Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Human Nature


Yes, I changed my layout - I felt that the previous was foreign to me, it felt dull. If you understand what I mean, I didn't feel connected to it & I can't give my full to something I'm not connected to.

So I may be a MJ mania fan but say what you wanna say, I love this guy. "I don't get why people are so obsessed over this man." - you know who you are but lemme just say this: "He changed our lives those who felt connected to him. I'm sorry if you're fed up with this 'obsession' but I have around a few billion fans who feel the exact same way."

Yeah. So zip it, I don't need rude people in my life.

Now that's done...(LOL, I love releasing my anger over the blog). I am just so bored:(

Believe or not, school holiday is coming to an end yet I can't wait to go back to school yet I don't want to - make sense?

I like a brand new year when everything is new. Your plan, your thoughts, your goals...but there are always some unavoidable plans that are permanently there. CRAP, it's SPM. ARGHHHHH, 10 freaking subjects and 11 months :S

It gives me this mixed feelings of anxiety & fear. I mean, what if I don't do well? I have to resit for another year :/ And if I pass, will I get into college? What's there after school? I don't like the sound of it.

Okay, I may be looking into the future too far but...time fly by so fast. Look at the time now, 2 more weeks or so, and it's 2010. At the begining we might think we have the whole time for something but sometimes I wish I could pause time. It's hard to believe I'm going on 17 now.

When I was a kid, I used to think a lot when I'll get older - I couldn't wait but now looking back, I miss those care free times when I didn't have to worry about getting ready for school or studying for tests. Sighh, we all have to grow up, don't we?

I love day dreaming - it gives me the peace of mind. As funny as it sounds, from there I'll create story lines & images about my story. Nooo, I'm no way near begin writing my story yet. What I have are all in my mind, illusions & lines - right now, I have to set my priorties straight first as much as I want to unleash whatever is on my mind.

Time, time - how I despise you,
You pass and leave, no warning is need.
I crave for a break but you have no breaks,
Invincible & heartless, that you are,
you make smiles or tears by moving forward.
Oh - I wish to rewind and relived the air,
the moments of granted I took,
in my day I shall dream.


Thousif Raza said...

well qm the next year has lot of things in store for you... so all the best savor every moment and live smiling and happily always.... merry Christmas... may god's blessings be always on you :)

take care and keep writing...........

QM said...

Thank you, Thousif(:

Merry Christmas to you too!