Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

It's 2:05 am here - 25th December 2009...MERRY CHRISTMAS :D

Hahahh, I have the habit of celebrating every event even though I don't celebrate it. I feel happy when there's a celebration, it makes me happy. I might not have snow or negative degrees Celsius here but I know the entire globe is celebrating it too.

I'm preparing my 2010's resolution :O Gonna post it on 31st Dec! I just love announcing it, what can I say - I write to live.

But on this Christmas Day, I wish for peace & joy for my family, friends & the people around the world...including you who are reading it(; Some people told me that your dream to make a more peaceful world is impossible.

Well, they didn't tell me literally but I can tell by the way they talk or look at me - body languages tell more than words can. I don't blame these people cause my dream is BIG, almost impossible but not impossible(:

I've had people asking me why & how are you gonna do it. I never told anyone before because like I said, I don't express well in talking (I'm really snappy & get lazy when I talk).

1. WHY

Honestly, I do not know why. I just have this urge of making things better. No, I'm not ambitious, I'm just sick of how things are going on with the world now. Because all humans expect is: Okay, you do it and point the finger at someone else.

Wait for a 100 years and nothing will ever change. I want to end wars, I want to end racism, I want to end poverty; I want to make peace, I want to make joy, I want to make unity, I want to make comfort.

2. HOW

Well, there are many, studies, politics - of course, I want to do through writing: books. I laugh when I read a book, I smile when I read a happy ending, I cry when I read a heart breaking part, I get angry when a character I hate wins. Books are something very magical to me.

Through reading, you're reading a life by words and I think it's really amazing. It's like listening to lyrics and you go, thinking: wow, I know how that feels. I actually got my inspirations from songs - from artists that write their own songs & hope for the best world to become.

But not many people like reading books. They find it nerdy & boring - sigh, you wouldn't know life's meanings until you read a book.

Yes, I know I sound like an old adult caught in a teen's body. How maybe I'm different from other teens but I enjoy myself being a teen too: partying, hanging out with friends, shopping. Just my life motto and what I want are - different.

lol, now you'll know why nobody actually knows me 100% sadly but there'll always be a part of me that'll be undiscovered. Muahaha!

I got a very long way to go but nothing is impossible(: I believe if you want to achieve something, you have to believe in yourself and start within yourself. If it takes 20 years, I'll take that ride and will not stop til I reach my destiny.

So for this very blissful day, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May you all have the best happiness & health for a whole new year!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too!
Wow, you and I have pretty much the same ideas...
Make a change in the world... Nice to know I have someone at the other end of the world to hold hands with.
Those people who find reading nerdy are the ones who never make it.;)
Ignore them.
So to books,
Merry christmas :)

Disguise said...

Merry Christmas, love.
I'm so busy, I don't have time to check emails even. But I shall email you soon, and talk about this post.
Have a wonderful day ahead :)

QM said...

Merry Christmas to all of you! :D

Thousif Raza said...

merry christmas, you would make good miss universe speech :P, lol

well i just wish.... may you achieve all that you wish, cause in you prayer, there will always be one small prayer from my side too... good luck :)

take care and keep writing................