Sunday, May 3, 2009

I think I'm Having A Migraine

Today I'm going to talk about people, well, types of people to be more specific. Why? I don't know why. Maybe it has got to do with my hormones. Opps. Hope my mum doesn't see this.

No matter how much we try to say we are all the same. You know, we have eyes, hands, hair, etc like everybody else but still there is something that make us different from others. That something make us who we are and not someone standing in the shadow of a person. It's called - personality or sometimes some people prefer calling 'type'.

How is 'personality' born? I don't have the slightest idea myself. But I think sum up all one's background, interest, attitude, hate,'ll get the main picture of someone. If I say that someone loves to watch comedy or I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, the movie, you could guess maybe he is a funny person who just laughs all the time. LOL:D

Right. Soooo...probably now you'll be thinking why the hell I'm writing about this? First of all, I have a huge headache, probably migraine but I'm still blogging. This might be just the 'drunken' post I ever written. Okay. Let me blab about my personality. Hope it won't bores you. Or freak you out. I warned you.

Sigh. Alright, I may seem like a nice, smiley girl here but the truth is I'm mean, blunt and sharp. Not that I am a bad girl, just that I can't take it when people tries to take advantage of my friends and I. I stand up what is right and keep quiet when I'm wrong. But usually I try to keep cool but occasionally, if it hits my boiling point, my razor mouth explodes.

I did it once to my classmate. A guy. He is RUDE, LOUD and CURSE at EVERYTHING. I ignored him because I believe that for as long they don't disturb me, I'm fine with that. But on that day, he threw away a photo that I paste it on the board for the class. Of course, I was furious. I mean, I didn't just do it for nothing. I hate it when people throw things away without my permission. I turned to him and BAM!! Everyone kept silent. Noooo, I didn't use any insulting words - not evern silly or stupid. I was more of lecturing like mother. God. On the other hand, that boy who made me mad didn't say anything but remained composed. His friends told me they were surprised that he didn't yell back at me like he always does. Huh. I guess girl power does come in handy after all.

Next, I'm lazy and unorganized. My clothes in my closet are everywhere. Up, down, left, right. I got scolded from my mum today. So yeah, I just nod and nod, knowing in a few hours, I can't find my pajamas. My mum used to tell me, "How are you going to be married off? No mother in laws would want you!" But I was sure she was just terrified that I'm going to live with her til I'm 40.

No worries, mummy. I'll live in the same house but I'll make sure you won't see my face (X

Lastly, I'm a weirdo. An outlaw. Just like my friends(: We do the craziest and risky things that other people won't do. But I'm sorry. I can't tell to you all cause it might just break our missions. LOL. I guess that pretty much explains why most students look at us like 'ONE KIND' or even glare at us(whom I proudly give them MY glare which works). But hey, I am who I am. So are my friends. I rather be an outlaw if that means be true to yourself and not liking something just to fit in.

I'm not model type skinny. I don't the glossy, expensive flow hair. I don't have pouty, red lips. I don't have thoese killer eyes. But I have all I could ever asked for with me now. I have my lovely family, my best weirdo friends, my crazy sis - and my lunatic teen life to keep screaming til the roof burst.

Hahhaha. Slightly crazy post.

Luv ya guys. Night. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Great post and rant, Qamarina! :) So transparent and honest. nobody's perfect, but most people put up a front and try & pretend to be perfect. Yeah right - hypocrites.

And this-

"I rather be an outlaw if that means be true to yourself and not liking something just to fit in."

True dat. You go, girl. (wink)

rory said...

woot woot ok im gnna add dereck now :) sexy ppl :D

QM said...

add dereck!!! wohooo!!! SEX GODS! :D

QM said...

TQ, Marvin. Stay true yet have fun(;

Ms.R. said...

Awww you reminded me of a time when I used to rant like this. Great rantings ;) :D

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hmm i got know a lil more about u, by this,nice, i really like the way you express urself qm..

you will love the suprise i will give you next month,hehe

take care and keep writing..........

QM said...

woo-kayyy, hahahha. I'll wait for the surprise!

lalloya said...

wonder if the boy would ever read this.
n u dont have expensive n flowy hair?? u have expensive n straight hair qm. haha

Shanya said...

hahah good one alliya and by mvments u totally mean the rory kind! Patrick the starfish!