Saturday, August 29, 2009

To the Legend...Rock On!

Here's a simple post dedicated to a person who had changed the world forever. It's not surprising millions of people around the world are thanking this very date - for if it was not for him, we will never understand people from different races and we will never know music.

He may not be with us but stay on in our hearts forever, the same goes for the generations to come. I may sound a love sick fan but many still fail to see beyond the lies and barriers that blind us to see the true person behind it.

I just want to say:

"Happy Birthday, Michael.
You will never die but live within us forever."

Maybe he's performing his concert up there to the people who left before him. Dang, they are so lucky! But hey, one day, we will all get the chance to see the King(:


Disguise said...

So true! And the concert thing, wow! I didn't think someone would ever put it that way. Good job , you!

Stupidosaur said...

The blog header pic makes it look like you are calling MJ a lunatic. Compliment?

Could be.

QM said...
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Thousif Raza said...

how true :D, i like the way you write your posts, they are so unique, and thx for the awesomest comment i have got till date on my blog Qm, :D

take care and keep writing...........

rawcogs said...

Why is everyone so obsessed with this guy?

QM said...

Stupidosaur: Your name makes you sound like a stupid person. Compliment?

Could be.

QM said...

Rawcgos: Bcz we believe in him. he broke the barriers between the blacks & whites. He changed the music world, he introduced Pop - moonwalk.

Many people find him 'too famous' like you but I don't see people that way. It's not an obsession - it's a loss of losing someone that made this world a better place.