Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Ban Country?

Currently, there is this famous line going around:
Malaysia is a ban country

OUCH. Ugh, although I'm a Malaysian, I can't help but feeling the same way! Okay, maybe some of you would not understand what the heck I am talking about.

Last year, Avril Lavigne who came here for her 'Best Damn Thing' tour had protests across the country from various groups who said that 'she is too sexy'. Of course, she made a deal to wear something decent since it is a majority Muslim country but still, there some people finding fault and keep protesting. But thank God, she still came & rock out!

And the recent scandal, damn, Beyonce. She was supposed to be here tomorrow for as her part of her 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' world tour. But she 'postponed' her concert here(but everyone knew she won't come back here) as there was a source saying that Beyonce receive bad notices about Malaysia and has a scare of Muslim thing. But it was obvious because of the protests too that had been on since she made her announcement.

Okay, maybe some of you would reconsider all these concert protests thing(but I DON'T). What about this? Ban condoms. Yes, you heard me: BAN CONDOMS. Why ban condoms? I don't get it. By banning condoms, it's not like the cases of unwed mothers, teen pregnancies & babies being abandoned would reduce? In fact, it is surely going to rise.

Besides, some families use condoms as a control so they can plan out their families properly. Is that a bad thing? And prove to us that it stated in al - Quran or any religion that says that: Condoms are illegal in the religion's views. We can't just ban things just because we feel like we want to or just to make things look 'better'.

To add a little more chilies, here's another one: Ban Horror Movies. God, then they might as well ban cinemas nationally! They say that it is not good for the Muslims as they consist of elements that go against the teaching of Islam. To me, this is just an excuse. People still have a choice whether they want to watch what genre of movies - are we really that naive to need baning to guide us?

If they are so concern with the 'rights' of Islam, why don't just impose on a rule that needs all Muslims to cover up? Instead of banning condoms, banning horror movies - IT IS JUST ILLOGICAL.

Ohh, what's next? Banning on Coke? Banning on skirts? Banning from travelling to the Western countries?

I wouldn't care if they ban cigarettes since they are an obvious threats. But these going on banning are just ridiculous. What good do they bring if those stuff are banned? These just bring angers among us - WE ARE THE PEOPLE. To us, none of these are being threats to us.

So seriously, just stop about baning this and that. Why don't focus on more important things like reduce the cases of rape, kidnappings and help the low income families, instead of imposing bans that bring us nothing.


Azimah said...

Last time I heard that women shouldn't wear pants to work instead they should wear skirts. And I found it absurd. Well, you should post this to newspaper and make them realize about this matter.

Huda Merchant said...

amazing post!!

here where i stay,saudia arabia there is this ban of many things and i hate it!! plus we have to cover up!! my age tooo!! so its pretty bad though i know its like all for protection as stated in the quran but for non-muslims ? they might not liking wearing the burkha though its not compulsary to wear a scarf so its kinda okay but still :P i dunno what to say anyways. i relli liked ur post!

QM said...

Huda: But these going on bans here are ridiculous! Maybe it's because although Malaysia is a Muslim country but there other so many other religions: Christians, Hindus & Buddhist.

Horror movies? Condoms? Sigh, won't be surprise if they say BAN COCA COLA.

But thanks(;

Disguise said...

You sure do seem frustrated!

The Old Silly said...

I have to agree with you. Hey QM - love the new look to your blog!

Marvin D Wilson

AQ said...

I agree! But I heard Beyonce cancelled her concert because her security advisers had stated a possible threat of a 'terrorist attack'. WTF man! We may be horrible drivers and creative parkers but we are NOT violent people...

Thousif Raza said...

you are so very true on saying that Qm, banning is not the way, as you said in the last paragraph, there are so many things that need primary focus than these things, as usual superbly written, i just hope somehow people will learn what they should ban and what not :)

sorry for being late.... :)

take care and keep writing.......