Friday, December 11, 2009

Jingle Jingle

Hey, I'm back:O can't honestly think I'll be taking a break THAT long. Hahahah, I can't stray myself away from the Internet. Sorry, I happened to be a teenager living in the 21st Century.

So, how have you guys been lately? I'm getting lazier, possibly fatter addressing to the amount of time I spent sitting & staring at my laptop. Hahahha. I don't have much going on my mind today so let's just talk about something we're doing now.

How has Internet change your life?

Well, currently, right now, there's 5 people in the house, all have their own laptops & all are online to one small wireless. I'm teaching my grandma how to online & check her mail and oh god! - it's like teaching a 1st grader at school. LMAO

Even though my sister & I are only room to room, we talk to each other through Facebook & MSN. I honestly think that the Internet has created a more peaceful surrounding. I don't have to shout across to room when we fight! HAHAHHAHA - there are emotion icons to be used:D

And surprisingly, Internet also have groups that act as some debate site where people would come in & voice out their opinions. Since you know, some countries protests or voicing out publicly are not allowed, people turned to the Internet and fight! LOL

There's also this group I found: If 7,000,000 people join me, then she would marry me. Awwwwwwww, sooo sweeeeeeet.


I think the Internt has created a much more peaceful & useful surroundings, though I know there all many disadvantages. But c'mon, are you telling me you can live WITHOUT the internet. Even my dad can't....he prefers(like duh) banking in his money through the Interent. Who wants to line up?

Hey, SHOPPING is a different thing!

So so so so so, what's your opinion? Talk to me!!

much love, XOXO



Disguise said...

Internet? How has it changed my life?
In every way possible. It's made communicating much much simpler. It's made life cheaper, as well.
I don't know, I think every aspect of my life has been affected by the internet is some way or the other.

PS- Glad to have you back. Email me, kay? :)

Anonymous said...

Your post brought a smile to my face..(lol at we dont have to shout when we fight!)
much more peaceful as you, half of my socialising is done through internet, i laugh because of it, fight through it, learn through it, and most importamtly, am exposed to an outer world that possibly won't be provided to me in normal life..more like a lifeline!
Cheers :)

Azimah said...

I've been through the same thing :D

Disguise said...

Oh, and that picture of Taylor Lautner is absolute sex.

QM said...

Taylor Launter pic? Where? LOL

if it's about my blog pics down there, none of them are Taylor(;

Disguise said...

Then who's the third guy? He's yummy!

Thousif Raza said...

i am totally with you... i mean i love reading blogs especially some very special bloggers which includes you.....

i would be like devastated and lost... in a dme....aze i would be asking everyone around where am i? in which century? :P

abt the fighting with the emotions icons that was cool, loved it :)

and thank you for wishing and congratulating me.... than k you so much

take care and keep writing........

*Shreya* said...

Internet is just convenient. otherwise, not that my life depends on it....may be if theres no internet i might just land up in the hospital on account of hyperventilation or something...nothing more than that :P