Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Humans Are Still Humans

I'm back after a long 9 hours drive. I'm having cramps all over my body especially at my back. Never sleep in the car cause you are bound to sleep put in one position for 3 hours before getting up with a sore back. Groan.

Raya was fine, glad to see the clear blue sky and unpolluted air. But raya money was disappointing:( Sigh. I was targeting higher. Well, there's Chinese New Year coming up!

My family and I were at some food stall eating when a woman with a broad shoulders came serving us. I was a bit blur at first as my aunt was seemed to be giggling and sending signals. I took a look at the waitress again who was a Malay wearing baju kurung only to realize: she's a man. I just grinned the whole way but I have to say that lady had a pretty make up especially around the eyes and the fake eyelashes.

But I was thinking: What Do People Think About Homosexual People?

Some people keep on trying to avoid this subject because they think it's too sensitive. He-lo? May I say that gays & lesbians are living around us. If racism issues can be spoken aloud, I don't see the problem of this.

I'm not here to judge one's orientation cause each and everyone of us is different. My mother may like doing accounting but I like literature; my best friend likes punk rock but I like classic. Each of us sees things differently as it goes down to our lives too like, religions, music, food, fashion, etc.

They say that 'boys like girls and girls like boys' but what happens if they become neutral? Do you shun them away? Many people look down on these homosexual people because they think these people are weird & freaky. Whenever a homo person walk by, people along the way would give a look and snicker. I feel bad sometimes as I think how tough it is for them to pass through all of these.

Even though I do not know how must they feel but I know that we have to accept them for who they are. Okay so maybe this man who dresses as a woman may look freakishly tall, big hands and straight, long hair - to me, I still see him as a human being. There might be some uncomfortable feelings but it is because we keep looking at them as 'aliens' - seeing them as though they came from Jupiter.

Lets put it this way. You have a best friend who has been you're first friend, all the way through high school, college and your wedding - one day, he or she spills that 'I'm a homosexual'. Do you cut off with that person just because he/she admitted the truth and hated lying from you? If I were there to judge, I find the narrow minded friend is not a true friend at all. If my friend was a homosexual, he/she will still be my friend and I wouldn't want to lose my friend.

There are parents who disown their kids who admit they are homosexual just because they feel ashamed. If I were the mom, I can't bear the thought of losing my kid just because I can't accept him for who he is. And because of this, many of them turn for prostitution and people take this advantage on why homosexual should be wipe out.

I admit that they might appear weird looking at times and society tend to look down at them but a human is still a human no matter what they are. They ought to be treated as fair as the others and be shown respect like the others too.

So, yeah, people should learn to accept people no matter what they are.. If you treat me nice, I treat you nice. It's your actions that judge you; not who or what you are.

But....What do you think? (Write an essay if you have to, lol)


Disguise said...

Homosexuals? Well, I know a couple of them and believe you me, they're the coolest people I know! They see things in such a different way, you know not like the conventional way that all of us see it in.
I don't know why people have such a problem with them. That's beyond me.
The fact is, they don't CHOOSE to be homosexuals, it's something they ARE. Some people are painters, and some dancers, and just like that, some people are straight and some are homosexuals.
What is so wrong with who you are?
Homosexuals are cool. they are.
And if they're not ashamed of it, I don't think anyone should be.

ps- 9 hour long drive? Whoa! *salutes*

QM said...

Great going there, disguise.
They do not choose to be, they are just them. People should be more open, in fact these homosexual people are just like us.

Yes. 9 hours. Hell man, LOL

Disguise said...

I don't see how they are any different than us, if you ask me.
I'm sure there's a friend of yours who doesn't share every interest that you do. Does that make her/him abnormal? No, right?
So, homosexuals're the same, really?
Aren't they?

QM said...

Yeah, they are just the same as us. It's like I like blue and you like red - but in the end, they are still the same: colours.

Same goes to us, humans. It's just the way we think & how we accept it into our lives.

The Old Silly said...

As usual I appreciate your thoughts on this subject. I like the way you're not afraid to talk about the "sensitive" things in society. We need more of that - openness and honesty, good dialog - it helps overcome fear-based bigotry and promotes healthy relationships between all types of people.

Marv the Old Silly

QM said...

Thanks, Marvin. Wow, I haven't heard from you in such a long time.

Hope to see your comments in the near future. Cheers(;

Thousif Raza said...

its a tough world out there yaar, if somebody is different they all think them like aliens, i dont see any wrong in a person being homosexual, but the would moves in such a order that if there is a slight change it resits, people's mind are very very narrow minded ya, what can one say???

great post as usual ya :)

take care and keep writing.........

The Old Silly said...

Qamarina - it's time to post something new! I flew all the way over here from the US just to read some more of your wonderful insightful writing! (wink) - Hahaha - have a great day, sweetie!

The Impatient Old Silly