Saturday, December 5, 2009


It's been a quite rough week. I'm tired & lazy and school will began next month on 3rd of Jan:/

I'm gonna quit blogging for a while as well as Facebook - and start getting a REAL life. LMAO;D I really love my online friends, they're great! But it's time to open my mouth and talk with people around me. Sigh the dooms of the Internet century.

So to all, if I had made you laugh throughout my blog, yeay!! If I had cut you with my words, I'm terribly sorry - sometimes the way you express through talking cannot be the same when you write.

I'll see you guys soon & promise to at least comment on your blog if I online.

Cheers! (:

If you haven't watch this, please watch it!!


Disguise said...


Thousif Raza said...

i am so sad qm, please please please come back as soon as you can will be waiting for your retun, be back soon ok, misss ya already :(

take care and keep writing...........

Huda Merchant said...

please dont leave!! You could do both togther you know....I so lovee ur blog u always write what i mostly feel and i love ur blog a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

@qm: on ur last post.. evn an argument cant get me offended because i like people of substance...and you seem to have a lot of it..*winks*
dont worry...m fine :)
and yeah..totally...blogger buddies..:))
oh and please dont go!...i like reading ur blog...really...jst keep on updating it occassionally :)
some source of life around here...;)

QM said...

I'll be back on Thursday(;

nil said...

Waiiittttt! I just started following youuuu! :O Don't gooooooo!
I love your blog :'(
You promised Remya,so be back on your blog Thursdayyy! ;)


Disguise said...

Que Em :P
You're coming back tomorrow :)
Email me, pretty!
You're friends with Huda too? She's one of my best blogger friends.
See you tomorrow, you!