Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And So Here It Goes...

Deck the halls! Fa la la la la la!!

Christmas is near & 2010 is near :O That 'fever' is back.

You the fever when you realize 'another 365 days is coming to an end & I'm about to step in another year' kind of feeling? Ahh, it never seems to fail to amuse me each time Christmas is near because 6 days later, there'll be another HUGE celebration.

But it's kinda funny, especially now when I would shout out in Facebook: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Half of my Facebook friends would say: same to you too! The others would say: woooh, so fast? where you from? LOL, I wish we could all celebrate New Year's together at one time - it'll be cool, don't you think?

So then, the list would come. All I want for Christmas is...uhh, well, umm...


.....I, no, no.....

Ahhh, I want...nah...yeah! wait -

(silence) just give me a never ending regenerating sweet machines that comes from all over the world.

That's simple:D

Ohh, but what about New Year's Resolution? That's a tough one since there's so many things I want to do or change but unlikely since there's SO MANY. But one thing I learn from young: Take the things that are nearer to you, it is easier & always much safer.

So I guess I should put forward things that is the near future & not the far future. As easily, my studies would have to come first, then what'll I do after graduation, then part time job, then college .... wait wait, license then job. LOL, I have to sort it out!

Next post, I'll list down my 2010's resolution & I really hope all of you would list down at the comments; I would love to see your list!!

Sighh, can't believe it's already December. 2009 had been a fairly good year. Though I struggled a lot this year mainly from school because of the high jump of standard it went - I think it's all good but I could have done better(:

If I could restart 2009, I would change some things to make my 2009 better but I don't think God would let that. What's done is done. You can only live the present & hope the best in the future.

Funny as it seems, I have spent 10 freaking years in school and I dread it every single morning especially when I was around 9 and 10. UGHHH, homework used to pile up til 20!!! ARGHHH but now as we go higher, homework becomes lesser because teachers expect you to do your own work at home.

I never finished all my school work, I have to admit.

Not that I'm a bad student - really. But...if you're a student, you'll get what I mean. But I finished 90% of homework:D

Sheezz, what am I babbling????

Hhahahah, ok, I'm done for today. Going back to the real life(: Hope to see your list!!


Disguise said...

I'm not looking forward to '10.
For obvious reasons. I'm not even looking forward to christmas, for obvious reasons.
Sue me.

Huda Merchant said...

im sooo looking forward for 2010!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for 2010 :))
Like the excitement of anything new consumes does the coming of the New Year..seems childish but it's been so every year..and knowing me it'll always be so :DDD

Oh and I loved your first pic...;)

Resolutions...hmm..lots of them...but that'll be on my blog on 31st dec..;) Come there :P

Love the post as usual, something charming there was in essence of innocence..what with all the homework and stuff!

take care and-

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont you say, "what? fast??"

Disguise said...

*laughs* :)
QM, I'm sure you understand why!

QM said...

I think I do, disguise ;D