Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Quiet Sunday Note

I want to live somewhere like that. Where all the colours could blend with my skin. It's a perfect place to be alone and a perfect place to play with friends. Sometimes I feel the world is so precious when I look at this photo. It makes me feel like I'm staring into another planet.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't have any topic to post today. My head is blank and I'm bored. I'm skipping school until Tuesday cause my parents are in Vietnam for a holiday so I'm stuck at my uncle's house with my siblings.

Anyway, I was looking through YouTube for some funny videos. Yes, it is a Malaysian singer who imposed as Michael Jackson. But please, please, it. YOU HAVE TO if you haven't; if you have, I'm sure you are feeling the same way I am now - I just can't stop laughing.

God. I'm in tears now. My stomach hurts.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why Not English?

Recently Malaysia has been debating whether to teach Science & Maths back to Bahasa Malaysia or continue teaching in English. There have been some supporting English while there were some opposing it. It had been 6 years since the teaching of Science & Maths in English when the newspaper's headline read: Back To Bahasa by 2012

Not to be rude but I was like, 'WTF is wrong with this people?!' I have been studying Science & Maths in English since form 1 and it was easy to adapt because it was easy to be understood. The newspapers stated that 'Year 1 and Form 4 students in 2o12 will learn the subjects in Bahasa'. The good news is my friends and I will graduate by then; the bad news is my sister and her friends who are learning Science & Maths in English now up til Form 3 will have to switch back to Bahasa in Form 4(2012) and the biggest exam to be sat for - SPM will be in Form 5. How are they going to cope?

How are they going to learn the scientific terms in Bahasa while all this while they have learn it in English? How are they going to do maths when all the works and exams have been in English? You expect them to learn all in Bahasa in 1 and half yeas before sitting SPM - the exam that holds their futures?

Personally, I strongly believe we should stick to English. Why? Look at the world. Who does not speak English? Everywhere you go even if it's a non-speaking English country, the 2nd option will still be English. I went to Japan, I couldn't speak their language so I asked, 'Do you speak English?' They said, 'Oh. Yes, yes.' Although it was quite broken but those are the two languages they only speak - Japanese and English. If an advance country like Japan who very much has high respect for their roots and cultures knows the importance of English, why can't a multi racial country like ours do the same?

6 years learning Science & Maths in English is a short period of time. Things like this takes a long time to learn, needs a lot of patience, can't expect a huge result the very next day. You got to put your effort in, don't just whine and give up because it's too hard.

They said that they changed it back because the students in rural areas can't adapt it. Well sorry to say but that's their lose. You can't allow the rest of the students to suffer just because some can't adapt it. We are not only talking about the present but also the future. The world wide language is English and that's the fact we have to accept. We can't change the world we want it to be, we just have to live the world the way it is.

Every university right now - no matter what course is in English. Essays are in English, resumes are in English, people of different races communicate in why not English? They say that it is also because they are afraid Bahasa Malaysia, the national language will be long gone. That is such a total rubbish! I'm just so upset that there are SOME people who are just narrow minded.

Agencies reported that 58% of the reasons they can't hire fresh graduates is because 'poor command in English' even though they have high qualifications but they still can't speak good English. This shows how important English is, how step backed we are if we can't speak English. I hate the idea of when the rest of the world is advancing while we are still in the dark.

What are going to gain from switching back to Bahasa? I'm tellin' you there will be a huge problem when 2012 come. Books are all in English now, teachers are taking courses to teach English; and now all a sudden, it's NO English? Please, stop treating us, students like Guinea pigs. We are suffering here. We are upset, angry that our voices are not heard out.

At the end of day, it's all about, 'You speak English?' or 'Can you write for me in English?' Even news, channels are in English...isn't it obvious already that the world says English? Besides, it's not like we are learning everything in English. History, Geography, Moral Studies, Economic, Accounts are in Bahasa. So what's so wrong with learning just TWO subjects in English? And that two subjects, Science and Maths, the knowledge we need for more advance technology are widely use in English. So why not?

I hope the Government will reconsider this. Don't just look at the students from rural areas but those from the cities, near the cities, wherever and balance it out. Don't just look at the present, look into the future. It's going to be a real saddening to see we are left behind while the rest of the world is moving forward. How would we be seen to the world?

So please, be more open minded and don't let us suffer.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Are Never Alone

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It's a Sunday night. I'm at my aunt's house, just had dinner with the rest of my family. I will have to leave later though, school starts again tomorrow. Sigh. Why can't the classrooms have air conds and end every one's sufferings?

Anyway, today I want to talk about something useful. I want to make those grey clouds vanish and let the sunshine past through. You do need rain and sunshine to balance it all out. I know that everyone has been through hardships, it is not easily dealt with but frequently ignored. When the problem is small, we tend to let it slip through our fingers, thinking, 'Oh never mind, it's only a small matter.' But when it eventually gets out of control, that is where the real headache comes in and at that moment all we could think, 'What am I going to do?'

I've been through that before, sometimes I still do while not realizing it. What can I say? I am a perfectionist but perfect does not exist in this world - well, literally. So when we fail in what we thought will work out, we often let this...misery and feeling of 'end of the world' overpower us. Which is happening BUT should not be happening.

Nobody thought me how to deal with this situation. The situation when I feel everyone around me shuns, feeling of numb towards everything, that feeling of not living. Sadly, nobody around me knows about this. I don't talk about this because honestly, there are just some things that other people can't understand but only you. They can listen and comfort you but in the end, you still have to mend yourself emotionally.

But I learned to be strong from a very young age. My life is like every child from the outside but the inside was worse at times. When you to this point of losing hope, don't give up. Keep the faith. You may be looking at other people's lives and wonder how much you wish you could have their lives that seemed so fairy tale like - wake up! You can keep on wishing but the star won't drop down from the sky. Face the reality and give yourself some dignity.

Crying and sorrow are just part of life's test. You have to mend yourself starting from inside. There are times when you feel the world is closing down on you, all you have to do is stand tall and find that part of you to rise up. It's easy for as long as you believe in yourself. You need to have that belief in you, find a point in your life achieve. Don't just sit there until your time comes.

I used to sit at a corner, alone and cry by myself. Little did I know that I was suffering from depression. It comes and it goes, my life was a ship wreck back then. Now it's better but it's not exactly the best right now. I'm slowing taking baby steps; I still cry alone out of the blue sometimes. Maybe it's a girl thing...I don't really know. But whatever it is, you have to know you are not alone.

You have people around you. Trust yourself first before trusting them. Then you'll know who are your true friends that will stick by your side through sunshine and rain. The rest are just obstacles who just try to make your life harder. So put on that big, brave smile and face the big, big world. Nobody can tell how small you are, you tell how big you are.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Is Going On with the World?

It's been a rough week for everyone. The death of MJ, political wars, drought is as though the world has gone mad! I don't mean mad, literally but you know what I mean. Recently the world is starting to fall apart - that is what we all are seeing now but the truth is we are the ones that are causing it.

There has been SMS scams going on lately. Sending SMS to clueless victims asking them to pay this amount of money in how many digits, cheating them on their money and then, think they had just scored a huge lottery. There is also some people sending SMS to some children's parents saying that 'I've kidnapped your child. Don't believe me? Your kid name is ____. Give me my money or I'll kill your child.' BUT in actual fact, the child is safe and sound in school and the parents would only find that out after paying the ransom.

Today in newspaper, a father is found guilty of raping his own daughter and nobody knew it until the daughter sent a SMS to her mother saying that: My own father raped me and nobody knows. I couldn't express how disgusted and mad I felt. In the end, the judge denied bail as this is a very serious charge and sentenced him to 16 years in prison and 6 strokes of rotan. But still, I don't think that will actually recover the innocent girl.

I am not trying to say anything bad about the other parties. I understand that the world economic is bad right now, wars are going on, villains are getting more...I just feel as though the world has lost its own sweet and safe home. Everyday I wake up, I read the newspaper, there just seem to be more crimes committed everyday, more wars everywhere and more blood spilling in protests. I don't know whether to be mad, frustrated, sad or numb.

My teacher call these people who rape his own children - animals which I agree to. Back then, it used to be stranger in the alley, grabbing a lonely lady walking by but now, at home, a father doing that immoral and unacceptable act to his own daughter.

What is going on to the world now?!!

Wars are going on. They never seemed to end. Why wars? Why wars when innocent people are being killed? Why wars when people's lives are destroyed? Why? When I watch the news, I feel so useless knowing there is nothing I could do to stop all these blood spilling. I could only watch half the world away as reporters interviewed innocent people who lost their kids and husbands to wars.

What has the world become? I know that nobody is perfect but it doesn't mean everyone is bad. It doesn't mean we can't stand up and make the world a better place for all of us. Even if you pick a waste paper and throw it into the dustbin, you have just play as a part to make the world a better place for all of us. Saving the trees and forest - saying YES to PEACE, at the end, we are all doing for the best for every human on this planet.

We may not be related but we are still creations of God, living in the same world. So let's join hands and build the world up again.

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