Saturday, December 26, 2009

Remember & Pray

Whoa, time passes so fast. It's 26th December already in Malaysia.

26th December 2009 is just like any other day, same goes to 2008 & so on. But those who clearly remembered - 26th December 2004: Tsunami Disaster at South-East Asia. It was such a horrible day...

tsunami Pictures, Images and Photos

I remember waking up from my sleep and seeing my parents watching the news, everyone was just so shocked. I asked what happened? They said Tsunami struck Indonesia and it affected most part of Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka)

Me: What??? Tsunami? What is that???

Now everyone knows Tsunami, how high the wave went, how fast it happened - how many thousands of lives were lost. But all are tests from God.

Together, we pray may their souls rest in peace and remember to never take anything for granted.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

It's 2:05 am here - 25th December 2009...MERRY CHRISTMAS :D

Hahahh, I have the habit of celebrating every event even though I don't celebrate it. I feel happy when there's a celebration, it makes me happy. I might not have snow or negative degrees Celsius here but I know the entire globe is celebrating it too.

I'm preparing my 2010's resolution :O Gonna post it on 31st Dec! I just love announcing it, what can I say - I write to live.

But on this Christmas Day, I wish for peace & joy for my family, friends & the people around the world...including you who are reading it(; Some people told me that your dream to make a more peaceful world is impossible.

Well, they didn't tell me literally but I can tell by the way they talk or look at me - body languages tell more than words can. I don't blame these people cause my dream is BIG, almost impossible but not impossible(:

I've had people asking me why & how are you gonna do it. I never told anyone before because like I said, I don't express well in talking (I'm really snappy & get lazy when I talk).

1. WHY

Honestly, I do not know why. I just have this urge of making things better. No, I'm not ambitious, I'm just sick of how things are going on with the world now. Because all humans expect is: Okay, you do it and point the finger at someone else.

Wait for a 100 years and nothing will ever change. I want to end wars, I want to end racism, I want to end poverty; I want to make peace, I want to make joy, I want to make unity, I want to make comfort.

2. HOW

Well, there are many, studies, politics - of course, I want to do through writing: books. I laugh when I read a book, I smile when I read a happy ending, I cry when I read a heart breaking part, I get angry when a character I hate wins. Books are something very magical to me.

Through reading, you're reading a life by words and I think it's really amazing. It's like listening to lyrics and you go, thinking: wow, I know how that feels. I actually got my inspirations from songs - from artists that write their own songs & hope for the best world to become.

But not many people like reading books. They find it nerdy & boring - sigh, you wouldn't know life's meanings until you read a book.

Yes, I know I sound like an old adult caught in a teen's body. How maybe I'm different from other teens but I enjoy myself being a teen too: partying, hanging out with friends, shopping. Just my life motto and what I want are - different.

lol, now you'll know why nobody actually knows me 100% sadly but there'll always be a part of me that'll be undiscovered. Muahaha!

I got a very long way to go but nothing is impossible(: I believe if you want to achieve something, you have to believe in yourself and start within yourself. If it takes 20 years, I'll take that ride and will not stop til I reach my destiny.

So for this very blissful day, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May you all have the best happiness & health for a whole new year!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Human Nature


Yes, I changed my layout - I felt that the previous was foreign to me, it felt dull. If you understand what I mean, I didn't feel connected to it & I can't give my full to something I'm not connected to.

So I may be a MJ mania fan but say what you wanna say, I love this guy. "I don't get why people are so obsessed over this man." - you know who you are but lemme just say this: "He changed our lives those who felt connected to him. I'm sorry if you're fed up with this 'obsession' but I have around a few billion fans who feel the exact same way."

Yeah. So zip it, I don't need rude people in my life.

Now that's done...(LOL, I love releasing my anger over the blog). I am just so bored:(

Believe or not, school holiday is coming to an end yet I can't wait to go back to school yet I don't want to - make sense?

I like a brand new year when everything is new. Your plan, your thoughts, your goals...but there are always some unavoidable plans that are permanently there. CRAP, it's SPM. ARGHHHHH, 10 freaking subjects and 11 months :S

It gives me this mixed feelings of anxiety & fear. I mean, what if I don't do well? I have to resit for another year :/ And if I pass, will I get into college? What's there after school? I don't like the sound of it.

Okay, I may be looking into the future too far but...time fly by so fast. Look at the time now, 2 more weeks or so, and it's 2010. At the begining we might think we have the whole time for something but sometimes I wish I could pause time. It's hard to believe I'm going on 17 now.

When I was a kid, I used to think a lot when I'll get older - I couldn't wait but now looking back, I miss those care free times when I didn't have to worry about getting ready for school or studying for tests. Sighh, we all have to grow up, don't we?

I love day dreaming - it gives me the peace of mind. As funny as it sounds, from there I'll create story lines & images about my story. Nooo, I'm no way near begin writing my story yet. What I have are all in my mind, illusions & lines - right now, I have to set my priorties straight first as much as I want to unleash whatever is on my mind.

Time, time - how I despise you,
You pass and leave, no warning is need.
I crave for a break but you have no breaks,
Invincible & heartless, that you are,
you make smiles or tears by moving forward.
Oh - I wish to rewind and relived the air,
the moments of granted I took,
in my day I shall dream.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Worth It

This is just a quick post(:

I went out for a movie today and I tell never in my life that I am so satisfied with it. Better than Harry Potter, better than New Moon. Trust me, it was WORTH IT.

I'm talking about Avatar! :DD The took 15 YEARS to build it up, make it, act it out & finally at the end of 2009, it's released. Bloody hell, 15 years but the story line is great & the illustrations of Avatar are simply breath taking - beyond what we could all imagine.

Avatar 11 Pictures, Images and Photos

The director of Avatar is James Cameron who also directed Titanic - one of the best movie of all times & Avatar is certainly getting it too(: I think the amount of hard work & determination plus his creativity of handling this long movie has really paid off.

Just like Titanic, I won't get tired of Avatar if I watched it over & over again. You have to watch it! Many people think Avatar is just some kids movie because of the title & the dress up.

Hahah, noooo, you'll be surprise when you watch it - cinema is a better choice to watch if you want the best sound effect. It's a not a kids movie, it's a WORTH IT movie(:

Okay, I think I'm done. Just wanted to say that out. AVATAR IS SO WORTH IT :DD

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And So Here It Goes...

Deck the halls! Fa la la la la la!!

Christmas is near & 2010 is near :O That 'fever' is back.

You the fever when you realize 'another 365 days is coming to an end & I'm about to step in another year' kind of feeling? Ahh, it never seems to fail to amuse me each time Christmas is near because 6 days later, there'll be another HUGE celebration.

But it's kinda funny, especially now when I would shout out in Facebook: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Half of my Facebook friends would say: same to you too! The others would say: woooh, so fast? where you from? LOL, I wish we could all celebrate New Year's together at one time - it'll be cool, don't you think?

So then, the list would come. All I want for Christmas is...uhh, well, umm...


.....I, no, no.....

Ahhh, I want...nah...yeah! wait -

(silence) just give me a never ending regenerating sweet machines that comes from all over the world.

That's simple:D

Ohh, but what about New Year's Resolution? That's a tough one since there's so many things I want to do or change but unlikely since there's SO MANY. But one thing I learn from young: Take the things that are nearer to you, it is easier & always much safer.

So I guess I should put forward things that is the near future & not the far future. As easily, my studies would have to come first, then what'll I do after graduation, then part time job, then college .... wait wait, license then job. LOL, I have to sort it out!

Next post, I'll list down my 2010's resolution & I really hope all of you would list down at the comments; I would love to see your list!!

Sighh, can't believe it's already December. 2009 had been a fairly good year. Though I struggled a lot this year mainly from school because of the high jump of standard it went - I think it's all good but I could have done better(:

If I could restart 2009, I would change some things to make my 2009 better but I don't think God would let that. What's done is done. You can only live the present & hope the best in the future.

Funny as it seems, I have spent 10 freaking years in school and I dread it every single morning especially when I was around 9 and 10. UGHHH, homework used to pile up til 20!!! ARGHHH but now as we go higher, homework becomes lesser because teachers expect you to do your own work at home.

I never finished all my school work, I have to admit.

Not that I'm a bad student - really. But...if you're a student, you'll get what I mean. But I finished 90% of homework:D

Sheezz, what am I babbling????

Hhahahah, ok, I'm done for today. Going back to the real life(: Hope to see your list!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jingle Jingle

Hey, I'm back:O can't honestly think I'll be taking a break THAT long. Hahahah, I can't stray myself away from the Internet. Sorry, I happened to be a teenager living in the 21st Century.

So, how have you guys been lately? I'm getting lazier, possibly fatter addressing to the amount of time I spent sitting & staring at my laptop. Hahahha. I don't have much going on my mind today so let's just talk about something we're doing now.

How has Internet change your life?

Well, currently, right now, there's 5 people in the house, all have their own laptops & all are online to one small wireless. I'm teaching my grandma how to online & check her mail and oh god! - it's like teaching a 1st grader at school. LMAO

Even though my sister & I are only room to room, we talk to each other through Facebook & MSN. I honestly think that the Internet has created a more peaceful surrounding. I don't have to shout across to room when we fight! HAHAHHAHA - there are emotion icons to be used:D

And surprisingly, Internet also have groups that act as some debate site where people would come in & voice out their opinions. Since you know, some countries protests or voicing out publicly are not allowed, people turned to the Internet and fight! LOL

There's also this group I found: If 7,000,000 people join me, then she would marry me. Awwwwwwww, sooo sweeeeeeet.


I think the Internt has created a much more peaceful & useful surroundings, though I know there all many disadvantages. But c'mon, are you telling me you can live WITHOUT the internet. Even my dad can't....he prefers(like duh) banking in his money through the Interent. Who wants to line up?

Hey, SHOPPING is a different thing!

So so so so so, what's your opinion? Talk to me!!

much love, XOXO


Saturday, December 5, 2009


It's been a quite rough week. I'm tired & lazy and school will began next month on 3rd of Jan:/

I'm gonna quit blogging for a while as well as Facebook - and start getting a REAL life. LMAO;D I really love my online friends, they're great! But it's time to open my mouth and talk with people around me. Sigh the dooms of the Internet century.

So to all, if I had made you laugh throughout my blog, yeay!! If I had cut you with my words, I'm terribly sorry - sometimes the way you express through talking cannot be the same when you write.

I'll see you guys soon & promise to at least comment on your blog if I online.

Cheers! (:

If you haven't watch this, please watch it!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Banning On New Minarets?

I am reading the NST today about the 'Ban on New Minarets in Swiss'.

What has become of the world???

As being a Muslim myself, I am not angered by this. I am saddened & hurt by this banning. This proposal made forward by the Swiss People's Party (SVP), the largest party in the parliament says that minarets are a sign of Islamisation. 22 out of 26 cantons voted in favour of the ban.

"Minarets are a sign of Islamisation" - is that best excuse you can come up with? What is it about Islam that makes you(SVP) so afraid? Is it about 9/11? Is it about the covering up of the Muslim women? Or is it about that there are about 400,000 Muslims that makes you feel threatened?

This is an insult to all Muslims. Although I'm not a citizen there which I'm pretty thankful, but to see our religions being hammered down across the globe, eg.

France- French law banning Islamic headscarves and other visible religious symbols in state schools

Like, WTF-ing hell man. How would you feel if we ban church bells from ringing on every Sunday? How would you feel if we ban the nuns from covering their heads by saying that it's Islamisation? How would you feel if we ban the sprinkling of Holy Water?

What if we ban the Hindus from celebrating their Depavali? And the Buddhas - the monks wearing their clothes by criticizing it's unmoral?

Do you understand what I'm saying here? I'm saying that: Every religion has its own way of religion expressive but most importantly, religion obligation. By banning headscarf, banning minarets, banning mosques - the world once we knew was connected is getting further & further apart.

"Being ignorant is not a sin but to remain ignorant is a sin." If the world keeps on moving backwards & shunning away every difference, then we might as well blame God for making all these differences. The reason that all these controversies are happening is because PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT.

That is how RACISM came about, that is SLAVERY came about, that is how WAR came about. It all starts with IGNORANT PEOPLE. They refuse to learn other things because they are too proud with who they are, they think they are the best when as a matter of fact, no one is the best - it's only their egos which make them ignorant.

It's really sad for those Muslims back there especially the young ones. By doing this, it will only make them feel unwelcome, that they are unwanted. The people who vote for this ban are only too afraid that they will lose power - sighh, you will only lose dignity & self-value. I wouldn't want to shake hands with these people.

I'm not slashing Christianity if that's what you're thinking - but because it is these 2 major religions are having linked problems that I used it as an example. I have a Buddhist, Muslims and 2 Hindus best friends. We get along so well because we learned each other religion that earned each other's respect.

But there's karma: What goes around, comes around. They say that - 'you see, once the African-Americans were the slaves, now looked, whose the President?'

Hahahah, to all these controversies going on - only time will come & the result will prove to you that 'the earth is round and we'll meet again at the next pole".

P/S. Muslim women must wear headscarf, well, it's up to them actually(: It is not a gender discrimination. I have friends who wear headscarf because they want to & not by force. I'm telling this because I don't want any misunderstanding. It is a not gender discrimination & men DO NOT need to wear;D