Friday, December 4, 2009

Banning On New Minarets?

I am reading the NST today about the 'Ban on New Minarets in Swiss'.

What has become of the world???

As being a Muslim myself, I am not angered by this. I am saddened & hurt by this banning. This proposal made forward by the Swiss People's Party (SVP), the largest party in the parliament says that minarets are a sign of Islamisation. 22 out of 26 cantons voted in favour of the ban.

"Minarets are a sign of Islamisation" - is that best excuse you can come up with? What is it about Islam that makes you(SVP) so afraid? Is it about 9/11? Is it about the covering up of the Muslim women? Or is it about that there are about 400,000 Muslims that makes you feel threatened?

This is an insult to all Muslims. Although I'm not a citizen there which I'm pretty thankful, but to see our religions being hammered down across the globe, eg.

France- French law banning Islamic headscarves and other visible religious symbols in state schools

Like, WTF-ing hell man. How would you feel if we ban church bells from ringing on every Sunday? How would you feel if we ban the nuns from covering their heads by saying that it's Islamisation? How would you feel if we ban the sprinkling of Holy Water?

What if we ban the Hindus from celebrating their Depavali? And the Buddhas - the monks wearing their clothes by criticizing it's unmoral?

Do you understand what I'm saying here? I'm saying that: Every religion has its own way of religion expressive but most importantly, religion obligation. By banning headscarf, banning minarets, banning mosques - the world once we knew was connected is getting further & further apart.

"Being ignorant is not a sin but to remain ignorant is a sin." If the world keeps on moving backwards & shunning away every difference, then we might as well blame God for making all these differences. The reason that all these controversies are happening is because PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT.

That is how RACISM came about, that is SLAVERY came about, that is how WAR came about. It all starts with IGNORANT PEOPLE. They refuse to learn other things because they are too proud with who they are, they think they are the best when as a matter of fact, no one is the best - it's only their egos which make them ignorant.

It's really sad for those Muslims back there especially the young ones. By doing this, it will only make them feel unwelcome, that they are unwanted. The people who vote for this ban are only too afraid that they will lose power - sighh, you will only lose dignity & self-value. I wouldn't want to shake hands with these people.

I'm not slashing Christianity if that's what you're thinking - but because it is these 2 major religions are having linked problems that I used it as an example. I have a Buddhist, Muslims and 2 Hindus best friends. We get along so well because we learned each other religion that earned each other's respect.

But there's karma: What goes around, comes around. They say that - 'you see, once the African-Americans were the slaves, now looked, whose the President?'

Hahahah, to all these controversies going on - only time will come & the result will prove to you that 'the earth is round and we'll meet again at the next pole".

P/S. Muslim women must wear headscarf, well, it's up to them actually(: It is not a gender discrimination. I have friends who wear headscarf because they want to & not by force. I'm telling this because I don't want any misunderstanding. It is a not gender discrimination & men DO NOT need to wear;D


Disguise said...

I need to talk to you! Email me?

And looks like someone's angry! Calm down, gorgeous. Anger doesn't suit people like you! :)
Lots of hugs.

AQ said...

QM, the world is not scared of what we muslims are, but what we might become. Some of the greatest scholars in history are Muslim! Now, the people are suppressed. But what if we managed to shake free? our devotion coupled with our knowledge? We would be very powerful. And the world fears this. As I said, they do not fear what we are, but what we might become. I'm not putting Christianity down but they argue over what happened to Jesus Christ. He didn't 'die'. Allah the Almighty brought him up to heaven and on the day of Judgement, he will return. To top it off everything the Quran has said, is true & people fear this. They fear that which they do not understand. Tis is human nature.

Anonymous said...

damn intense...wat i wud like to do is agree as well as disagree wid see QM, religion has been, is and will always be one of the most fragile topics to discuss..true , it is not fair that only muslim ideals should be banned...though i do not know much about islam, but the very idea of women being covered up in a burqa does seem to some extent a form of gender discrimination...being a staunch feminist supporter, its always got to me why the women in islam have to cover up..why not the men?...why isnt it obligatory for them to wear a burqa??

And the to the French, banning seems to be the ultimate solution but no, it isn't..the islamic society of France shoud've been consulted before taking such a drastic action..the biggest blunder on the part of the French Government. To them, they, by banning such gears, are helping the religion to advance/develop but for some, it isnt so..

but yes, at the same isnt fair how only the burqa had been targeted..
Its a matter of different perspectives..not ignorance...true that these small issues can backlash and pave way to an absolute bloodcurling aftereffect, if not taken the right way..but it is important for us to appeal, make pur voice heard and have our opinions taken into consideration to avoid such a drastic repurcussion..
dont say they're ignorant..inconsiderate would be a more likely adjective...and wats iportant is to make sure that such impromptu decisions are not made in the future without any consultation of the concerned parties.....:)
I'm genuinely impressd..not many voice their opinions so strongly...a thumbs-up to you.

QM said...

Urm, Remya, I think you don't fully understand about Islam, like you said(:

Muslims women MUST wear the headscarf, the men do not need to wear - that's what our religion says. It is what we believe in & therefore, by banning headscarf for these Muslim women is an insult

It is not a gender discrimination and that's what I'm trying to voice out here.

Many people think that Muslim women are being discriminate by forcing to wear headscarf - no, it is not true.

That's why I'm telling - learn about other religions. Google the WWW or simply talk with your friends & ask them. That way, you'll understand each other more.

I just believe that everyone should have the right to express their religion views as along as it doesn't threatened the lives of others.

But thanks for reading & commenting! :D

QM said...

Aqil: Sigh, you have your point.

But I just wish everyone will learn each other's religion instead of putting a barrier just because they are too afraid of who will be dominant.

Huda Merchant said...

i so so so damn agree i get so frustrated by all the discrimination against muslims and on the hijab and stuff its just so annoying!

QM said...

Huda: I knoww! Thanks for understanding(: I just wish everyone can live in peace with each other despite our differences(;

Anonymous said...

er, btw...i think i voiced both sides....
the entire thing was written making it a point to support both sides of the i sed...not being a muslim maybe i do not understand da sentiments u attach to ur religious the it agn..i blamed the french govt for its inconsiderate action too...
religions cannot be understood thru websites QM...:P
they're more deeper...and trust me..i'm one of those people who believe dat islam is something i've gotta study after i've a thorough undrstandng of my surroundings...

QM said...

@ Reyma: LOL, I'm not directing my comment directly to you if that's what you felt.

I'm sorry if I offended you, truly I am - it wasn't my intention(; It was a bit of dry humour in there but maybe this topic didn't suit with that kind of humour.

I hope there's no hard feelings between us & we'll continue to be great blogger buddies(:

Til then, take care

Disguise said...

Remya- Women don't wear the headscarf because they're forced to.
They wear it because that's what the religion they believe in suggests.
Do women in India wear the sarree because they have to? No.
It isn't about gender discrimination. Wearing a piece of clothing cannot result in any form of discrimination.
And what Qm meant by checking websites out, was to understand how it isn't in any way related to gender discrimination, and how it is actually an insult.

Thousif Raza said...

i am so with you when you say that..... its like county heads are acting like dumbos, i mean whats wrong with these people, my god, dont they have brains????

its things like these that make people of the country bow thier head in shame, a good strong write up Qm

take care and keep writing..........

QM said...

@Thousif: Hey, haven't heard from you for quite a while!

Yeahh, I knowww! ALL religions should be allowed to express their religion views in their ways.

It's sad that the world is going backwards:(

Anonymous said...

i didnt ask others for their opinion...m only concernd wid da blog owner's ..~|~

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Disguise: its not a "headscarf"...its a see common sense overrules google sumtimes....:)

Disguise said...

A blog isn't just about the ' owner' posing a post, Remya. It's about what other people think of the post, too.
And I'm sorry if i sound harsh and judgmental, but that's a very conceited thing to say.
You can call it whatever, QM referred to it as a headscarf, so I called it that.
Don't talk about common sense when you don't know me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad i dont know you ;)...
And no, i dont care about you being "harsh" frankly yea. ;P
And by the way, QM had already solved whatevr differences we there really was no need for you to interfere that's all i wanted to say.
P.S.; You can take me to be anyone-conceited or not. That's your perception. But those who matter to me, dont think so. And that's all that matters.
Take care.

Disguise said...

Hey, I'm sorry if I sounded rude in my first comment.
I didn't really mean to offend you!
I really am sorry.
Oh, btw. I visited your blog, it wouldn't let me comment. I loved the poem about the role of a mother in a child's life.
*waves white flad*

Anonymous said...

thank you for the appreciation...
*waves the white flag right bak atchya*