Friday, October 23, 2009

Time Passes, Memories Stay

Sorry for not blogging for a long time. I really miss writing my post at the end of every weekend but the finals is just around the corner, the end of school year for 2009 is near to an end...So everything has been rather crumpled up.

But it made me realize how fast time can fly. To many of us, we tend to take advantages of things that we have for granted.

For instance, I never liked school. I kept on thinking how great it would be when my school years would come to an end and I wouldn't have to suffer sitting for exams, studying, seeing fierce teachers everyday, getting annoyed by prefects & etc.

But when I think of next year - 2010, it'll be my final year in high school and then, I have to face the real world. I'm sure most of us have thought if it in that way, thinking about the future and often forgetting the present. Right now, I honestly wish time wouldn't pass by so quickly.

I can't help but think of the things and memories, let it be happy or sad; sweet or bitter - even though there are things that I wished I had done differently, it's kind of amazing that I am still standing here today like everyone else. Life's cycle.

There are times I wish I could go back and fix things or maybe adjust a little and just maybe, there are things that will still be with me now. But like they say, you can't fix everything nor can you save everything. Maybe it's just meant to be so from then on, you would understand better.

My friends and I talk a lot about our futures after SPM(the BIGGEST final) on how we would be, where we would be. I mean, I am scared for my future but I can't help but feeling sad at the same time when I thought of leaving behind all of these. 'These' meaning my friends, my uniforms, my school, teachers yelling...I have to admit I am and will miss school.

Yeah, there are fights, clashes, misunderstandings - maybe you're not what you see as a good person but I believe that a good person has their flaw too, maybe that's what must them different from others in a way.

I remembered hating about changing schools during my high school year, I thought about all the bad things: new friends, new teachers...but after a long time, keeping it to myself, I realize this is reality - I have to let it go and face the fact that I'm at somewhere else now. Turned out, my new school is where I found my true self, my true best friends who I know will be there for me til the end, guy friends who probably taught me how to do stupid acts and teachers who taught us that everything begins with a single particle.

But it'll be good enough to know that whatever happens, I still have my own belief and people who are there for me no matter how far we away. She might go to the US, she might go to Japan, I might go - God knows where, maybe we'll lose touch along the way or maybe we won't or maybe we'll see each other after a while.

No matter what, at least I have something - WE all have something that are the same in the back of our mind: Memories that we will cherished forever like we first talked & laughed & become the best of who we are.


Laura said...

Your education is very important ...both the education you receive while sequestered in the relative safety of school and the one that you get through the journey after. both are necessary to the person you are always in the process of becoming. : ) so enjoy the journey each and every is all we have. You are an amazing young lady and I wish you love and Light always

QM said...

Thank you, Laura(:

Thousif Raza said...

It happens ya, i so much miss my school days, well best of luck for your xams, i know you will do good and make us all proud, be smiling and be happy ok :)

take care and keep writing...........

Huda Merchant said...

I miss my old school so much out there i found myself, seriously! but changes occur and we have to face them its all for the best.

school days are the best days!!