Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Am Fear of...

Yes! Test is finally over. I can go back to my favourite world of blogging. Anyway, last night I was reading through the Star newspaper and came to an interesting section. It came to a page where it listed all types of phobias.

Now, we think we do not have one - like I did but then, I realize I did have. As a matter of fact, I was relieved! I thought I was the only one who felt that way which made me felt like I'm just paranoid or being stupid.

I have 2 phobias:

Climacophobia - Fear of stairs, climbing or falling down the stairs

Molluscophobia - Fear of snails & slugs

Herpetophobia - Fear of animals that creep crawly (I'm scared of caterpillars)

Maybe my phobias sound quite silly to some of you but I am really scared of staircase. Whenever I climb up the stairs at home, I always have this vision of me falling back down and break my neck. It's not funny. Sometimes I get so scared that I would lean forward to avoid falling backward.

The school is the worst because my class is at the highest floor. I always get this ill feeling of falling down the stairs and hurt my neck. I don't know why but I'm fine with going down the stairs. The higher I go, the more 'crazy' I get until the lightest slip of my hand cause me to jump out of my skin.

On the other hand, when it comes to animals - I'm down to be the silliest person you ever meet. I'm scared of snails and slugs! I HATE THEM! I remember I used to cry just by the sight of the far I haven't 'meet' any slugs and I do NOT want to.

I never liked snails. They are so slimy, slow and disgusting. A few years back, whenever it stops raining at my grandma's house, snails start to appear at every corner of the house. Once I was walking towards the door, I saw 2 snails on my path and I just start screaming, running away and I won't move any nearer until my grandma move them. I just can't stand the sight of snails or being near them. When I see snails, I feel sick in my stomach.

My last phobia is that I'm scared of caterpillars. They disgust me! I'm fine with snakes. In fact, I love snakes! I love the snake's skin and don't mind holding them(I held them before) but if you ask me to hold a caterpillar, the chances of you getting me to hold is ZERO. Once I was climbing up the stairs(really slowly) up to the water slide when I stopped suddenly. There was a caterpillar with colourful colours on one of the step. I thought I was going to die there! But thank God a bucnh of boys came rushing up the stairs, not seeing the tiny caterpillar, kick it and it fell onto the ground.

I have always been sympathetic to animals but at that moment, I thought silently: Serve you right! HAHAH! That's another reason why I hate gardening. You never know what you might get and you think it's a leaf but it's not. Ewww.

Even celebrities have phobia too.

Johnny Deep has Coulrophobia - scared of clowns

Keanu Reeve has Sctophobia (fear of darkness) and Cyberphobia (fear of computers)

Pamela Anderson has Catoptrophobia - fear of mirrors (God, seriously?)

David Beckham has Ataxophobia - fear of untidiness

Nicole Kidman has a fear of butterflies

Hey! There's also Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women. HAHAH!

Seriously. You have to find out your own phobias - it's fun!

Find Your Own Phobia-

Your Phobia


Disguise said...

I have 2 of the fears you have, the one with the insects and the other with the creepy crawlies.


Hey, btw.

QM said...

hahaha, glad to hear that!

A. K. said...

I hate snakes. If i have the power i would transport all the snakes in this planet to mars.

Good to see you back... Hope your test went cool..

Display Name said...

Molluscophobia; looks like we`re on the same pagee HAHA, slugs ewww yuckk.

btw love your header thingg :) MJ rocksss ;)

Anne :) said...

hahaa im fear of staircase too :)

and i have a Anuptaphobia- Fear of staying single hahaa

QM said...

Staying single? hahaha!


I'm still luffing at that fear of beautiful women!

aiynaaa said...
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aiynaaa said...

ahhah . cool ! mine is phagophobia means that i fear of eating or swallowingg foods . seriously im afraid that i might get choke .
coz once i choked on a fish bone till i hve to go to the clinic for treatment .
HAHA :))

btw , to all muslims . happy fasting :)

Thousif Raza said...

i am so very glad to see you back on the blogging circuit, awesome, thank you god for bringing qm back, i dont sound too excited do i??? :P

on a more serious note, hope your xams went well and my sympathies on the phobia's, i will see and tell you what mine are ok :)

take care and keep writing...........

QM said...

Haha:D Thnks for d wish, Thousif

Glad to hear you again!