Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Ban Country?

Currently, there is this famous line going around:
Malaysia is a ban country

OUCH. Ugh, although I'm a Malaysian, I can't help but feeling the same way! Okay, maybe some of you would not understand what the heck I am talking about.

Last year, Avril Lavigne who came here for her 'Best Damn Thing' tour had protests across the country from various groups who said that 'she is too sexy'. Of course, she made a deal to wear something decent since it is a majority Muslim country but still, there some people finding fault and keep protesting. But thank God, she still came & rock out!

And the recent scandal, damn, Beyonce. She was supposed to be here tomorrow for as her part of her 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' world tour. But she 'postponed' her concert here(but everyone knew she won't come back here) as there was a source saying that Beyonce receive bad notices about Malaysia and has a scare of Muslim thing. But it was obvious because of the protests too that had been on since she made her announcement.

Okay, maybe some of you would reconsider all these concert protests thing(but I DON'T). What about this? Ban condoms. Yes, you heard me: BAN CONDOMS. Why ban condoms? I don't get it. By banning condoms, it's not like the cases of unwed mothers, teen pregnancies & babies being abandoned would reduce? In fact, it is surely going to rise.

Besides, some families use condoms as a control so they can plan out their families properly. Is that a bad thing? And prove to us that it stated in al - Quran or any religion that says that: Condoms are illegal in the religion's views. We can't just ban things just because we feel like we want to or just to make things look 'better'.

To add a little more chilies, here's another one: Ban Horror Movies. God, then they might as well ban cinemas nationally! They say that it is not good for the Muslims as they consist of elements that go against the teaching of Islam. To me, this is just an excuse. People still have a choice whether they want to watch what genre of movies - are we really that naive to need baning to guide us?

If they are so concern with the 'rights' of Islam, why don't just impose on a rule that needs all Muslims to cover up? Instead of banning condoms, banning horror movies - IT IS JUST ILLOGICAL.

Ohh, what's next? Banning on Coke? Banning on skirts? Banning from travelling to the Western countries?

I wouldn't care if they ban cigarettes since they are an obvious threats. But these going on banning are just ridiculous. What good do they bring if those stuff are banned? These just bring angers among us - WE ARE THE PEOPLE. To us, none of these are being threats to us.

So seriously, just stop about baning this and that. Why don't focus on more important things like reduce the cases of rape, kidnappings and help the low income families, instead of imposing bans that bring us nothing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Time Passes, Memories Stay

Sorry for not blogging for a long time. I really miss writing my post at the end of every weekend but the finals is just around the corner, the end of school year for 2009 is near to an end...So everything has been rather crumpled up.

But it made me realize how fast time can fly. To many of us, we tend to take advantages of things that we have for granted.

For instance, I never liked school. I kept on thinking how great it would be when my school years would come to an end and I wouldn't have to suffer sitting for exams, studying, seeing fierce teachers everyday, getting annoyed by prefects & etc.

But when I think of next year - 2010, it'll be my final year in high school and then, I have to face the real world. I'm sure most of us have thought if it in that way, thinking about the future and often forgetting the present. Right now, I honestly wish time wouldn't pass by so quickly.

I can't help but think of the things and memories, let it be happy or sad; sweet or bitter - even though there are things that I wished I had done differently, it's kind of amazing that I am still standing here today like everyone else. Life's cycle.

There are times I wish I could go back and fix things or maybe adjust a little and just maybe, there are things that will still be with me now. But like they say, you can't fix everything nor can you save everything. Maybe it's just meant to be so from then on, you would understand better.

My friends and I talk a lot about our futures after SPM(the BIGGEST final) on how we would be, where we would be. I mean, I am scared for my future but I can't help but feeling sad at the same time when I thought of leaving behind all of these. 'These' meaning my friends, my uniforms, my school, teachers yelling...I have to admit I am and will miss school.

Yeah, there are fights, clashes, misunderstandings - maybe you're not what you see as a good person but I believe that a good person has their flaw too, maybe that's what must them different from others in a way.

I remembered hating about changing schools during my high school year, I thought about all the bad things: new friends, new teachers...but after a long time, keeping it to myself, I realize this is reality - I have to let it go and face the fact that I'm at somewhere else now. Turned out, my new school is where I found my true self, my true best friends who I know will be there for me til the end, guy friends who probably taught me how to do stupid acts and teachers who taught us that everything begins with a single particle.

But it'll be good enough to know that whatever happens, I still have my own belief and people who are there for me no matter how far we away. She might go to the US, she might go to Japan, I might go - God knows where, maybe we'll lose touch along the way or maybe we won't or maybe we'll see each other after a while.

No matter what, at least I have something - WE all have something that are the same in the back of our mind: Memories that we will cherished forever like we first talked & laughed & become the best of who we are.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's a Sundayyyyy & I idea what to talk about.

But I still want to blog since well, I don't talk a lot literally. I've been staying at home lately, not going out shopping. You might think I'm grounded but the truth is, my family(my mum, myself & my sis) are addicted to Facebook.

It all started on Friday, I think when we introduced our mum to Sorority Life on Facebook. We taught how to socialize, how to glam up and how to fight! hahahahh, soon it became an addiction.

Addiction is bad. It's like a drug you want to keep inhaling. To make matter worse, it's the Internet - FACEBOOK. I know some of you are surprise that my mum actually has a Facebook but it's pretty normal once you get to see many mothers on Facebook.

And guess what?

Nearly every one of them are playing Sorority Life!!

The latest time we all played was until 3.40 am :/ Hell, what a torture. Most of the guys would say that we are crazy over some silly game but what about them? Waking up at 3 am just to watch football matches and it's not like you're in the stadium cheering on.

So maybe we all have our different point of view. But I still can't find a cure to this addiction.

Not to mention my addiction to sweets too! Skittles & Mentos are like the food of my life. Cheesy, huh. But now I'm controlling, I'm not fat(LOL) - but I'm scared of getting diabetic. I used to crave for sweets but now, I cut down but of course, I could never let go of my sweets. My friends used(still) tell me that I'm gonna end in the hospital one day.

Ugh. I have to get back to the game. It's addicting.

But please do tell me how I can control myself(:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A long, long time ago...


What can I say about them? They are boring, dull & painful. That is - if you meant school books. (I'm a student, what do you expect?)

But if you meant by 'other' books which include all the fantasy, comedy & mystery types, I have to tell you this: Without books, it's as though there is no oxygen to breathe. It may sound over dramatic but I never fail to beg my mum to buy me storybooks whenever we happened to pass by one.

The latest book I bought is Suspicion a Private Series by Kate Brian. It's a teenage series book which I just simply adore. You may think I only read books which are my age but I have two tastes in books actually: Teens & Life Touching books. I believe it's because I'm a teen which urge me to read books that are my age while on the other hand, I just love this warm touching true storybooks which give me almost 90% inspiration that drove me to think differently.

It's funny how a small thing that compromise thousands words can create a dreamland in the back of your mind. Don't try to deny it, I know almost everyone who read books will have this little imaginary thing that they are in the book acting out their favourite character.

But I think the best thing about books are that - as you read, you can feel as if the writer is telling the story aloud; only difference is that it is only for you to hear. Sometimes you get the feeling of the feelings of the writer which explains why the tears, laughter, joyful, etc. You may think it's because of the story line but it's the creative mind of the writer who is expressing themselves.

Books are just a smaller version of movies. Instead of adding people to act them out, you visualize your own movie. Every time there's a movie that is acted out, I can't help but feel disappointed at times because they never match my expectations.

My mum used to tell me to sell my books but I just don't have the heart to do it because they have grown so much in me that I have attached myself to them. Well, it's better than being all attach to a guy(LOL). I can re-read the same book over and over and over again because I just love reading that book. The only book I can't read more than once is Harry Potter books - too thick, I can barely catch my breath.

I know some of you may think books are bo-ring especially the guys, I don't know why. But the truth is, they are great companions when you are alone or bored. I can stay up as late as 3 am just to finish the book I'm reading. I skip my lunch sometimes(unhealthy) because I'm too into the book.

My friends hate it when I'm reading a book because when I do, I don't pay attention to the outside world but in the book only. So I vowed to read books at home only so they won't get piss. Hahahah. But books are my 1st thing that I love followed by Internet. To me, books are my treasure. And if I'm rich enough, I would want to have a library in my house. Hhahahah, nerd much.

These are my favourite books of all time. I love the story line and I love the writers themselves. I know that William Shakespeare is the greatest person in Literature that ever lived but these books are the greatest books that are ever written.

Truth is, I prefer Narnia over Harry Potter because like Black Beauty, it's classic. I have a thing for classical things. Hhahahah. Til then, enjoy reading books, people!