Friday, July 3, 2009

What Is Going On with the World?

It's been a rough week for everyone. The death of MJ, political wars, drought is as though the world has gone mad! I don't mean mad, literally but you know what I mean. Recently the world is starting to fall apart - that is what we all are seeing now but the truth is we are the ones that are causing it.

There has been SMS scams going on lately. Sending SMS to clueless victims asking them to pay this amount of money in how many digits, cheating them on their money and then, think they had just scored a huge lottery. There is also some people sending SMS to some children's parents saying that 'I've kidnapped your child. Don't believe me? Your kid name is ____. Give me my money or I'll kill your child.' BUT in actual fact, the child is safe and sound in school and the parents would only find that out after paying the ransom.

Today in newspaper, a father is found guilty of raping his own daughter and nobody knew it until the daughter sent a SMS to her mother saying that: My own father raped me and nobody knows. I couldn't express how disgusted and mad I felt. In the end, the judge denied bail as this is a very serious charge and sentenced him to 16 years in prison and 6 strokes of rotan. But still, I don't think that will actually recover the innocent girl.

I am not trying to say anything bad about the other parties. I understand that the world economic is bad right now, wars are going on, villains are getting more...I just feel as though the world has lost its own sweet and safe home. Everyday I wake up, I read the newspaper, there just seem to be more crimes committed everyday, more wars everywhere and more blood spilling in protests. I don't know whether to be mad, frustrated, sad or numb.

My teacher call these people who rape his own children - animals which I agree to. Back then, it used to be stranger in the alley, grabbing a lonely lady walking by but now, at home, a father doing that immoral and unacceptable act to his own daughter.

What is going on to the world now?!!

Wars are going on. They never seemed to end. Why wars? Why wars when innocent people are being killed? Why wars when people's lives are destroyed? Why? When I watch the news, I feel so useless knowing there is nothing I could do to stop all these blood spilling. I could only watch half the world away as reporters interviewed innocent people who lost their kids and husbands to wars.

What has the world become? I know that nobody is perfect but it doesn't mean everyone is bad. It doesn't mean we can't stand up and make the world a better place for all of us. Even if you pick a waste paper and throw it into the dustbin, you have just play as a part to make the world a better place for all of us. Saving the trees and forest - saying YES to PEACE, at the end, we are all doing for the best for every human on this planet.

We may not be related but we are still creations of God, living in the same world. So let's join hands and build the world up again.

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Laura said...

Amen to that! We all must take responsibility for the state of OUR world...we are all family. Happy to see that you are doing your part and encouraging others to do so also.You are a thoughtful, caring, amazing young woman...
Love and Light to you QM!

A. K. said...

The world ism literally going insane. Don't think this planet will last for a century. Its really a horror to see such crime against their own daughter. If I have the power I would cut off their private parts for such crime.

This was really an eye opening post. Keep it up. You rock..

theoldsilly said...

Well said, Qamarina, and I'll join hands with you on THAT proposal any and every day!

The Old Silly

Huda Merchant said...

Amazing post..and I totally agree with you!!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

if only more and more people thought as you did, this world would just become a place so beautiful like none other,

but alas, man has become so cruel, so pathetic, that he just thinks abt himself and none other

amazing post yet again Qm

take care and keep writing