Monday, November 9, 2009

31 December 2012

Boo yeah!! The finals are over and the last day of school is on Friday!!! Yipeee!!!
Hahhahah, when the bell rang, the whole school was vibrating with the shouts & cheers of the whole forms. Plus, the form fives graduated today so there were other reasons to cheer about.

Sigh. Time flies so fast! Next year, it would be my turn to graduate.

Anyway, I was thinking:


There has been a lot going on about the Mayan calender, so much that they created a movie about it called 2010. I'm going to watch it by the way. According to the Mayan, 31 December 2012 would be the end of the world.

Well to be honest, I don't believe in this. Not to say that I don't believe in the end of the world, of course I do, everything will have its end one day. But I believe in my religion and according to it, only God knows when is Dooms Day and nobody else. It will come as a surprise but the signs will be there.

Now as I type in 2012 in Google, everything is like END OF THE WORLD. It's pretty amusing to read some of the posts, you should try it.

According to Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad, he stated 1400 years back then signs that would appear before the Judgment Day comes. There are minor signs & major signs. Minor signs are signs that are giving you clues; major signs are already too late for us to pray to God.

The signs are: -

(Minor Signs)

- very tall building will built

- adultery becomes widespread and the drinking of wine will become common

- the number of men will decrease & the number of women will increase until there 50 women to be looked after one man

- approximately 30 DAJJALS would appear, each claiming to be the messenger of God

- killing, wars, wealth will increase

Major Signs :-

- the appearance of MAHDI

- the appearance of DAJJAL (anti Christ)

- the appearance of Ma'juj & Ya'juj' (biblical Gog and Magog)

- Nabi Isa or better known as Christ (yes, Muslims believe in Christ who was the 23rd Prophet while Muhammad was the 25th, last Prophet)

- the rising of sun from the west

- the destruction of Ka'ba and the recovery of its treasures

I'm not trying to scare you, imagine me writing this post. But it's time we realize AGAIN that we do not live forever, although sometimes we get lost in this wealthy world. This is the Islam's view of Judgment Day so if you're from another religion, feel free to comment what you know. It's really great hearing from another side.

If tomorrow was the last day of earth, you know what I'll do?

I'll eat as much as I can. Cry of course, afraid what would happen next. But of course, I want to be with my family & friends, people that I love until the end. To know that, hey, I live my life to the fullest, did what I must and wanted, I'm cared & loved - My job is done(:

So let us all live life to the fullest, be the best you can(: Love as many as you can & laugh as often as you can. Til then, have a great week fill with happiness!


The Old Silly said...

"I'll eat as much as I can." - LOL, Qamarina, you crack me up. Hey I'll join you for a "Last Supper" feast. (wink). There ARE of course many signs of last days, lots of the Biblical signs in the Book of Revelation are seeming to come to pass. BTW, been a long time since I read the Koran - does it have lots of the same signs/warnings of end days?

Anyway, we ARE living in changing times - I believe whether or not it's a physical end of the world as we know it, very soon the world will change completely - could be a spiritual change, a change in human perspective. My prayer is that it will be for the good, and that evil will not prevail.

Marvin D Wilson

Thousif Raza said...

i was scared for there a bit, but just a bit k :P, nice post and it made me smile, thank you for that :)

but i believe in living happy whatever day it may be... so its always the first day of my life :)

take care and keep writing..........

Disguise said...

Hello you!
I miss blogging, and I miss your blog :(