. We don't kiss on each other good night. She may not realize this but despite of all that, the bond is still there. No matter how much she anger me and I anger her, she's my mother and I'm her daughter. There's no way in the world to change my mother. And although we can't see eye to eye, I wouldn't trade my mum for the world!

Tell me if there's any perfect mums and children in the world? Prove to me there are no strict and rebellious child in the world. Nobody's perfect. But to me, my mum's perfect in every ways. She asked me to bring her along when I finish my studies and stay aboard...Mummy, I will full fill my promise.

I may look like I hate my mum at times but hey! It's na-tu-ral :D

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!!

I Love You, Mummy. Forever(:


your daughter, QM

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a Short Notice

Hey people! 

I'll be away for some time to study for my mid year exams. So I won't be blogging - for a while(: I'm just informing you guys cause I just can't stand the idea of not blogging for such a loooongg time. Hhhahaha. I'm addicted to blogging. 

Anyway, do hope that I score with flying colours for the exams. OMG. 10 subjects!!! Mostly essays. Gotta study.

Be right back(:



Sunday, May 3, 2009

I think I'm Having A Migraine

Today I'm going to talk about people, well, types of people to be more specific. Why? I don't know why. Maybe it has got to do with my hormones. Opps. Hope my mum doesn't see this.

No matter how much we try to say we are all the same. You know, we have eyes, hands, hair, etc like everybody else but still there is something that make us different from others. That something make us who we are and not someone standing in the shadow of a person. It's called - personality or sometimes some people prefer calling 'type'.

How is 'personality' born? I don't have the slightest idea myself. But I think sum up all one's background, interest, attitude, hate,'ll get the main picture of someone. If I say that someone loves to watch comedy or I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, the movie, you could guess maybe he is a funny person who just laughs all the time. LOL:D

Right. Soooo...probably now you'll be thinking why the hell I'm writing about this? First of all, I have a huge headache, probably migraine but I'm still blogging. This might be just the 'drunken' post I ever written. Okay. Let me blab about my personality. Hope it won't bores you. Or freak you out. I warned you.

Sigh. Alright, I may seem like a nice, smiley girl here but the truth is I'm mean, blunt and sharp. Not that I am a bad girl, just that I can't take it when people tries to take advantage of my friends and I. I stand up what is right and keep quiet when I'm wrong. But usually I try to keep cool but occasionally, if it hits my boiling point, my razor mouth explodes.

I did it once to my classmate. A guy. He is RUDE, LOUD and CURSE at EVERYTHING. I ignored him because I believe that for as long they don't disturb me, I'm fine with that. But on that day, he threw away a photo that I paste it on the board for the class. Of course, I was furious. I mean, I didn't just do it for nothing. I hate it when people throw things away without my permission. I turned to him and BAM!! Everyone kept silent. Noooo, I didn't use any insulting words - not evern silly or stupid. I was more of lecturing like mother. God. On the other hand, that boy who made me mad didn't say anything but remained composed. His friends told me they were surprised that he didn't yell back at me like he always does. Huh. I guess girl power does come in handy after all.

Next, I'm lazy and unorganized. My clothes in my closet are everywhere. Up, down, left, right. I got scolded from my mum today. So yeah, I just nod and nod, knowing in a few hours, I can't find my pajamas. My mum used to tell me, "How are you going to be married off? No mother in laws would want you!" But I was sure she was just terrified that I'm going to live with her til I'm 40.

No worries, mummy. I'll live in the same house but I'll make sure you won't see my face (X

Lastly, I'm a weirdo. An outlaw. Just like my friends(: We do the craziest and risky things that other people won't do. But I'm sorry. I can't tell to you all cause it might just break our missions. LOL. I guess that pretty much explains why most students look at us like 'ONE KIND' or even glare at us(whom I proudly give them MY glare which works). But hey, I am who I am. So are my friends. I rather be an outlaw if that means be true to yourself and not liking something just to fit in.

I'm not model type skinny. I don't the glossy, expensive flow hair. I don't have pouty, red lips. I don't have thoese killer eyes. But I have all I could ever asked for with me now. I have my lovely family, my best weirdo friends, my crazy sis - and my lunatic teen life to keep screaming til the roof burst.

Hahhaha. Slightly crazy post.

Luv ya guys. Night. xoxo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Behind The Hidden Veils

Happy Labor's Day! Well, the only reason that me - us, school kids are off today is because teachers are off. Bless the teachers(: My parents are out for dinner...sigh. Peace. For a while.

I thought of doing a cheerful topic today since well, it's been quite a while since I last post one. But something happened that caught me off guard. Okay, let's start.

Do you notice some ladies covered their hair with a piece of cloth? Who wears long clothing that covers up until their hands and ankles? Yes, Muslim ladies. Oh btw, we called it tudung( the cloth to cover up one's head) here in Malaysia. I just realized that many people look at this ladies weirdly. Like a stare - "is this an alien?"

It's such a shame that this happens. But I believe most people do not understand why some Muslim ladies wear scarfs/tudung. Let me explain briefly. First, Islam requires its followers, women to wear tudung but NOT by force. Second, some countries like Arab stated in its law that women must wear tudung. Unlike in Malaysia, wearing tudung is not a must. Thirdly, I supposed it has got to relate to the September 11 tragedy. Deeply sorry for the innocent souls. RIP.

But when it all comes back to the end, some people start hating women who wears tudung. I experience it myself and I was so hurt because indirectly, that person was insulting my religion. "Look at that woman! Like some ghost. I wonder why she has to cover up her hair..."
"Maybe she's bald."
(Laughter joined)

I just kept my mouth shut and looked straight ahead. They didn't look at me at all. I think it's because I look like a Chinese which most people assumed. I have friends who wear scarfs and they are all nice and fun to be with. Sometimes I just feel like shouting at these people's faces. Ugh.

Some actually HATE women who wear tudung. I don't know why. It seems to these people, those women are "evil". Wth. I could just laugh til I roll down from Mount Everest. I know there are books stating whereby these Muslim women have no freedom - they spend their entire day at home doing chores, cooking food, taking care of their kids and their husbands are always in charge. Yes, some places are like that but NOT all. Plus, that doesn't mean people have to look down on them.

There are many women - especially who wear veils are so beautiful. People just can't see. But on the other hand, it's another way to let people not to judge by things with its looks. It gives that person the urge and bravery to get to know a stranger. Who knows? You two might just be laughing while drinking tea.

Ahh, and this.

Some people actually think Islam is bad. Good Lord. Sometimes I wonder how these people think! It doesn't mean if a Muslim did something bad, the rest of the Muslims are bad too. It doesn't mean if I wear a tudung, I'm bad too(LOL). We are all the same. Just different religions, races, hair colour, skin colour...etc.

But if you want to know more about Islam, I'm not the right person to ask.
I think it's safer with Google. Hahhahahah.

Walai'kum mussalam(: