Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

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I could hardly believe my ears when I heard it on the radio. It was 25th June 2009, a Friday - exactly a month after my birthday. I was in the car on the way to school when the radio played Billie Jean. Little did I know what was behind the song. When the song ended, the DJ said, "Those who have just joined us, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has died this morning when he suffered cardiac arrest."

The news was so shocking that even my dad took a while to accept it. I, on the other hand, felt tears in my eyes but they won't flow out. Just a few months ago, I talked about MJ on my blog and how I wish I could meet him and go to his concert. Now that he's gone - the world has lost part of its soul with him. Eventually I cried at night when I was about to sleep as I pray to Allah that he bless MJ's soul. Though there were rumours and scandals about him when he was alive, I believe he was a good man in the heart and nobody is perfect.

Here's a little note for you MJ. I hope you can see it down from heaven.

Here's a toast to the man who brought the sun into our lives,
may it be his moonwalk or zombies that gave us souls.
You never knew the meaning of quit,
it never existed in your world;
though you were called weird at times, but you were the King of all mankind.
Exposing us to things we thought never know,
to pop and generosity, to love and the journey of life.
No matter what the opposing say to bring you down,
deep down you ought to know many still love you.
We thank God for giving us the most precious gift
the world has ever known;
and we pray to God that you will be store in heaven,
like how you made heaven for us.
We will truly miss you, Michael, with all our hearts and souls.
You will never be forgotten but become a true legend that lives in years to come.
Rest in peace, our King.
And thank you for giving us the music that we only know.

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Laura said...

Great tribute to a wonderful performer and artist...often misunderstood and exploited.
I grew up watching the Jackson 5 and listening to their music. He will be missed! He was one of my all time favorites. Great Blog!

AQ said...

Hear hear.

Melanee said...

OMG. I just watched THS about Michael Jackson. He has gone through so much in life. The documentary stated that he was most likely framed about the child molestation thing. :( It was so sad. Esp the part where he tried to do good and it backfired. :'(

A Legend will always remain in our hearts, and his legacy will live on as we continue.

The Old Silly said...

He was a troubled soul. Definitely one of the greatest talents and performers of all time, yet not whole inside, as evidenced by his dislike of his natural appearance, all the plastic surgery, etc. Word is here in the States he was addicted to Oxycontin pain killers - that plus a shot of Demerol caused cardiac arrest. How can such a famous individual with such a fantastic body be having so much pain?

Fame and fortune do not necessarily a happy person make.

I appreciate your tribute, though, QM. Michael the Image is to be adored, for sure. Michael the person inside I feel remorse for - I really feel he never found himself in this life.

The Old Silly

The Old Silly said...

Hey Qamarina - I lost your email when the Google Nazis zapped all my accounts and my blogs. Contact me off-blog at new addy?

The Old Silly

kel said...

Great post. It was such a shock! I am curious to hear what it is that killed him. It seemed so sudden.

Beautiful tribute!

A. K. said...

This is an amazing tribute. I can see how much you idolize him. Am not a big fan or should i say i have never been a fan of him. I don't hate him for his scandals or looks or anything but its just that am not a big pop song lover.

A. K. said...

Marvin, he was without a doubt a troubled soul..

Thousif Raza M.B said...

its a wonderful and great tribute Qm, if jacson was alive he would have loved it......

indeed its sad that a legend has gone, may his soul rest in peace

take care and keep writing.......