Friday, January 8, 2010

I Find It...

I find life is just beautiful
sadly, only few could see it.
I find life amazing,
I doubt I know half of the world.
I find life just wonderful,
the air I breathe and things I see.
I find life is priceless,
you live only once.
I find life is amusing,
laughter is among my favourites.
I find life joyful,
I have so many things I want to do.
I find life blissful,
I get to loved and loved.
I find life angelic,
I feel bless to see this world.


I find life painful at times,
tears and sorrow - the wound.
I find life selfish,
but I can't always have what I want.
I find life hateful,
wars and guns are polluting the air.
I find life horrible,
murders and missing kids - where could they be?
I find life sad,
but deaths are part of life.
I find life counts too much on hope,
how long can a person hope?
I find life angry,
there'll always be black and white.
I find life unfair,
aren't we suppose to be equal?

But life is just the beginning here on earth. Life is a cycle, just the way you want to look at it. I take life not so seriously but I focus on things I need to accomplish. I laugh a lot but I listen to problems and understand. I talk a lot but I write to stay quiet. I cry at times but I have ones I can count on. I'm joyful towards life - cause there's never a RIGHT time to do anything.

Most of all, I just live life(:


Disguise said...

Wow, you said everything I've been wanting to say.
email me, I'm just going thru such a sad phase

QM said...

Okay, hope you're okay(;