Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do People Understand 1Malaysia Concept?

God I miss blogging. It felt like I haven't blog for a year. Sorry, things get pretty busy with school around but now- Raya is here! A whole week away from the city and having fun at the countryside.

Anyway, I'm going to write about something that happened quite a while ago but certainly hasn't been forgotten. When our country celebrated its 52nd Independence Day and the people had their new moto - 1Malaysia. Sadly, a few days later, something happened that changed everyone's views.

It happened in Shah Alam when the residents there objected the building of a Hindu temple in their area. 90% of the residents are Muslims - but what about the rest? Don't they the rights to have what they believe in too? This lead to serious & sensitive issues especially when a group of people came protesting against the proposal of the temple by walking down the street with a severed cow's head which made the Hindus really, really upset & angry.

I was angry. Why? Because that act was immature, insensitive & irresponsible. I may not be a Hindu but I strongly believe in respecting one and another even if it means that person is from a different planet. The most shameful part is that the hurtful act was done by the Muslims on the holy day - a Friday. So I was angry and shameful at the same time.

An Indian man spoke during a meeting to solve this case, he said, "Why can't we all live in peace?" And this lead to hurls and rude remarks.


Why can't we leave in peace together without needing to feel threatened? Why can't mosques, churches & temples be built side by side without the need of wars? What makes us so different that our beliefs can't be share on the same land? Whenever something bad happens, we tend to point fingers at others while in actual fact, we are the ones.

It doesn't mean if you're a black, you can't sit beside a white. It's not a sin for a Christian to enter a mosque. It's fine to be friends with people from different races, skin colours & religions. We have to stop being so selfish & narrow minded, we have to co-exist with one another. Because we don't the right to say that, 'My religion is the truth.' God never said that, in fact, the Prophet Muhammad created the first law on earth whereby everyone let it be Jewish, Muslims or other beliefs must live in harmony and respect each other.

So I don't see what's the fuss of having a Hindu temple in a 90% muslim people's are because the way I see it, everyone is different and we have to accept them and what they believe.

We will never understand other people if we remain ignorant to our own thoughts only. The world is not create for one species only.


A. K. said...

No matter how advance a country, there will always be such divisions among human beings. ITs not only in your country. In India its the opposite... Christians were abused by Hindus in many parts of the country. Even burned chruches, rapes nuns and so on..

No religion in this planet advocates violence. Its a shame how we have misinterpreted.
Why can't we just learn to live in peace.

AQ said...

I agree very much QM. It is embarrassing that our fellow muslims behaved in such a manner. However, I stumbled upon a little information - though I am not sure whether it is true.

I heard that the local govt for each state/district (can't remember which) has the right to set specific building codes and at least in Shah Alam, there is a law that allows only mosques can be built. No other religions are allowed to build their places of worship. I am unsure about how true this is but IF it is true, it is a most embarrassing revelation indeed...

QM said...

But whatever law or rules they have, they shouldn't do that because it will only make people dislike Islam more. I know it because people of non-Muslims told me.

If that's the case, then they should only allow Muslims to study in a separate school - it's the same concept applied anyway.

Disguise said...

I completely agree with whatever A.K Said.
She couldn't've said it any better

Thousif Raza said...

i so so so agree with you Qm, excellent write up, hope Malaysia wakes of of its slumber, the concept is good, if only everybody accepts its from their heart......

take care and keep writing.............