Sunday, May 17, 2009

Studying vs. Enjoyment - is Everything?

I've been such a bad blogger. I feel that my blog is so dead right now. Sigh.

Do you miss me? HAHAHA. I've always wanted to do that. 

So I've been studying for the past week. I started my exam on Friday - Islamic papers were first. God, my eyes were popping out from their sockets. It was hard - but not until I can't answer. There were a few questions I couldn't think of any that I just write some nonsense answers on the sheet. 

My mother keeps on telling me that studying is everything. Well, not that I'm saying it's false but I'm just not sure if it is everything. Some people say enjoyment is everything. So which is? Studying or Enjoyment is everything?

Studying - is the key to success. To change your world into a whole new different thing. With the amount of knowledge you have, you have no problem of finding jobs. In fact, they might come and look for you. As a student, studying is everything right now I suppose. Everyday we wake up, go to school to - study. Then, there will be 2 tests and 2 exams to see where you stand. In other ways, push you to study and score good grades.

Then, when you reach form 5 - there will be SPM. If you fail SPM, you have to re-sit. But I think most of us can deal with it since we've took UPSR and PMR before - the 2 big exams in the country and soon to be SPM candidates :|

But then, are we all really doing everything for studying? You laugh with your friends; you get scolded by your teachers; skipping classes(not often, hahaha); do something stupid...although most of them sounds bitter but when you look back, you'll be like - 'Hey! I actually did that!' And you'll bring them up sometimes and just laugh about it over and over again without getting bored.

Enjoyment is everything - hmmm...They say people should enjoy every little bit that happens in their lives. Let it be sweet, pain, sad or happy; just enjoy life. This is life, deal with it - one man once said. You live only once - everyone knows that. 

Most parents think studying is everything for their kids but how about enjoyment? Not that studying is bad far can a person go without a laugh in his life? I know a person who only study and study - bury his head in the book everytime in school. He barely makes a sound, never talks only to a few students with few words and then, his head is back in the book. He is one of the top students but he never laughs. Sometimes, I pity him. I talked to him, he just nod - that's it. I even feel dull siting next to him.

But I think no matter what you are, how old you are; you still must enjoy everything. You are never too old to play, you are only old when you stop playing. I truly believe that. I don't care if I act childish at times for my age, it's just the fact I'm having fun!

I never disobey my mum but at this time - I believe Enjoyment is Everything while Studying is just a Priority. Study Smart, Not Hard. When you're having fun, live in it, don't dream in it. Life is too short to focus on one thing only.

Once again, I bow away. I'll be away for quite sometime. 
Take care, you guys! (:


Thousif Raza M.B said...

once again as touching and as cool as a blog post can be, have felt like this many a times.....

about the caring of little things i always used to ignore them ,but from the recent times i have started to adore them, and believe me it feels great,

earlier i thought how small my life is, but now it seems so large and beautiful, it fells really good

nice one again QM

your surprise is still waiting in my blog.......

hope to c ya soon and i got another surprise for ur b'day

so be waiting for that ;)

take care and keep writing......

Anonymous said...

"You are never too old to play, you are only old when you stop playing. I truly believe that."

I truly believe that also, QM. You hit that one right on the head. I'm going on 60 and if I ever stop "playing," for god's sake BURY ME! lol

But here's something I've learned over the years. If you love what you do for a living, you will never work a day in your life. Right now your "job" is being a student ... studying. So. Try and wrap your pretty little head around this. You have to learn to "enjoy" studying. Then there is no conflict and all is well. :)

Yeah, right ... like I ever learned that when I was a young student - LOL

Seriously, though - it's kind of wrong that we have to be students going to school mostly when we're young, when we want to do all the silly fun stuff and studying seems such a pointless bore. When you get older, you WISH you had the time to study and learn so much more, but you're all busy with life and responsibilities that it's almost impossible. Really. I'd LOVE to go back to college - I'd be the best student in the class, probing the professor's brain and sucking out all the information I could.

But when I was a young & free not married with no career yet "student" all I wanted to do was "enjoy" life ... much like you.

I'm really rambling on - hope any of this made at lest a little sense. LOL

Hey - is it happy birthday time yet? You hit 16? If so, "Happy Birthday!" from the Old Silly!

QM said...

LOL. My bday is next monday only(:

Shanya said...

Gosh help the world my brain is tired after reading that lol