Saturday, December 26, 2009

Remember & Pray

Whoa, time passes so fast. It's 26th December already in Malaysia.

26th December 2009 is just like any other day, same goes to 2008 & so on. But those who clearly remembered - 26th December 2004: Tsunami Disaster at South-East Asia. It was such a horrible day...

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I remember waking up from my sleep and seeing my parents watching the news, everyone was just so shocked. I asked what happened? They said Tsunami struck Indonesia and it affected most part of Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka)

Me: What??? Tsunami? What is that???

Now everyone knows Tsunami, how high the wave went, how fast it happened - how many thousands of lives were lost. But all are tests from God.

Together, we pray may their souls rest in peace and remember to never take anything for granted.


nil said...

Indeed we tend to take so many things for granted that we stop considering the very factual possibilities of life...

May all their souls R.I.P.

Where have you been? Not visited much,lately?

Disguise said...

I mean, the only lesson from this is to treat your day like it's the last. Even though it's cliched, but...we should live every day to our fullest.
Everyone's prolly heard this saying a million times, but how many follow it?

May their souls rest in peace.
My condolences to their families.

Anonymous said...

Tsunami was just a proof how nature will always be one step ahead of us.
Amen to your post.

Thousif Raza said...

with you Qm, may their souls rest in peace.... and may mother nature always be good to us :)

take care and keep writing...........