Monday, August 24, 2009

Be Happy

Lately, people around me have been pretty down. Let it be family, friends and even social network buddies. Feeling sad, down, getting blues in which I call 'ill feelings' cannot be outrun by us but what if that someone has come to a point where he or she feels that life isn't important anymore? That life is simply boring and dull.

I used to get that images of the Earth turning grey with dark clouds circling above my head that sometimes I have no mood to do anything but to just sit in my room, letting time fly pass me. Only to find that there is actually more to life than what we thought had been.

Human beings are actually very foolish people. In terms, sometimes we let darkness consume us.

I thought about those times when my family and I had a big gathering. Everyone was so happy. I remembered the time when my friends and I did something stupid, and we couldn't stop laughing until this very day; there were times, I thought about something or someone, my spirit felt down - as thought the world has shut its door to me. But I made that door opened for me by cherishing the fond & happy memories that was left behind. That point I realize not all is gone.

Happiness is the biggest gift, laughing is the best medicine. So why not go make someone happy today? When was the last time someone actually felt happy by you? You'll be surprise at how great it feels knowing that person is happy because of you. It doesn't have to be anything expensive. You could simply offer a hand like: helping your neighbour sweeping the yard, helping a blind guy crossing the road or simply spending time with the kids at the orphanage. Or if you're a great cook, bake some for the charity or share among your loved ones. You'll be amaze how light-hearted and warm you feel.

And SMILE. When you smile, your spirit soars high. Even if you're feeling blue, just smile. Smile because you know whatever comes your way, you can make it through. No matter how hard and impossible it seems to be, you'll survive and come out as a warrior of your own. Let that happiness burn inside of you - make your life an adventure!

Last but not least, LAUGH! Getting bored? Turn on some old cartoons that kids watch today - I still watch! Mr. Bean, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Looney Tunes, Spongebob...or something more 'adult' for those feel cartoons are out of their league: The Nanny(this is a must), Two & a half men, Friends or maybe movies like White Chicks, Garfield, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. As you watch these, your mind & soul is fully concentrated on the TV and as you laugh, you get that hyper motive in you to keep on laughing. Watch it with your friends & family, it's going to be 100x laughter than watching with your pet.

So people, let us all smile, laugh & be happy. It's alright to feel down once in a while but remember, happiness conquers all. Help someone today by making them happy and in return, you'll be the happy person you never knew.


Thousif Raza said...

hmm well you livened up my day, i too sometimes try doing it, but when sadness is much more deeper we tend to feel down, but most of the times its for the good, because we let out our emotions rgt|, that helps us feel better qm, but i agree being happy should be more ....

excellently written ya

take care and keep writing.........

QM said...

It's good to be happy(:

Disguise said...

Being happy is good.