Sunday, January 24, 2010

And So I Laugh

This is probably the longest time I haven't blog. Gosh, it feels weird (me blogging again). Sorry, school has pretty much taken up 90% of my time and the other 10%, I just feel in a need to slow things down, breathing in and out.


The little amazing part is I realized I never fail to laugh every day. Yes, every day I would laugh. There's a breakdown for laughs: giggles, belly laugh, chuckles, snorts, etc. I usually go for the belly laughs, LOL and sometimes, giggles - usually when I'm NOT suppose to laugh.

What can I say? Sometimes life throws you something unexpected and the only thing that make sense to do is LAUGH. We've seen movies where villains would laugh when they do something bad or make their master plan. We've seen Mr. Bean silliness and his unspoken Teddy which I call the silent laugh.

At times of dilemmas, don't make any decisions. Laugh out, it shuts your guilt & sorrow away. we know why villains laugh, maybe they do have a little heart down there. Let's put it this way, if we laugh every single day, chances are you'll have longevity and suicides wouldn't even exist.

Laughter is the best medicine that is given to us - we just have to use it!

Even if you're 40 years old, laughing doesn't make you childish. Or maybe you're 19, laughing doesn't make you less cool. Maybe that's why young, innocent kids seem to be living their lives - lives we once lived through yet we lose it halfway because we are too caught up with what people are thinking and the thought of reality of the real world appearing before us.

No, life's not that bad if you really look at it. If you do with good intentions, give more, pray more, care more, laugh more, love'll find life is just the way it should be. And when you laugh, that's the kind of feeling you get, that life is just awesome.

I may hate my current life as a student but my time is moving forward; one day, I think I would actually miss the feeling of wordiness when I haven't completed my school work :P But laughter just make everything easier and lighter.

So go on, if you're online right now (which you are, if not, you can't be reading this), search in YouTube for hilarious videos. Or if you're having a sleepover, remember to bring some comedy videos down to have the laugh of your life. And, crack some jokes during dinner with family or friends, you'll be surprise at little thing you don't know about them :O


Oh boy, laughing is sure good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Got It!

I know it's only January 2010 but sometimes things like this(you'll understand when I write more) can't just be made over night. I spent countless weeks thinking over it.

"Okay. I'm gonna take Psychology for my college course."

At first, I felt great cause I thought I knew what I wanted to take. But then, sooner or later, I felt confused - do I want to become a psychologist? I know the payment is REALLY good but am I going to love it as much as I love writing?

Medic school fee is sooooo expensive & I have to spent 12 YEARS + to complete as psychology. Plus, I'm not a Science person. I don't want to take Bio, Physics, Chemistry in college. No...then, I realized where my passion laid all along: writing.

I've decided to take English Literature with Creative Writing. That way I can land a job in magazines, professional writer, etc.

I've thought about it til now and I feel quite happy bout it. 'Quite' because I doubt I will be able to further my studies overseas ;(( I plan to do my A-levels here, save some money - hopefully I will have enough $$$ to study aboard.

ARGH. I need a grade A for English Literature to study the course I want. So I better bury myself in Shakespeare's books then. Hmmm...but I can also take up to 3 subjects for A-levels. Oh well, still have time to think bout it:D

Just wanted to update to all of you(: Okay, back to studies!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enough With The Drama


I knew this was going to happen! I know that out of the chance that any of them would read this is slim but (again) OMG, stop fighting!

2 days ago(I think), a few Muslims people attempted to burn down 3 churches in which they only manage to do few damages but enough to shake up the whole country. This all began with that 'Allah' issue. If you haven't heard about it, click here.

Now there are so many various Facebook groups appearing on my wall. 'Malaysia Belongs to Jesus', 'Condemn The Usage of Allah among non-Muslims'. What is your main point here? That you're not in my religion, you're not welcome?

Just give it a break, will ya? Malaysia belongs to us, the people. Malaysia belongs to God. Which God? ANY God that you believed in. Some people have gotten really sensitive over some groups that are created, criticizing 'too personal' - which I agree. Watch what title you're putting, watch what you're saying, watch what you're thinking...

Violence is no way to solution. War has proven the result - don't be a terrorist among ourselves. You burn churches, have you ever thought about the consequences? You say you do it for the love of your religion, have you thought about what will you do to the name of your religion? You say you do it for God, but did you know it's a sin by His side?

I just hate violence among different races and religions cause I think it's stupid. There, I said it. It's the 21st Century for crying out loud and the 1st week of 2010 - sit down and talk like real behaved gentlemen. We are sick of dramas already, always appearing on the front page of the newspaper. Nobody wants a dramatic environment.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Find It...

I find life is just beautiful
sadly, only few could see it.
I find life amazing,
I doubt I know half of the world.
I find life just wonderful,
the air I breathe and things I see.
I find life is priceless,
you live only once.
I find life is amusing,
laughter is among my favourites.
I find life joyful,
I have so many things I want to do.
I find life blissful,
I get to loved and loved.
I find life angelic,
I feel bless to see this world.


I find life painful at times,
tears and sorrow - the wound.
I find life selfish,
but I can't always have what I want.
I find life hateful,
wars and guns are polluting the air.
I find life horrible,
murders and missing kids - where could they be?
I find life sad,
but deaths are part of life.
I find life counts too much on hope,
how long can a person hope?
I find life angry,
there'll always be black and white.
I find life unfair,
aren't we suppose to be equal?

But life is just the beginning here on earth. Life is a cycle, just the way you want to look at it. I take life not so seriously but I focus on things I need to accomplish. I laugh a lot but I listen to problems and understand. I talk a lot but I write to stay quiet. I cry at times but I have ones I can count on. I'm joyful towards life - cause there's never a RIGHT time to do anything.

Most of all, I just live life(:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Dear, It's The First!

The night before school started, I watched Mary Poppins :D Ohh, how I loveeee that classic movie, it just lightens up my mood.

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down - the medicine go down - the medicine go down favourite line is this one:

'My friend wanted a long underwear so he went to a tailor'.

The tailor asked, 'How long do you want it?'

He said 'from September to March'.

HAHHAHAHAHAHHHH, I burst out laughing. It was funny, along with Julie Andrews and her magic -- sighhh, I wish I had a nanny like that(:

It may be a quite surprise that I'm actually blogging on my first day back to school. I didn't feel like form 5, I still feel like form 4! We had the same classroom while others moved to other classes. Sigh, it was quite boring except that I could meet up with my friends again.

Not only that, I have an assignment due on 25th January and my 1st test in March ;(( God, the assignment is soooo ARGHHH! I have to copy one whole literature book into A4 papers. I HATE COPYING. I would much rather prefer exercises or essays and get on with it. Copying takes days and it's BO-RING.

Yeah-yeah, just another complaint/grunt from a senior student who has 11 more months before she graduates.

I just HATE exams. They give me stress & STRESS. Most of the time, they give me pain when I get back the marks. I hate the atmosphere of the exam hall & the change of attitudes of students during exams. They just make me more nervous.

Yes. I'm just lashing out everything inside of me on the first day back to school.

How do I feel?

It was -_-

*my expression*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Use or Not to Use?

Hello readers(: School starts tomorrow and that means -- (screams in a bottle, throw into the sea) awww mann ;(( But I'm glad to be able to see my friends again, and that's the only reason why I'm having a 1% looking forward to it.

Anywhere, if you're living in Malaysia - you'll have probably found out that:

Malaysian court rules non-Muslims may call God Allah

The High Court said a government ban on non-Muslims using the word was unconstitutional.

The court was ruling on a lawsuit filed by the Herald, a publication of the Catholic Church in Malaysia, in 2007.

The authorities had insisted that Allah in the Malay language refers only to the God in Islam, which could only be used by Muslims.

The BBC's Jennifer Pak in Kuala Lumpur said some Muslim groups suspect the Catholic Church is seeking to encourage Muslims to convert to Christianity - a move which is illegal in Malaysia.

'Glorious new year'

The issue had become a symbol of a growing number of religious grievances among minority groups, in a political environment often divided along racial and religious lines, our correspondent adds.

The Herald filed for a judicial review after it was ordered in 2007 to stop referring to Allah in its publication.

The publication said it had been been using the word for decades, and had a constitutional right to do so.

The Herald welcomed Thursday's ruling, saying it would be a "glorious new year for some 850,000 Catholics in Malaysia".

More than half of Malaysia's population is Muslim but the large Chinese and Indian communities are mainly Christian, Buddhist or Hindu.

* * *

I just took the article off the internet and paste it here. I'm not good in writing news:P

Honestly, I wasn't bizzare over it. I wasn't like 'OMG, they're gonna convert us to Christians'. I'm a Muslim, that's it. I won't be affected by anything cause if I know who am I and that's the most important thing.

So I was browsing Facebook then a random person in Facebook friend list sent me a group invitation of a group that oppose the usage word of Allah among Non-Muslims. Like I said, it's a random person in my friend's list so I don't know whose that but I was so caught up with the group name that I decided to look at it first before I decided whether to join or not.

The wall was filled with people's angers that a non-Muslim jugde was conducting the case and that result was really upsetting. Okay, I understand that some of them are extremly devoted to their religion. Not that I'm not but I'm not the

best person to approcah and talk about Islam.

One of them wrote: This is a disgrace! It is a way to convert the Muslims to Christians!!!

And at that line, I rejected to join the group.

I thought that line was rather immature. A really laughable line, I think.

I have no say in this whether is right or wrong because we'll always have something to say to oppose. But c'mon, honestly, how innocent can we be???

Yes, the non-Muslims may use the word Allah but their practices are not the Muslims way. The way they think, the way they do things are entirely different. It'll always be their own religion's way.

If your belief & faith in your own religion is strong, then there's nothing in this world can break it. Do not start a war just because of what you think, don't just start bringing a group marching opposing it without having an understanding of both sides.

Another one wrote: If they can change God to Allah, why not change Abraham to Ibrahim or Jesus to Isa?

Well, if that was directed to me, I'll say: Ask them


But seriously, don't start chaos because you're so caught up with your thoughts and what people say. I want to be friends with everyone whose from different races & religions without any mishaps.

I may not entirely understand what is going on right now but believe me, there's always choices. If you say there's no other choice, it's only because you're avoiding the options.



Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know I promised to write on 31st December but I totally forgot and was so busy replying all the sms-es, LOL.

Anyway, I'm going to write out all my 2010's resolutions in this post as I said earlier on. I'm pretty sleepy now after staying awake for the New Year's - arhh, just watching TV. Hahahahhh. What are my resolutions?? I would back away from writing it but I made a promise :/

Gimme a moment to think...(God, I'm sleepy)

QM's 2010's Resolutions - I pray that whatever that is on this post will come true, not by a falling wishing star but by my determination & hard work(:

1. Control my temper & be more tolerant (I doubt that)
2. Study hard & smart according to timetable
3. How do I study SMART?
4. Study HARD? Like 3 hours a day 8| (Let's hope I won't cheat on my stopwatch)
5. Cut down on the usage of online (Facebook & Blog :P)
6. Exercise more (By that, I meant attending my Taekwando classes on Saturday)
7. Catch up with all my studies...Facebook, I have a REAL LIFE here!!
8. God help me with my Add Maths & Physics...Chemistry needs help too
9. Start writing my story :D I have found what I want to write!
10. Don't think so much about graduation...I still have my SPM to take!
11. Focus at one at a time, the important ones first, followed by what I want :)
12. Watch the FIFA World Cup!!
13. Visit the Universal Studio in Singapore :)
14. Get 10 A+ (what the hell man) for SPM
15. Scholarship??? ;(((
16. Form 5 - SENIOR is not to have fun
17. Avoid the unnecessary stuff
18. Smile & Laugh more!
19. I want a new wardrobe make over :/ My clothes need to change
20. When 2010 ends, I hope whatever it is here, will be cross off :D

SPM - the BIG exam is so far the dominant cause it's so bloody important. It's the ticket to college, to graduation! I can't fail! I can't resit another high school year 8O Oh, life at this point sucks. Oh yes it does.

On the other side, school starts on Monday so I won't be online that often and I'm a SENIOR - muahahahhah! Take that! LMAO, I'm just kidding. I feel the same, nothing different. Just that one more year left in school and there's so much I wanna do. I wish I could just pause time but time is cruel after all.

Happy 2010 everyone! Have a blissful new year :D