Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam Lambert - My Birthday Cake

Yeay! 5 more days til my 16th birthday! Just can't wait(;

Although I pretty much suffer today with Biology. All 3 papers sucked. Ah well, focusing on chemistry right now. But after 2 weeks of exam, I'm going out with my friends for my birthday. Oohhh, and watch 17 again.

Anyway, gotta go and study now. If not, I can't watch American Idol. ARGH! Adam Lambert rocks my world! Hahahha. I really hope he wins. No offence but...I find Kris Allen kinda boring. And, he's NOT cute. I'm being honest.

There are reoprts sqaying that he's gay but hey! I don't care what they are or what they did - they are talented and whoa - boy, can he sing. Rock on, Lambert! Don't let this narrow minded people bring you down! 

If he wins, it'll be the best birthday of my life - for this year :D

Bring the roof down on Idol!

p/s. stay low Kris Allen (HAHAHHA)


Thousif Raza M.B said...

I too am a big big fan of adam lambart, seriously the way he sang born to be wild, he was meant to be wild ;)

he doesnt have the fear of losing thats the best part abt him, he is really cool

and happy b'day in advance qm, get psyched abt ur suprise ok he he

take care and keep writing......

Anonymous said...

Rock on with Adam then, QM - lol

Looking forward to your sweet 16 B-day post! :)

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

A. K. said...

Lets all hope that Ada wins..

I suck in Science... I can't even remember even a single day thing about maths except that law of gravity.. LOL.. Good luck

Helen Ginger said...

Hope your birthday wasn't totally spoiled. I, too, was rooting for Adam. I would buy his album (or download). He seems to give each song his all.

Straight From Hel

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hi Qm, i am so sorry adam lost, i am heartbroken too,

so too cheer you up i have sent you a gift to your email, check it hope you like it

i cant visit tomorow so i am wishing you now


take care and keep writing.......

pap said...

hey, happy birthday to you QM!