Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teen Pregnancy

When I watched this video, I was just so bloody shocked. Like, wth. My friend sent me the link to this video and I just thought I have to share it with you guys.

Actually, there are more related videos of these. Just type 'Maury' and wait to get the shock of your lifetime. But the main point is - People Are Not Having Safe Sex. I know some people would feel disgusted by that word, but look around us. Do you even realize what is happening? Teen pregnancies are rising especially in the UK, Sweden followed by the US and other places.

Teens especially girls are fooled by what they say 'sex is love'. Sweetie, you got it all wrong. Love is when no matter how imperfect you are, or how easy and hard your life is, that person will stick by your side like a roller coaster - that is love. So don't get mixed up that if you have sex with someone, means that someone loves you. Who knows? The next day, you'll find your bed side empty and all that's left is nothing but lost of dignity and pride.

I have to be honest here. You can't have sex unless you are married! Get that into your head! All religions say that because it is the right way to do it. It doesn't matter whether if you're religious or not, don't tell me you can't tell what's right and wrong. But humans are curious and impatient. Whatever that is told not to do, we will somehow rather do it.

Some teens who are lucky - in some places, teen pregnancies can be accepted by helping them, send them to some centers to recover. Families are there to support them.

Some teens aren't so lucky - places especially in Asia. Eg. My country, Malaysia, teen pregnancies are considered the worst shame that any child can do to the family. The child can get disowned. Recently, in the news, many newborn babies are dumped into the toilet and trash.

My advice to all teens, mainly to girls: Don't Have Sex. Not even with condom cause anything could go wrong. Wait until you find the right guy and marry him. There's no rush for love and there's no need for sex when you have people who loves you around you. Don't do it. It's stupid, crazy and in the end, brings nothing but stress and shame.

Look, I'm not trying to talk bad about teen moms. But I just feel that you girls have so much more ahead of you...studies, college, falling in love. No matter how much your girls try to say 'Well, I'm better than some 30 year old mums' but look at yourself in the mirror and say - 'I never regretted doing that. I'm much more happier.' Is it so? A child growing up without his father? I know you are strong enough to stand alone - but when it comes to the end, family is what everyone wants.

And to those girls who are having thoughts about throwing your babies, DON'T DO IT. I know you don't want the baby cause with all the problems that you got. Try talking with your parents but if you just can't do it, send the baby to an orphanage, hospital...places where people can take care of the baby.

Think wisely before you do anything. It may turn your life upside down.


Ms.R. said...
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Ms.R. said...

It's really nice to see teens becoming aware and writing so passionately about such major issues! I'm proud of you :D *Pat on the back*

Hsiang Sing . said...

4 guys and counting :)

Anonymous said...

It makes me ill to see "babies having babies." Grandmothers should be in their 50's not their 30's.

Glad to know you got some smarts on this subject, QM.

The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog

Angelynn said...

Hello, I enjoyed reading all of your blogs! You have very strong opinions and a refreshing viewpoint on many subjects. Great job! Thanks for coming over to my blog. I hope that you visit often. Your writing is very similar to my daughter's. So you remind me of her a lot. : )

Interesting blog and a subject that is near and dear to my heart as I was once a teenage mother. I had my first child just after I turned 18. I am now 43 with 5 beautiful children ranging in age from 13 to 25. My oldest son just graduated from Law School and is a amazing human being, as are all of my children. My daughters best friend is pregnant and 16. She has decided to have and keep this child. She will have all of us ( her family and friends) to love and support her decision. still it will not be an easy path she is on. Ultimately she will be responsible for a child. It will affect the rest of her life.
I find it very sad that in your country having a child even if you are a young unmarried woman is one of the most shameful things that can happen.
I they feel that way about the men that are also partially responsible? Like any issue in society, there are many different viewpoints. Each person has a unique path. Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes it is probably better not to judge another. It is a hard job being a mother at any age...and best for all concerned to be supportive and constructive. EVERYONE wants to be loved and accepted. Imperfect as we all are. A child should come into this world loved and cared for and it is all of our responsibility to see that this happens for all children. For what affects one...affects us all.
Love and Light to all.

deluded said...


I heard somewhere that guys can get pregnant too!

now Im really worried.


Ms.R. said...

Nope they can't :) Unless of course a sex change operation or something.

QM said...

Tq for all of your opinions especially Angelynn for her sharing. I just hope that everyone which includes teenage boys...

Think before you do anything. But if nothing can be done, stick your head up & live your life(:

QM said...

Erm, deledude...guys are still men unless like what Mrs. R said - sex operation.

So don't worry. You're pretty safe.

Sameera said...

Perfect!! I don't understand why many people don't understand this basic stuff! Well, I am from an Asian country (India) too. I can relate with what is written and I completely agree with you.

What is more disgusting is in coutries like ours the girls get manipulated on the basis of question of trust. I have seen some girls who say- I did it because he said,"don't you trust me?". I don't get how they tend to fall in this trap. A simple reply would be- I trust that we would get married someday- don't you trust yourself you will last that long? If you do, wait for me!"

Nice post!

AnnaNicoleMadeline said...

Hey, i've seen this 'Maury' vids, some of them are really creepy, everyone of them is a loonatic. Great post by the way! :D

QM said...

I totally agree with you, Sameera. I think everyone shouldn't believe and fall for someone so easily just because they say 'I love you'.

Words are easy but actions speak louder.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

you are totally true on this, and you have written it in a very good manner
it was real good reading this,

Great writing again Qm

take care and keep writing...........