Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Truth About Fasting

Hey people:D School holiday has started for one week, yeay!! That's the good news.

The bad news is...fasting month started today and I'm so hungry now that I could eat a horse! As ironic as it sounds, I am super duper hungry. I thought of breaking my fast but I realize I will waste my whole day of tying the knot at my yeah, food can wait.

Actually, many people(non-Muslims) ask us(Muslims): 'Eh, why you puasa(fast)?'

Many of them misunderstood our aim of fasting and took it the other way around as a sign of punishment or torture. It is not their fault anyway because it is a torture if you're a food lover. Fasting actually means do not eat & do not drink at the moment the sun rises til the sun sets.

My friend told me that day: Not eating is fine. But no drinking!! I could die!

Hhahaha:D Before we start fasting, we will wake up around 4.30 am to eat sahur. Sahur means eating before fasting. We have to finish eating before the Subuh(morning) prayer comes in and when it does, we have to stop eating and fasting begins. So, fasting is not a torture at all. On the bright side, ladies, we can lose a few pounds!

So why do Muslims around the world fast for a month during the Ramadan month?

The answer is simple: To feel what it is like for the poor and the hungry people who do not have food to eat. To feel their pain and understand what they are going through. And by doing that, not only we will bring ourselves down to earth but the poor will not look at us as some snobbish, heartless people. In the way, it creates great bond between all human races.

Another great thing about the Ramadan month is that all kind of stalls will open, so many stalls with so many people that even the non-Muslims shouted the other day in class: Yeay!! Puasa coming soon! Great food! Honestly, that's the truth. I can't wait to go to the stalls and grab the rojak! Sigh. If I could post the food to you, I will because it is the best!

We break fast when the Mahgrib prayer comes in. It's usually around 7 pm. But at that moment when water finally touches your mouth, you'll soon realize how very lucky you are and spending dinner with your family as all of you break fast is one of the priceless thing in the world.

To be honest, I used to think fasting was ridiculous and a torture - I was young then. But now, I see the world at all angles and finally understood that whatever He does and command, there's a reason behind it. Now, I look forward to fast(:

Ohh, Grandpa said the American woman who will arrive today for his documentary on Fasting & Raya month in Malaysia is here! And we all will be breaking fast with her tomorrow at dinner. I am happy, I just wish it was a guy. Sigh. Hey! I'm a girl, what do you expect?

To all Muslims, have a great fasting month(:

To the rest of the world, have a very great day!

P.S. Now you know we are not being tortured! LOL:D


Huda Merchant said...

happy fasting month to you too!!

aiynaaa said...

hehe . did u know ? the indians also fasting . for muslims we cannot drink or eat . but the indians , can only drink at certain times :)

Disguise said...

Thanks for that, I had no idea, really!

QM said...

Oh really? Thnks for d info(:

Happy Fasting Month to all of you!

Sameera said...

Happy fasting month to you!! :)

Zeba said...

Happy Ramadan! I am the only one fasting in my class and my hostel. It feels weird and I miss home and all the good food. Nice post.

Thousif Raza said...

awesomely written as always ya

take care and have a happy ramzan, cya