Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today I visited my granduncle in Seremban. My family and I haven't seen him for almost a year now since we live quite far. But a few weeks ago, a news stunned my family. My granduncle was diagnosed with cancer. I'm not close to him but I think my father is since he kept saying that my granduncle looks so healthy and had no symptoms.

We decided to pay a visit to him during the weekend. We drove down for about one hour before reaching his house. My granduncle and his wife greeted us warmly as a few other members of the family came to visit him too. Like everyone said, he looks perfectly fine. Tall and lean. I never suspected that he had cancer. I felt pity for him after we all sat down and talk and laugh. He was friendly, positive and has a great sense of humour. Sometimes I wonder why does it have to befall on good people.

He told us that he started having difficulties of doing exercise that he usually does for 30 mins to 45 mins. Early this year, when he couldn't run on the treadmill for even 5 mins while all this while he did for 45 mins. He suspected something amiss. So he went walking around his garden. Just strolling around. He felt fine, so he went into the house back. But as he walked up the stairs, he felt so dizzy, he nearly collapsed. That's when he search for medical check up. Then, the doctors confirmed he has cancer at his kidney and rectum. The doctors were shocked since this is a rare occurrence and their first time experience. But they would have to remove the organs. My granduncle would be admitting to the ward tomorrow and the operation will be on Monday.

But actually, cancer is no longer foreign in my family. At my mother's side, my grandmother, my grandaunt had cancer. My grandmother had cervical and lung cancer while my grandaunt has breast cancer. What puzzled everyone at the beginning was that my grandmother and grandaunt never smoked. They are quite active and live healthy lifestyles. Soon, it convinced us that it might be genetic. Cancer doesn't mean that if you don't smoke and drink, you will not get it. Sometimes it can happen to anyone even you, who might appear as healthy as a horse.

When my grandma had cervical cancer, I was still very young so I can't really remember. But I do remember she showing the portion the doctor cut out in a small container. I thought I might puke and closed my eyes. I slept with her in the ward for 1 night after the operation. So everything went back to normal, or so we thought when a few years later, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was so devastating.

But my grandma remained calm all the way. She stayed strong and never shed a tear when she learnt about it. She carried on her daily life while going to appointments and she never asked to God: 'Why me?' Instead, she stayed positive and believed that life is life. She treated cancer as a flu. Just take some medicines and eventually it will fade away. When I watched her, I suddenly felt so proud of her because I thought, if I were her, would I be able to be that strong and not to give up to cancer?

The doctor told her that her lung had to be remove which mean she will live on with only one lung. Okay, she said. I'll do it. She smiled at us before going in for the operation. Her face was such full of confidence that it convinced us that we'll see her again. And we did. The doctor cut on the back of her chest to removed the lung. Until now, the scar is still visible but she's not shy to show us.

But she can't do any hard work now. She can't cook too long as she would be inhaling too much unhealthy gas. She can't run or jog since she is left with only one lung. At the beginning, she didn't cook but eventually, she got up and start cooking in the kitchen not caring anything until to this very day. She meets up with her cancer survivor friends every morning around 5 to do Tai Chi and every weekend to her friend's house to sing karaoke. Nobody would even guess that she is a cancer survivor.

To those cancer patients out there, don't give up. That's the main key. Don't let this one word - Cancer take over your life. Instead, take it up as a challenge and fight the battle. At the end, whether you lose or win, you are still a warrior. A warrior doesn't mean a winner. It means a person who does not know the meaning of giving up and that's one thing no one can ever take it from you. Do not think you have cancer inside of you but live your everyday life to the fullest and always be happy. You have people who loves you standing by your side.

God test His creatures with all sort of ways. To test how strong our belief and faith is. To test how strong we are. And all we have to do is - Never Give Up.

p/s. Please pray that my granduncle will undergo a successful operation and he will be healthy again(:

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Thousif Raza M.B said...

Qm , i am deeply touched, it is a very beautiful post that you have written, and if you granduncle saw it, he would be the proudest man in the world,

i will definitely pray, and insha allah everything will be all rgt, just keep you uncle motivated, ok

gr8 writing again.......

take care and keep writing.......

QM said...

Tq Thousif, it means a lot.
I hope there will be a cure for cancer in the near future.

rory said...

oh thts why u had to go seremban
:( what a sad reason.

AQ said...

Yes, insyaallah everything will turn out alright for your granduncle. He seems like quite the healthy man.

Qichao Kacau said...

Hey QM..
Drinking water bottle which have been left in the car aso causes breast cancer..
Avoid drining those water..
Throw the bottle away too..
Recycle ^^ Pencinta Alam..