Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Semester Ahead

Hey people, I'm finally back! Exams are over - just ended today. Phew. I thought it was never going to end. But I felt like I did quite badly. What's done is done - just keep moving forward.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - to those people who wished me Happy Birthday(: Thank you!!!

p/s. Thank you, Thousif for the b'day gift. It is simply wonderful!! :D

Today I feel like going into the future. I know people say that you must live in the present, not the past or the future - but when you come to think of it, you do think about the past and the future once in a while.

So in the future...I want to be a writer! Yes, I'm serious. It's the only thing I love to do which is writing and I love words, I have to admit. I enjoy dreaming in my own pace because that's the only thing people can't know what I'm making out and disturb it. When I look up to the clouds, I would imagine them forming into all sort of patterns. Well, some people would think I'm childish but hey! sorry but I just like imagining things.

But of course, first, I have to get 10 A1 in SPM and apply for scholarship. It's really tough to get a scholarship since many people are doing the same thing. Although I'm in the Science Stream class, I want to English Literature as my field. But I know most of my classmates would be taking medicine and engineering fields but I just can't think scientifically. I can't even stand simple maths...grr

I would want to study in UK because I think Eng Lit there is great and I like the weather there. Not sunny...rainy and damp which is totally opposite here. Here is like 34 Celsius almost everyday - max: 37 Celsius ; min: 26 Celsius. It's always hot and sunny here - no 4 seasons at all but it's good thing that we don't have to spend much on clothing to keep us warm. LOL

Then, after I complete my degree in Literature, I might want to do something with writing first like journalist before I put myself as a full time writer. But at the same time, I would write.

My mum told me once I get to go overseas, don't come back. Live there. I was like "wookay....not what I expected." She told me you would find a whole new different culture there and you'll be missing it when you return home. You see, she studied at South Dakota in US for her university, then she came back. She realized how much she misses that place and always wanted to go back. Don't tell her this but...I would bring her and daddy over to live with me next time and let them go to the States - the place they first met. Sweet, I know (HAHAHAHHA).

Ohhh! And I really want to travel around the world especially to Ireland because Westlife is there! AHhahahaha. I really so badly want to meet them. They may sound too old for me but they have such meaningful songs and great voices that their age don't bother me although all are taken. Hahha:)

Okay. I think that's about it for today. Btw, I'm going to an island - Pulau Perhentian for my 2 week school holidays. Yesss!!! Holidays has started! Woo hoo!!! Will keep you all updated.

See ya! xoxo

Although MANU lost to Barcelona, I still love them(;


A. K. said...

Hope you did a great job. Good luck with your results. You should always follow your heart. Am sure if you really want something from the heart you will get it.

Am so happy Barcelona won because am a big fan of them. They were simply sure cool last night.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well deserved school break, QM. I think it's totally cool you want to be a writer! You have the talent. :)

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

QM said...

I like Barcelone just that I am a die hard fan of Man U!!

QM said...

Thanks Marvin(:

Thousif Raza M.B said...

Thx so much ya i am overwhelmed, glad you liked it

and who say's you r childish??, you are more mature than anyone i have seen and met of your age, who dont have half the brains you have

and all the very best for you future, i know you will be sucessful as a writer, and the only book to be brought by me legally would be of ur's... lol :P

and have a ton of fun on your holz qm

take care and keep writing......

QM said...

LOL. But thanks Thousif. Well, maybe from writing aspect I do sound mature...hahaha!!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

you are mature and you write the best.Period.

take care and keep writing.....

- t e d d y - said...

dude, how r ya?? ;D

miss ya lots lah!

reply me soon in my blog lah. ;D

love yah lots!

- mong -

Shanya said...

MAN UTD ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! barca is sizzling but my MAN U MAN U MAN u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!