Saturday, October 3, 2009

A long, long time ago...


What can I say about them? They are boring, dull & painful. That is - if you meant school books. (I'm a student, what do you expect?)

But if you meant by 'other' books which include all the fantasy, comedy & mystery types, I have to tell you this: Without books, it's as though there is no oxygen to breathe. It may sound over dramatic but I never fail to beg my mum to buy me storybooks whenever we happened to pass by one.

The latest book I bought is Suspicion a Private Series by Kate Brian. It's a teenage series book which I just simply adore. You may think I only read books which are my age but I have two tastes in books actually: Teens & Life Touching books. I believe it's because I'm a teen which urge me to read books that are my age while on the other hand, I just love this warm touching true storybooks which give me almost 90% inspiration that drove me to think differently.

It's funny how a small thing that compromise thousands words can create a dreamland in the back of your mind. Don't try to deny it, I know almost everyone who read books will have this little imaginary thing that they are in the book acting out their favourite character.

But I think the best thing about books are that - as you read, you can feel as if the writer is telling the story aloud; only difference is that it is only for you to hear. Sometimes you get the feeling of the feelings of the writer which explains why the tears, laughter, joyful, etc. You may think it's because of the story line but it's the creative mind of the writer who is expressing themselves.

Books are just a smaller version of movies. Instead of adding people to act them out, you visualize your own movie. Every time there's a movie that is acted out, I can't help but feel disappointed at times because they never match my expectations.

My mum used to tell me to sell my books but I just don't have the heart to do it because they have grown so much in me that I have attached myself to them. Well, it's better than being all attach to a guy(LOL). I can re-read the same book over and over and over again because I just love reading that book. The only book I can't read more than once is Harry Potter books - too thick, I can barely catch my breath.

I know some of you may think books are bo-ring especially the guys, I don't know why. But the truth is, they are great companions when you are alone or bored. I can stay up as late as 3 am just to finish the book I'm reading. I skip my lunch sometimes(unhealthy) because I'm too into the book.

My friends hate it when I'm reading a book because when I do, I don't pay attention to the outside world but in the book only. So I vowed to read books at home only so they won't get piss. Hahahah. But books are my 1st thing that I love followed by Internet. To me, books are my treasure. And if I'm rich enough, I would want to have a library in my house. Hhahahah, nerd much.

These are my favourite books of all time. I love the story line and I love the writers themselves. I know that William Shakespeare is the greatest person in Literature that ever lived but these books are the greatest books that are ever written.

Truth is, I prefer Narnia over Harry Potter because like Black Beauty, it's classic. I have a thing for classical things. Hhahahah. Til then, enjoy reading books, people!


Disguise said...

Ah, well one thing I regret is not developing the habit of reading when I was younger. I don't read much, and I'm VERY selective.
Have you read Tuesdays with Morrie?


PS - Guest post waiting baby!

Aqilah said...

Black Beauty is the best book I have read so far. I was overwhelmed !

Huda Merchant said...

hows the book you briught? whats it about?

I adore teenAGE AND LIFE books too!! they inspire me alot:-)

nice post, loved it like always :-)

AQ said...

Yep, books are very important. Even school books. Otherwise we wouldn't have these amazing fantasy worlds and we wouldn't dream and we wouldn't the architectural wonders without documentation through books. Ideas wouldn't spread and evolve. We'd be like cavemen

Thousif Raza said...

same pinch :), i too have narnia, and even though i have got harry's books, i have never read them, you know i was introduced to the world of books a lil late at around the age of 16, and till 2 years back i used to read enid blyton books stealthily, (because all said it was childrens books):P

books are really like oxygen ya, they refresh us, give a motivation to live and love life

cute post :)

take care and keep writing.......