Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happiness - Not What I Thought

I'm highly addicted to True Blood now. Argh...Bill is effin' hot. LOL. Hahahha:D

Anyway, today I thought of talking about 'Happiness'. I thought that everybody's happiness were the same. You know, good job, good family, good income...but I realized I was blinded by the cover. It's pretty funny when you realized all this time what you thought are illusions, not because you know it's right but - you want to think it's right.

Happiness is something that makes you happy not just from the outside but inside too. I thought that as long as you have a good job and a great family doesn't bring happiness to everybody. Well, some people are very happy with their jobs not because they enjoy it but because of the good income. I often wonder how do these people could find happiness in it when they don't even enjoy their jobs?

There even some of my friends who are in Science Stream not because they want to but they think they'll feel happier if they are in the Science Stream. I couldn't grasp it at first, I was so confused. But later on, I took time to figure out the puzzles and based on observations, I realized that they are not happy at all. They felt that by making their parents happy, they would be happy too. But I think they don't know what they are doing actually. They are trying to cover up whatever confusion they are having by replacing it other people's happiness.

There are also ladies I noticed who buy stuff A LOT to fill in their happiness because they are being ill treated by their husbands. Abuse and beaten, so on. It pains to know the truth while on the outside, people assume women like to shop til they drop. Some of them do but some may not. The saddest thing is knowing you can't do anything because it's out of your reach.

What really bothers me is that people's own happiness are not theirs. Marry the person the parents want in order to keep them happy. Taking a course that you force yourself to be happy because everyone is doing it. What happened to 'do the thing you're happy with?' and 'as long as you're happy with it, don't let anyone stand in your way?'

If you were in love with someone yet your parents disapprove greatly and ask you to marry some stranger, who will you choose? Your happiness or theirs? Surprisingly, study has proved that most people will choose to make other people happy. It's a nature in humans to please someone.

Not that you can't make other people happy but there has to be a limit. You have to be happy too to balance out to please other people. Otherwise, you are not living your life.

Life is complicated as everyone says but hey, be happy with you do. It may not be the best of the choice but do it if it lives up your life. Although you can't have both ways, at least you know you made a choice based on yourself.


Anonymous said...

As our mutual blogger friend, AK would say, "Live your life while you are alive."

You must follow your own heart to find true happiness. Living up to others' expectations and doing what others want you to do to try and find inner happiness by placating them will always lead to a lack of fulfillment in life.

Good muse today, QM.

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

QM said...

Great point there, Marvin.

Always live your own life(:

Thousif Raza M.B said...

Its a Age long question Qm, "what makes you happy?"

Sometimes what we really want, we dont do it, cause of the fear of failing, and thinking what will others think abt us....., the only thing to blame here is Fear and noboby else.....

i totally agree with U on being balanced , i think i gotta try that

Gr8 post again

Take care and keep writing......