Friday, May 1, 2009

Behind The Hidden Veils

Happy Labor's Day! Well, the only reason that me - us, school kids are off today is because teachers are off. Bless the teachers(: My parents are out for dinner...sigh. Peace. For a while.

I thought of doing a cheerful topic today since well, it's been quite a while since I last post one. But something happened that caught me off guard. Okay, let's start.

Do you notice some ladies covered their hair with a piece of cloth? Who wears long clothing that covers up until their hands and ankles? Yes, Muslim ladies. Oh btw, we called it tudung( the cloth to cover up one's head) here in Malaysia. I just realized that many people look at this ladies weirdly. Like a stare - "is this an alien?"

It's such a shame that this happens. But I believe most people do not understand why some Muslim ladies wear scarfs/tudung. Let me explain briefly. First, Islam requires its followers, women to wear tudung but NOT by force. Second, some countries like Arab stated in its law that women must wear tudung. Unlike in Malaysia, wearing tudung is not a must. Thirdly, I supposed it has got to relate to the September 11 tragedy. Deeply sorry for the innocent souls. RIP.

But when it all comes back to the end, some people start hating women who wears tudung. I experience it myself and I was so hurt because indirectly, that person was insulting my religion. "Look at that woman! Like some ghost. I wonder why she has to cover up her hair..."
"Maybe she's bald."
(Laughter joined)

I just kept my mouth shut and looked straight ahead. They didn't look at me at all. I think it's because I look like a Chinese which most people assumed. I have friends who wear scarfs and they are all nice and fun to be with. Sometimes I just feel like shouting at these people's faces. Ugh.

Some actually HATE women who wear tudung. I don't know why. It seems to these people, those women are "evil". Wth. I could just laugh til I roll down from Mount Everest. I know there are books stating whereby these Muslim women have no freedom - they spend their entire day at home doing chores, cooking food, taking care of their kids and their husbands are always in charge. Yes, some places are like that but NOT all. Plus, that doesn't mean people have to look down on them.

There are many women - especially who wear veils are so beautiful. People just can't see. But on the other hand, it's another way to let people not to judge by things with its looks. It gives that person the urge and bravery to get to know a stranger. Who knows? You two might just be laughing while drinking tea.

Ahh, and this.

Some people actually think Islam is bad. Good Lord. Sometimes I wonder how these people think! It doesn't mean if a Muslim did something bad, the rest of the Muslims are bad too. It doesn't mean if I wear a tudung, I'm bad too(LOL). We are all the same. Just different religions, races, hair colour, skin colour...etc.

But if you want to know more about Islam, I'm not the right person to ask.
I think it's safer with Google. Hahhahahah.

Walai'kum mussalam(:


Girl Next Door said...

Yup ! T agree with you. Some people judge others by their religion, caste and community. Which is wrong.

May God Help them. that's all I can Say.

Loved the post :)

QM said...

Thank you, GND(;

Anonymous said...

To me the most supreme irony in this world is hatred, fear, mistrust, and war over religion. Especially between Christians, Muslims and Jews. For God's sake (pun intended) - all three of those religions worship the same One God of Abraham!

I'm like - wtf? Don't you people get it? Read your Koran and your Bible, people - you are NOT supposed to be hating on and killing people!!

I am a Christian. One of my daughters converted to Islam when she fell in love with and married a Muslim. I'm perfectly OK with that. And she sometimes wears a tudung, sometimes not - she is just as independent and free a wife as anyone else.

Good post, great topic, QM - we need more dialog on this because misunderstandings, fear, prejudice, criticism, all that - over religion is the very opposite of what the heart of the religions is all about. That being oneness and love for all of God's children.

QM said...

Strong voice out there, Marvin. I totally agree with you. My mum converted to Islam when she married my dad.

Yet, she's still the same person who loves both of her families. Thanks for the ultimate comment(:

rory said...

this made me think of ISA
oh qm were gnna b on frnt page

QM said...

HAHAHA! Ina, you just make me laugh!! :D

Thousif Raza M.B said...

strong post as usual qm

judging everyone on the basis of one is the worsest crime one can do, god when will these people learn??

keep writing and make this world a better place qm

take care and keep writing.......

lalloya said...

i think d same as lina.
good topic though

Shanya said...

Hahaha qm better worry now i think i HAVE to do law for ur sake!