Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Makes Me Soooooo Happy

It's been raining everyday here. The raining season has come and a lot of places have been flooded. Sigh, we can't control mother nature, can't we?

There's nothing much going on with the world now. School holiday just started, I'm having my BIG break now before reaching my last senior year in high school next year:/ Crap, I don't want to sit for SPM. But I do want to study aboard - okay, so maybe I do HAVE to sit for the exam.

I don't have anything to talk about today since my brain cells are on holiday. So I'm just going to talk something really random today(: That day, I was watching 'Because I Said So' a movie about a mum who is so protective over her daughter and wanted the very best of her. So she pair up a perfect guy with her daughter without letting her knowing that. When her daughter found out about it, she was furious. Then, her mum said: I only want the best for you.

Hmm...the line sounds very familiar. But what if the best is not good enough? Maybe he's short, has simple clothes - but what if he makes you happy? Isn't that the best of all?

It may surprise you that some people go after what they seem is the best for them, maybe it's because they don't have enough faith in whatever they believe in. Pretty sad when you come to think of it but life can be complicated at times.

The question of the day is:

What Makes You Happy & You Wouldn't Let Anything to Replace It?

Thinkinng, aren't you? Hahhaha, it's simple for me. SWEETS:DD CHOCOLATE:DD Well, if you point it from food, I have to say these two. Sweets are just sweet; chocolate is just soothing. Plus, to add to your beneficial, chocolate reduce stress and calms you down. So take a bite of chocolate today!

And of course, friends & family make me happy. Family can be a huge headache at times(I'm a teen) but they are the best thing you can count on forever. Friends are another people close to family - they make you laugh, make you happy, be there to listen and tell secrets that nobody else know. They are just like your sisters/brothers from another mother. Hhahah, that's how people put it.

Okay, if you say stuff - it would be books. Storybooks. If there's one building I could save from whatsoever disaster, it would be the library. But if I'm lucky enough, the second would be shopping malls. LOL:D I don't know you but books are the best companion of my life. It's like a silent partner who is always ready to make your day happy. I love the imaginations I can create through reading and the emotions and thoughts I get from reading. I don't have to be that person to feel what's it like, I can feel him already.

Currently I'm happy cause I have my sweets by my side, it's the holiday, sleeping over at my grandma's house & just enjoying life(:

What makes you happy? So happy that you can't live without. Okay I admit mine are a bit off chart, glucose never fails to sweeten your day:DD

Keep the comments coming in, til then, take care!


Huda Merchant said...

hehe chocolate :D is the best thing to make me happy too ..:) I loved this post of yours..towards the end it was all i wanted to say too :)

QM said...

hahah, I know. Life ain't the same without chocolate in it(;

Thousif Raza said...

for me sleeping in my mothers lap, brings me the most peace and the happiness that i can find nowhere else :),

take care and keep writing.............

The Old Silly said...

Love that "Happy" road sign. What makes The Old Silly happy? Well, my kids and grandkids for sure. I haven't seen my son (he's 25 now) for two years since he moved to New Jersey and next week he's coming home for Thanksgiving. Yay!

Nice post, QM - how ya doing lately? HAPPY, I hope! (wink)

QM said...

Thousif: That's wonderful & sweet(: I wish I could still be carried by my dad but I guess that's what growing up is all about(;

Old Silly: I'm doing great(: Thanks for asking, holiday just started so I'm pretty happy to be able to do what I want!

Izza said...

Oh Chocolates and Books definately. Thanks so much for adding me on facebook, and thanks to facebook i got to know your blog link. ahha, anyway i lovee your blog you really know how to write stuff, i wanna be a blogger like you someday. And you literally have readers from around the world which is also a big big accomplishment. Keep up the awesome blogging (: